27 Aug 2015

Why Women Can’t Cope With Stress - Or At Least, Not As Well As Men - Because Hormones

By Mike Buchanan: Our thanks to Jeff for this. It’s about time women started to admit publicly what we all see with our own eyes, in our work and home lives, decade after decade. Woman are typically more prone to anxiety than men, and they don’t cope well with competition, so they suffer more stress when put under pressure, such as in the workplace – the subject of the newspaper article.
Year after year we hear calls for more female role models to ‘celebrate’ and ‘inspire’ women – who will be those role models’ role models? – taxpayer-funded initiatives to ‘encourage’ women into fields they don’t want to enter (e.g. engineering, £30 million), lowering of standards to enable more women to meet entry and ongoing employment requirements (police, fire service…), the decline of state education (masked only by grade inflation, decade after decade), and so much more.
For three years Campaign for Merit in Business has been informing the government and businesses of the evidence that driving up female representation on corporate boards leads to corporate financial decline – a short briefing paper is here. On the basis of merit we’d expect women to occupy fewer than 5% of the board places in major companies – for the calculation leading to that conclusion, see reference #2 on p.68 of our election manifesto – yet due to government threats of legislated gender quotas, the proportion of women on FTSE100 boards has risen from 12.5% to 25% in the space of five years. Almost all the new female directors were appointed as non-executive directors, what does that tell you about the competence gender gap at the top of major businesses?

"Straight Outta Compton" Depicts Dr. Dre's Crummy Mummy Experience

"Dre was raised by a crummy mummy! Black America does indeed have a crummy mommy problem and in the film 'Straight out of Compton' you see that with the way Dr Dre's mother treats him, starting with the fact that she doesn't support or nurture his talent. Everybody else in the film can see Dr Dre's talent, but his mother." Obsidian.

They Want Your Money

Wage gap is a myth.
What is real, is that feminists want men to give them their money. #GiveYourMoneyToWomen
“The idea behind the hashtag was even better than that: Women were banding together to demand payment for all the emotional work we do that goes completely unpaid—the exhausting work of being a tolerant, gentle, nurturing, listening woman in our relationships with men, at all times. Women put up with a lot of bullshit, and we have a science-backed term for it: Emotional labor. And as with any kind of labor, women are now ready and eager to get paid.”
Emotional labor? Being tolerant, gentle, nurturing and listening is how kind, compassionate, pleasant normal people try to be, especially with the people you love. If to you it feels like hard work, you are free to leave. Good luck with finding somebody who wants to be with you.

“Hot Money” Flees Latin America, Triggers Currency Bloodbath, Risk Of Mega Debt Crisis

By Don Quijones: The script of the current dramas besieging the global economy was written seven years ago. It was written when the world’s biggest central banks, with the Federal Reserve leading the way, decided to combat (or at least postpone) an endemic banking crisis by flooding the globe with countless trillions of dirt-cheap dollars, euros, yen, pounds, Swiss francs, and yuan.
With most developed economies stalled and their engines flooded, part of this “hot money” went elsewhere, and much of it poured into the fast-growing developing and emerging markets of Latin America, where it chased high-yield risks that would have been unthinkable, were it not for the newfound abundance of cheap money.
Coinciding with China’s seemingly insatiable thirst for commodities, this sudden glut of global liquidity helped transform Latin America into one of the world’s fastest growing regions. Western corporations, banks and investors also benefited along their way, as their high-yield emerging market investments more than compensated for the lackluster opportunities offered by the stagnating economies of Europe, North America and Japan. For many Spanish multinationals, the region is now the most important source of revenues and profits [read: Downturn in Latin America Mauls Spanish Companies, Threatens Spain’s “Recovery”].
However, seven years after the world’s central banks embarked on the biggest money printing spree in recorded history, the movement of funds has begun reversing — and at a vicious rate!

American Men Have No Reproductive Rights

By Michael Bargo, Jr.: The debate and policy initiatives to establish and codify reproductive rights for women are sexist and reflect gender bias. There are few, if any, laws and policies in the U.S. at the state or Federal levels which make any effort to protect men regarding their reproductive rights. The debate has been so one-sided that most people don’t even think about this as an issue, yet a quick review of the topic reveals the extent to which men’s reproductive rights have been not just ignored but aggressively impaired. In Marxist terms, men as a class are engaged in an historic struggle to establish their rights.
Here are some examples. Right now many states have family laws which clearly establish that when a man engages in the sex act with a woman, he is, by virtue of willfully participating in that act, agreeing to an irrevocable, binding legal contract to support the child financially if the woman becomes pregnant. But women are allowed a free ride on the sex act. There is no law in Illinois, or I would venture to say, any other state that stipulates that a woman who willfully engages in the sex act with a man thereby enters into a binding contractual agreement to allow the man to visit the child created by the act and have an unlimited opportunity to text or email the child 24/7 throughout the life of the child ...These issues, of men’s rights in child custody are largely ignored by law. They are left to be resolved by divorce courts, which are stuck in the past with regard to sexual stereotyping and gender bias. And it is a situation women are loath to change. There is no incentive for them to change. After all, as things stand now, women have all the reproductive rights and men are left only with the responsibilities. They are fighting an uphill battle in court when they seek to assert their rights as a biological father.

Men’s Rights Bodies In India Call Out Misandric Legal System

By Payal Gwalani: The laws and policies in the country are inclined towards women in a way that they are based on the assumption that women can never be perpetrators of a crime. While this has been a bone of contention for men's rights activists, they now believe it is time that men's social, emotional and physical wellbeing is given due importance while designing policies.
During their 7th annual national conference on Saturday, over 180 delegates representing 50 NGOs under the banner of Save Indian Family (SIF) discussed these issues. They met to brainstorm on the need for gender neutral laws in the country. A few resolutions were passed during the meet, which will be turned into a memorandum of demands and handed over to several authorities including PM Narendra Modi.
"Over the last ten years that we have been running a helpline for men, there have been a lot of distressed and abused men who have had some common complaints. Often, these are men with a familial strife going on. If these problems end up in the court, it is assumed by most legal entities that women don't lie or cheat. Such biased opinion of lawmakers only makes it more difficult for men facing abuse to seek legal resort," said Swarup Sarkar, founder of SIF's Delhi chapter.

Pantless Prophet Discovers Why Men Aren't Marrying + Sexy Fucked Toddlers Vs Artsy Naked Toddlers (1880 vs 1980)

"Men haven't been marrying women nearly as much, man children and they spend their time playing video games instead and going out spending their money on themselves, instead of spending on a girl who maybe, possibly, might allow him to be one of the six people she fucks and one of them is black, in order to figure out who she wants to allow to fund her for a lifetime once she starts coasting down and isn't worth just fucking randomly. Get her while she's young and then you can earn her while she is old." Says Russell Lindquist.

Mutilating Babies Is Hillarious

"Jeff Goldblum goes onto Conan and they spend a couple of minutes joking like it's one of the funniest things in the world about the mutilation of Jeff Goldblum's son! Now of course they use the word circumcision, but circumcision is a sanitising word." johntheother

Jeremy Corbyn Opposes Equal Rights For Dads

By Matt O’Connor: Despite being presented as a radical candidate for the Labour leadership, Jeremy Corbyn’s opposition to shared parenting is as depressing as it is predictable.
Women only carriages trump 4 million fatherless kids every time.
While other Labour MP’s like David Lammy, David Blunkett and Frank Field signed Early Day Motion 210 supporting shared parenting in 2014, Corbyn refused to do so.
He also opposed giving any rights to the thousands of grandparents cruelly separated from their grandchildren every year.
F4J can reveal that Corbyn opposed shared parenting when he sat on the Justice Committee in the last Parliament and wrote to F4J supporter Paul Taylor explaining his reasons for doing so. See letter below.
It’s worth remembering that this is the same Justice Committee that refused to hear oral testimony from Fathers4Justice on the matter, denying some 50,000 families a voice on this matter.
So much for democracy.
Perhaps if they had heard our testimony, they might have had a better informed perspective on the matter, yet for nearly 15 years, the Justice Committee has denied Fathers4Justice any representation whatsoever.
All praise then to the politicians from all parties who had the courage of their convictions to stand up for equality by signing EDM 210 and to George Galloway who sponsored the EDM.
As a father born and raised in the Labour Party, the irony isn’t lost on me that a party set up by working class men to defend their rights, has now stripped them of any rights to see their children.