8 Sep 2015

“Liars Loans” Are Back in the USA…But With A Twist

By Michael Krieger: Most of you will be intimately familiar with the rollliars loans played in last decade’s financial crisis. In a nutshell, these were loans in which the borrower was encouraged to lie about his or her income in order to qualify for a mortgage they couldn’t actually handle. In the aftermath of the crisis, regulations have been put in place to ensure lenders verify income and the ability of the borrower to service the mortgage. As is always the case, there’s a loophole, and Wall Street is already exploiting it.
The loophole pertains to loans for homes that will be used for business purposes. Unsurprisingly, people are lying about the true use of their homes to avoid regulations. Some of these are then being packaged in AAA rated bond issuances.

From Bloomberg:
The pitch arrived with an iconic image of the American Dream: a neat house with a white picket fence.
But behind that picture of a $2.95 million home in Manhattan Beach, California, were hints of something darker: liar loans, those toxic mortgages of the subprime era.
Years after the great American housing bust, mortgages akin to the so-called liar loans — which were made without verifying people’s finances — are creeping back into the market. And, like last time, they’re spreading risks far and wide via Wall Street.

Response To Matt Forney & The Cult Of Roosh V

"People are firstly gynocentric and then comes institutionalised misandry." CS MGTOW

UK Assassinates British Citizens In Syria

British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that he conducted a drone strike that killed, among others, two British citizens in Syria on suspicion of terrorist activity. Is this a major escalation, and what does it say about the 2013 UK parliament vote against bombing?

Perpetrator Becomes Victim Because Vagina

The reason women walk around as if they're untouchable, is because they are, and they know it. 6oodfella

Don't Be That Guy

johntheother: Social-justice-warrior Compassionate Rehabilitation, Orientation and Training methodology
Learn the meanings of common words – and why it matters that people you may be speaking to share your understanding of what common words mean.
Life skills like the ability to deal with a differing opinion from your own, without flying into a moralistic rage and attacking that person's career, personality or destroying private property.
And retraining SJWs to understand that physical and cultural markers like skin pigment, or politically conformist views are not a divine signal that everyone else outside your own group must indulge your public temper tantrums as if you are a royal personage.

The EU Immigration Crisis Explained

"The actual genocidal actions that are being committed by the military at the behest of the political puppets puppeteered by the banksters for their own purposes destroying entire nations, bombing them to smithereens and ripping apart the fabric of their societies like in Libya, like in Syria, like in all of these other targets. Of course there's going to be floods of people escaping these countries, of course it's going to create political turmoil, I think that's part of the plan as well!" Corbett.

Please Don’t Call Me A Feminist

Femalefedupwithfeminism: As someone who was a teenage Daria lover this was the first thing that came to mind when I heard the lovely Ms Watson’s speech. Most of Emma Watson’s speech was irritating. Not that that’s a problem; if people want to ‘galvanise’ males by inviting them to sign up for phenomenally stupid initiatives which won’t do anything but make pop feminists feel a bit better about themselves then who am I to stand in their way. However, what really really annoyed me was the passive aggressive digs at those who choose not to identify as feminists. While she states ‘it is not the word that is important. It’s the idea and the ambition behind it’, she still makes a point of defining those who believe in ‘equality’ as ‘inadvertent feminists’.

Israel Banned Documentary - The MAD Israeli Nuclear Project

Gilad Atzmon: Superb documentary - a lot of new information relating to the early days of the Dimona Project, the 67 war, The Liberty and more..

Knockout Attack On Hijab-Wearing Girl In Britain

Tasneem Kabir was on her way to college in London when she became the target of an unprovoked attack by a Nigerian-born man identified as Michael Ayoade, probably because of her hijab. She was knocked unconscious by the attack, which also left her with a smashed lip and a few broken teeth.
Press TV: The attack on the 16-year-old girl wearing Islamic hijab took place in east London’s Plaistow, Newham Street on November 13, 2012. Ayoade was arrested by the police after the CCTV footage of the shocking attack was released. In February 2013, Ayoade was sentenced to four years in jail after pleading guilty to the attack on Tasneem and another similar attack.

Ex-Israeli Nuclear Technician Vanunu Elaborates On ‘Powder Keg’ In Dimona

Mordechai Vanunu, a former Israeli nuclear technician, has revealed details about Tel Avivsgreatest secrets regarding its clandestine nuclear activities
Press TV: In a lengthy interview on Israeli TV on Friday, Vanunu explained how he once exposed the existence of Israel’s nuclear arsenal and elaborated on a potential disaster which could emanate from Israel’s notorious Dimona facility.
Vanunu’s revelations of overwhelming evidence of Israel’s military nuclear program to Britain’s Sunday Times in 1986, provided further proof to the world about Tel Aviv’s huge nuclear arsenal. However, Israel has maintained a policy of nuclear ambiguity,” although it has threatened that it could use nuclear weapons in case a conflict erupts in the Middle East.
The new revelations by Vanunu were in fact a sign of the regime’s acknowledgment to possessing the warheads after decades of censorship being imposed on such media material.
The 60-year-old Vanunu said he had an obligation to reveal to the world the nature of the powder keg in Dimona, calling Israel’s entire nuclear strategy “a failure” that he had “exposed.”