18 Sep 2015

Corbyn Pro EU Pro NATO Pro Mass Migration + Making Refugees Insures Loyalty To Fiat Money

"The only way for the British people is mass riots in the street and a general strike!" Morris.

Rise Of The Supernanny Feminists

By Joanna Williams: It can’t have taken #fearlessfeminist Charlotte Proudman long to choose the best turn of phrase for her public scolding of Alexander Carter-Silk, the man who had the temerity to tell her that her LinkedIn profile picture looked ‘stunning’. In reaching for the word unacceptable, Proudman repeats the tip-of-the-tongue buzzword of todays unappointed language police.

The AGM Of 15 Square Britain's Leading Anti-MGM [Male Genital Mutilation] Charity

Mike Buchanan: I was honoured recently to be invited to give a presentation at the AGM of the country's best-known anti-MGM charity, 15 Square https://www.15square.org.uk/. Formerly NORM-UK, the organization was launched in 1995, so this was their 20th AGM.

It took place last Saturday, and it was a very interesting event. It was good to meet so many anti-MGM campaigners for the first time.

Bank Of England Economist Calls For Cash Ban, Urges Negative Rates

Tyler Durden's pictureJust three short years ago, Bank of England chief economist Andy Haldane appeared a lone voice of sanity in a world fanatically-religious Keynesian-esque worshippers. Admissions in 2013 (on blowing bubbles) and 2014 (on Too Big To Fail "problems from hell") also gave us pause that maybe someone in charge of central planning might actually do something to return the world to some semblance of rational 'free' markets. We were wrong! Haldane appears to have fully transitioned to the dark side, as The Telegraph reports, he made the case for the "radical" option of supporting the economy with negative interest rates, and even suggested that cash could have to be abolished.
Speaking at the Portadown Chamber of Commerce in Northern Ireland, as The Telegraph reports, Mr Haldane's support for a possible cut in rates came as the Bank as a whole has signalled that the next move in rates would be up.

Andy Haldane, one of the Bank’s nine interest rate setters, made the case for the "radical" option of supporting the economy with negative interest rates, and even suggested that cash could have to be abolished.

Hypergamy Pt 1: It's Existence & AWALT + Hypergamy Floats

A philosophical proof of the existence of hypergamy as well as all women containing this attribute. Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW

Sandi Toxic On Last Night’s Question Time - Self-Nomination For A Gormless Feminist Of The Month Award

By Mike Buchanan: Sandi Toxic, spokeswoman for the Women’s Equality Party, was on Question Time last night. The iPlayer file will be available for 11 months. Four of her contributions are worth listening to:
2:45 – 4:32
She responds to the question, ‘Is Labour now more electable under Jeremy Corbyn, than it was under Ed Miliband?’

20:44 – 21:50
She talks after John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, had apologised for remarks he’d made about the IRA’s contribution to the peace process in Northern Ireland.

35:54 – 37:45
She responds to the question from a 17-year-old man, put to Liz Truss, a Conservative MP, ‘When I’m eligible to vote, why should I choose the Conservatives over Labour?’ It’s in this section she nominates herself for a Gormless Feminist of the Month award, with this gem:

Women are the majority, major beneficiaries of the welfare system. The real question that we have to be asking ourselves is, Why are women the load bearers of austerity, and what are we going to do about it?
Her diversionary ploy of stating, ‘The real question we have to be asking ourselves is…’ is straight out of the Feminist Guide to Media Manipulation.

Belinda Brown Talks On BBC Woman Sour About The Charlotte Proudman Debacle

Charlotte Proudman is the whiny 27-year-old barrister who sought to publicly humiliate a 57-year-old lawyer on social media over his private compliments of her LinkedIn profile photograph. She duly won our inaugural Toxic Feminist of the Month award which contains links to three women's criticisms of her.
One of those women is the Belinda Brown, a social anthropologist and a Maggie award winner who talks from 9:20 and makes some very relevant points, including about feminism.

Obamessiah Meets Pope Francis, Misleaders Converge On UN

"Wouldn't it be great if there was a big cyber-terror event so that we could role out the legislation that we want, outlawing encryption? It's so in your face at this point that this is exactly the type of event that they need to move their agenda forward." Corbet.

Brawl Breaks Out In Japanese Parliament Over “War Bill”

Michael Krieger: What do you get when you cross a collapsing economy with a government determined to pass a bill to make overseas military conflicts easier?