1 Sep 2015

IMPORTANT: Survey Of Men Who Are (Or Have Been) Victims Of Domestic Violence, In England And Wales

By Mike Buchanan: Paul Apreda is the highly-respected and indefatigable National Manager of a registered charity in Wales, Families Need Fathers Both Parents Matter Cymru. The Equalities and Human Rights Commission – which has hitherto been notorious for not caring about the human rights of men and boys as a class – has asked Paul to provide ‘robust evidence’ that men have found it increasingly difficult to provide the evidence of being a victim of domestic violence – including but not limited to abuse which was psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional – that is required by the Legal Aid Agency.
Two weeks ago, Paul launched a survey for men living in England or Wales, who have been (or remain) the victim of domestic violence. The survey is limited to England and Wales in order to provide geographical comparability with a survey carried out by Rights of Women, the results of which were presented to EHRC.
The EHRC also took evidence from Women’s Aid Federation of England and Wales, and Welsh Women’s Aid. A year ago we publicly challenged Eleri Butler, Chief Executive of Welsh Women’s Aid, over two lies in her submission to the Welsh Assembly, and two obsolete statistics on her website. Our blog piece on the matter, which includes a link of our challenge of Ms Butler, is here. She never responded to it.

Seven Ways To Reject Feminists In Your Dating Life + Losing All My Privilege - REM Religion Parody

By : We’re in the last month of summer now in the Northern Hemisphere, and feminists are at long last crawling out of their mud huts where they’ve been estivating, hiding their pallid bloat from the male gaze and getting ready to go back to school to launch their next round of rape hoaxes. This summer, the best dull whine they could muster was on the oppressive nature of air conditioning.
As a warm up for the autumn man-trapping season, feminists are working on weaponizing dating, training hard for their chance to embarrass and shame unwary men for the crime of being men.
One feminist with the unlikely name of Linda Nowak (seriously? your name is “no whack”?) is using an Instagram account called “feminist tinder” to shame men for expressing doubts that feminists are worthy of dating at all. Another, named Lea Rose Emery, has a new article up at the feminist rag Bustle entitled “7 Ways To Inject Feminism Into Your Dating Life, Because It’s About Damn Time.”
Charming. Let’s go out, okay?
In the spirit of gender equality that feminists purport is the core of feminism, I’d like to review Lea Rose’s “7 Ways” to see if they are sexist, or, if men can use them in the same fashion that feminists do.

Witness To Gaza's 551 Lost Children

Witness to Gaza's lost 551 children is collecting stories of the lives of the children killed by Israel in their 2014 massacre of Gazans.
By Rowena Tollitt: Witness to Gaza's lost 551 children is a project to document and record the lives of all the children killed by Israel in their 2014 massacre of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.
Through witness testimonies, journalists will gather the details of the children's lives. Their names, age, family background, hopes and aspirations and when and how their lives were taken from them.
The collated information will then be built into a website in memoriam of the children and also printed as a book to record their lives. The funds received from book sales will go to fund equipment for children disabled in the 2014 massacre.
Funding is needed for journalists expenses in travelling, collecting, recording and storing data. Also for website building.

This is an important project to document and record the lives of those children lost to the Israeli war machine.

The Right To Offend

Feminism LOL: Do you like the internet? Do you like being able to start a blog and voice your thoughts and opinions? Then you should care about freedom of speech.

Why Are The Four Richest Men In Mexico Getting Crushed? + A Hot September For Catalonia

By Don Quijones: Tough times for Mexico’s very richest. A couple of weeks ago, I reported that Carlos Slim, once the world’s richest man and the undisputed Big Boss of Slimlandia, as Mexico has come to be called, lost $7 billion in the first seven months of 2015. But since then, his losses have exploded to $11.8 billion.
That’s close to one-fifth of Slim’s total fortune at the beginning of 2015, making him this year’s biggest loser, both in absolute and relative terms, on Bloomberg’s Billionaire index.
Most of Slim’s losses came on the back of continued financial hemorrhaging at his gold mining company Minera Frisco, whose stock has tumbled over 55% this year, as well as the recent drubbing in global stock markets.
Mexico’s second and third richest individuals, Germán Larrea Mota-Velasco and Alberto Baillères González, both of whom made their fortunes in mining, have fared little better this year, having also seen the dollar value of their wealth shrink by roughly 20%. But that is nothing compared to the wealth destruction, in relative terms, suffered by Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Mexico’s fourth richest man, whose personal fortune is now worth roughly half of the $8 billion it was worth at the beginning of the year.

Times Of Israel Writer Insists “Jews Are Not White”

Commentary by Dr. Patrick Slattery: A bloger with the Times of Israel posted an opinion piece stating emphatically that Jews are NOT white. The issue here is not whether her arguments are sound or the facts she cited correct or even the definition what constitutes a race. What is significant is that this is a view that has enough currency among Jews that a leading newspaper would publish it.
In fact, the writer, Hila Hershkoviz, claims that most Israeli Jews reject the notion that Jews are white. Astute observers of Jewish behavior, such as Dr. David Duke and Professor Kevin MacDonald, have long pointed out that Jews tend not to view themselves as white, although they also tend to nurture the perceptions among whites Jews are just another ethnicity within the white race.
Hershkoviz cites history, culture, and genetics in making her argument, which is laced with anti-European overtones throughout. In the end, she calls on Jews who do consider themselves white to “decolonize your identities.”
Anyone who cannot understand why the Jewish elite that rules America and most other majority-white countries would be promoting the destruction of the white race needs to read this article.

A Critique Of Feminism: A Humanitarian Won’t Be Silenced About Sexual And Domestic Violence

By : I have worked as a professional in the human services and as an advocate of social justice for nearly two decades. I have worked with thousands of children and families in multiple roles including as a mental health counselor, parenting coach, social worker, educator, and mentor. I am also the proud Mom of a 21-year-old son who I adopted from the foster care system when he was 11. Through my extensive research and work with children and families over many years, I have been able to see the threads of how childhood trauma and attachment breaks in each individual family can lead to the tragic tapestry of global human suffering. Family violence is almost always a symptom of trauma and unmet emotional and physical needs, usually in the childhoods of the adults. I believe that hurt people need compassion, healing and guidance, not punishment. My passion is to heal human suffering at its root causes and to offer people compassion and hope.
When women and girls are victims, I have found that compassion and fierce political action within our society abounds. There is no resistance from professionals or the progressive media to raising awareness to the suffering and needs of girls and women. When I first entered the fields of human services and social justice, I had initially expected equally passionate attention to be given to the needs and suffering of boys and men. However, I have continuously run up against an aggressive blockage when I attempt to raise awareness to the suffering and needs of boys and men. Specifically how violence in males is a direct result of childhood trauma. This blockage has been from feminists who run most social justice and human service programs as well as the progressive media.

Unusually Massive Protests Erupt In Japan Against Forthcoming “War Legislation”

By Michael Krieger: In case you aren’t up to speed on your Japanese history, the nation’s post WWII Constitution prohibits military action unless it’s in self-defense. Clearly a sensible approach, which is why the current Japanese government, led by the demonstrably insane and incompetent Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, wants to get rid of it.
This story is very important. Not only will this action increase the likelihood of World War III in the Far East, but it’s another important example of a government acting against the will of the people.
Polling has indicated the Japanese public is against a pivot toward militarization and war, but Prime Minister Shinzo Abe  is pushing forward nonetheless. In fact, the current legislation to allow overseas military intervention has already passed the lower house of government. This prompted many Japanese to emerge from their decades long political apathy and get out into the streets. It’s estimated these protests were the largest in recent memory.
The AP reports:
TOKYO (AP) — Mothers holding their children’s hands stood in the sprinkling rain, some carrying anti-war placards, while students chanted slogans to the beat of a drum against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his defense policies.