25 Aug 2015

The Primacy Of Jewish Genes

By Gilad Atzmon: The Guardian reported this week that a study of Holocaust survivors revealed that the Jewish trauma is passed on to its children's genes. The conclusion from a research team at New York’s Mount Sinai hospital led by Rachel Yehuda stems from the genetic study of 32 Jewish men and women who had either been interned in a Nazi concentration camp, witnessed or experienced torture or who had had to hide during the second world war.
Unlike The Guardian, that published a dry report of this 'scientific revelation', I am puzzled. What is the meaning of this scientific news? Does it suggest that the kids of Holocaust survivors are better adapted to the next holocaust or does it suggest alternatively that the heirs of Shoah survivors have inherited the trauma and are now entitled to German reparation money until the end of time?
On the other hand, if Zionists are telling the truth and Jews have been persecuted throughout their history and the Jewish past is dotted with holocausts, then one would expect the ‘trauma gene’ to be widely spread amongst Jews anyway. I am confused.
It is obvious that Rachel Yehuda, her Jewish team and the Jewish hospital were particularly interested in Jewish genes and Jewish suffering, but are the new findings universal? What about African Americans who survived slavery and who are still subject to institutional discrimination and constant abuse, are they also passing their trauma through their genes or is it only Jews who possess this special physiological capacity? And what about the people who suffer at the hands of Jewish nationalism or Israeli terror?

The Feminist War On Doctors

Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology: Feminists are attacking doctors by accusing them of “fat shaming”.  I did a google search on “doctor fat shaming”, and it turned up a massive number of hits of web pages where feminists were attacking doctors for allegedly “fat shaming” them.  In reality, doctors are not fat shaming anyone.  Doctors are informing their patients of health conditions that can negatively impact their patients’ lives.  Accusing doctors of “fat shaming” makes as much sense as accusing doctors of “smoking shaming” if a doctor warns a patient that smoking is bad for their health.
What is behind the feminist war on doctors?  There’s the obvious fact that a lot of fat women don’t want to be reminded that they’re on their way to Type 2 Diabetes.  However, that’s not the whole issue.  Doctors practice medicine, and medicine is a science.  As we know feminists have been attacking science.  Feminists attacked Dr. Matt Taylor, a man who led a team to successfully land a probe on a comment, over a shirt.  Feminists forced Tim Hunt, a Nobel prize winning biochemist, out of his job because of a bit of humor.  Feminists are lying about NASA and trying to get it shut down.  This is only a tiny fraction of the cases where feminists attack science.  It should surprise no one that feminists would attack medicine, since it is another science.
Since feminists can’t stand science, including medicine, they won’t be satisfied until the only doctors left are witch doctors.

Jeremy Corbyn Must Be STOPPED

"He [Corbyn] wants citizens banks, peoples quantitative easing, free education, no more trident, not for profit homes! How are arms dealers, warmongers, banking tax evaders, how are private equality vulture capitalists, how are they supposed to live? ...His foreign policy is appalling, he wants peace!" The artist taxi driver

moms4dads + J4MB's Public Challenge Of Ian Symes, General Manager, Right Management (UK & Ireland)

By Mike Buchanan: Today a promising new website came to our attention. We assume it to be the brainchild of a mother in either the United States or Canada – moms4dads
The start of the ‘About’ section should give you a flavour of the site’s contents:

This blog is a mom’s attempt to support dads around the world and show men and boys the love, gratitude and respect they all deserve. This is my way of supporting males in their war against a world that constantly vilifies, dehumanizes, abuses and enslaves them.
At the moment, males are the weak sex and second-class citizens. There is no equality and males’ human rights, as well as free speech and democracy, are in serious danger.
The unfair treatment they face can be seen in the following examples:
genital mutilation: despite being a type of genital mutilation, it is still legal. No matter what your religion is, circumcision, unless it’s done for irrefutable necessary medical reasons, is a violation of humans’ rights, just as female genital mutilation and as such should be illegal. A baby cannot make this decision, which is irreversible, so I think it should be illegal.

Immigration Crisis Rocks Serbia And Balkans: NATO Destabilization Tactic

"A demographic attack on Europe. ...The wars are design to get refugees into Europe." Morris. "It's like the frog in the boiling water." Joaquin.

I confess I disagree + Luck Science And The Emotional Mule

"I disagree. At school I learnt to find all the places you could hide to cry without being seen, I still do that wherever I go. Those old fears fade slowly." Alison Tieman

Institutional Discrimination Against Dads Must End

By A wave of outrage swept social media after a series of posters went up in London saying “Domestic violence: dads – have the strength to change”.
The poster, put up across the Royal Borough of Greenwich, shows a boy crying as a woman tries to defend herself from a man angrily raising a hand to her. The message of fear is simple: dads are violent and a risk to women and children.
Fathers4Justice supporters complained to both the council and the Advertising Standards Authority. Others individuals and groups threatened to deface or remove the posters.
Men are increasingly unwilling to be demonised by the sort of stereotyping that would be unthinkable if the roles of the genders were reversed. The reality is that both men and women are capable of violence in the home.
The words “domestic violence” have become to mean male-on-female violence. Yet according to the Office for National Statistics in 2013/14, 8.5% of women and 4.5% of men had experienced domestic abuse in the past year, equivalent to 1.4 million female victims and 700,000 male victims.
Family violence, as we prefer to call it, affects all members of a family, irrespective of gender.

Roosh V: The Pussy Whipped “Terrorist”

Feminism LOL: Apparently the biggest threat to Canada this month was a man who worships women. I think we've overspent on the defence budget.