9 Sep 2015

Rally In London Against Netanyahu's Visit

UK public anger over the visit of the Anti-Semitic Israeli prime minister to London has gained momentum as hundreds of protesters are gathering outside Downing Street.
Press TV: Over 108,000 Britons have signed a petition demanding Netanyahu 'The Baby Butcher of Gaza' be arrested for crimes against humanity when he arrives in London. They want Netanyahu to be brought to justice for crimes committed during Israel’s remorseless slaughter of Palestinian Semites in the Gaza Strip.

Luxury London Home Sales Plunge 26% - Has This Mega Housing Bubble Finally Burst?

By Michael Krieger: It appears the music may have finally stopped for one of the world’s largest luxury real estate bubbles: London.
It’s well known that foreign oligarchs love London real estate as a means to launder funds, typically earned by soaking their host countries dry via corruption and fraud. This has caused absurd and irrational spikes in high-end residential real estate in the English capital, as well as a flood of new construction.

With emerging markets now completely collapsing, the seemingly endless flood of foreign money is drying up, and with it, London real estate. So has the London real estate bubble popped? Probably.
From Bloomberg: Investors betting on making a quick profit on luxury apartments in south London’s Nine Elms district, Europe’s largest project for prime new homes, are facing long waits for buyers. Almost 30 percent of new properties in the district have languished on the market for more than a year, according to real estate data provider Lonres, who didn’t include sales by developers. That compares with 12 percent in London’s best districts.

How Paranoid YouTube Sectarians Attempted To Hijack And Redefine MGTOW

By I was surprised to see Tim Patten’s MGTOW: A worldwide boycott of marriage on the pages of A Voice for Men not long ago. Not that everything the article said was wrong, but it contains at least one gigantic whopper. I doubt Patten knows it’s a whopper, because that lie has been repeated so many times by people pushing their own personal agendas. But it’s still a lie, a damnable lie about Men Going Their Own Way, and it needs to be identified for what it is.
This lie about Men Going Their Own Way seems to have mostly been promulgated by self-serving women and men calling themselves “MGTOW” on YouTube—women and men who have in the last year or so regularly attacked the Men’s Rights community with a seemingly endless array of paranoid conspiracy theories and abusive lies. Including the gigantic falsehood that Patten repeats: that somehow, MGTOW became an emergent phenomenon through YouTube. In Patten’s telling this started around 2008, and it may have—on YouTube. But that’s not where MGTOW started and it’s not where it got its greatest strength either.

False Rape Accuser Who Caused Man To Be Arrested Is Given 'Strong Words Of Advice' By Police

COTWA: A woman claimed she was raped, so the police went into action and did what they normally do when that occurs. They cordoned off the area where the rape occurred, and they arrested a 32-year-old male scapegoat. 
One little problem. It turned out there was no rape. An innocent young man had been wrongly arrested. 

So, the police went into action and did what they normally do when that occurs. They thanked the public "for their patience" while they conducted inquiries into the incident-that-never-was, and then -- they let the woman go. Not a single charge was lodged against her. Her name wasn't even mentioned in the various news articles about the incident. Her anonymity is in tact, so the next man who's wrongly arrested on her say-so won't have any way of identifying her as a serial false rape accuser.

Oh, but wait, dear reader. Don't think for a minute that that this woman wasn't punished for subjecting a young man to one of the worst things that can happen to a human being. A police spokeswoman said this: “The woman has been given strong words of advice by police for her actions.”
Read it again: "strong words of advice." Yep. Imagine if you read a story about a rapist being given "strong words of advice." What do you think would happen to that police chief? But for false rape accusers, that's as much punishment as they deserve. It's business-as-usual in our "rape culture."

Do Ugly Women Make Better Wives?

"The idea that a homely chick would make a good mate is one that I personally and categorically reject, for one thing there is empirical evidence that suggests that this is not the case. ...Unattractive women have unattractive personalities, ...I mean just look at the feminists."  Obsidian.

How To: Get Into Philosophy - MGTOW

A step by step guide on how to break through into discovering the rewards of philosophical discourse. Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW

Feminist Resurrection

This is the official 100% historically accurate story of the discovery of Christ's empty tomb. SyeTenAtheist

Zio-Led Invasion Of Greece And All Of Europe

By David Duke: Watch the short video of the invasion and war going on in Greece and coming to all of Europe. The Global ZioMedia conglomerates told the huge lie painting the ‘refugees as mostly women and children. They are emotionally conditioning Europeans to believe that lie with the photo of child who drowned in Turkey.
In truth, massive immigration into Europe is nothing less than the annihilation of Europe and the European people. It is the transformation of the peaceful and beautiful communities of Europe to the horror of what has become of the once peaceful land of Syria.
It is vital that Europeans around the world, and for that matter all people, understand why Europe and the entire Western world faces a crisis of existence.

Zombie Economies

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the global economy as a film that only Wes Craven could have directed with zombie factories and zombie banks terrify investors and politicians alike. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Gerald Celente about volatile markets and zombie economies.