19 Sep 2015

BBC Comedy RIP

By Mike Buchanan: I’ve long been a comedy buff, and I’m perfectly happy to concede the BBC has been the source of some priceless comedy series over my lifetime – Fawlty Towers being a particular favourite.
The quality of BBC comedy series has long been in decline, possibly because material has to gain the approval of the BBC’s political correctness brigade, a reliable way to strangle genuinely funny comedy ideas at birth. Hope springs eternal, however, and I’ve just watched People Time on BBC3. In my TV guide, the programme was described thus:

Lively comedy show pilot starring seven comedy rising stars (including Claudia O’Doherty and Ellie White). The skits cover a range of modern issues, big and small, from online dating and workplace sexism to mobile phones and junk mail – the shouty man in the street manages to be both silly and subversive.
Sounds like a riot, right? Er, no. I didn’t laugh once, and came close to smiling on only one occasion. The lowest point in this dismal waste of licence payers’ money was the aforementioned ‘shouty man in the street’ encountering three ‘No More Page 3’ campaigners on the street, 11:49 – 12:47.
The comedic premise of the sketch was that if men oppose feminists their male friends will desert them, and they will then have to grovel to feminists for acceptance.

The Case Of Zach Jesse - Can Men’s Rights Help Women Too?

By :  Commonly, people are told that organizations that advocate for men’s rights are unnecessary because feminism, when done right, is pro-man as well as being pro-women. Since feminists are also looking out for men and advancing men’s issues, we are told, men should rally behind these organizations and let women take charge of making the world a better place for men.

The fact that this claim is demonstrably false is likely no surprise to most readers of this site. When men and boys are consistently lagging further and further behind in education, systematically denied due process rights when accused of crimes, and disproportionately targeted by policies that punish boys for being boys, the claim that feminism is helping men rings hollow indeed.
What is less obvious, though much more interesting, is that the claim may be the exact inverse of the truth. In short, it may be the case that, in certain instances, advancing the cause of men’s rights is the way to advance the cause of women as well.
Consider the recent case of Zach Jesse. To the best of my knowledge this case received very little publicity, but it perfectly illustrates the problems with the present spat of rape hysteria that has been inflicted on Americans.

Reddit Feminists Talk About Gynocentrism

By The following Reddit discussion of the concept “gynocentrism” is one of the first to appear on social media among feminists. Seems they have figured out that the Men’s Human Rights community have a coherent psychosocial theory under the heading gynocentrism, and that the growing reach of the term has become unavoidable. Feminists discuss its implications and, as you will see from the Reddit comments, some are getting with it, and some are rejecting it.
There was a comment in this thread that I found very interesting. It was in response to the question “what do MRAs attribute men’s problems to?” It didn’t receive any replies and I can’t find a discussion specifically on the topic (although it does crop up here and there), so I’m highlighting it for comments here.
The more sophisticated among [the MRM] operate with a curious concept called “gynocentrism”. Essentially, they view feminism as ONE of the possible manifestations of “gynocentrism” (intended largely as society’s alleged prioritization of women over men, as an anthropological universal rooted in evo-psych) – and patriarchal societies as other possible manifestations of the same core phenomenon.

Psychopaths Rule Us

"Wreck the world the better to control it!" Lew Rockwell
"These are cowards freaks liers and fools and they are destroying our [US] nation. They are sociopaths and psycopaths, they are sick SOBs and nobody wants to call them what they are!" Gerald Celente

Global Summit To End Sexual Violence In Conflict

By MRA-UK: J4MB posted recently on William Hague’s opinion that all men should feel guilty about the phenomenon of war rape. It reminded me that I wrote a blog piece on my older redpilluk site in June last year on the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, featuring William Hague. Since the issue is topical again I reproduce the piece below. There are two reasons why I decline William Hague’s invitation to feel guilt. The first – and I suspect you may think this is a pathetic excuse – is that I am not guilty. Apparently I am being asked to believe that guilt is contagious via some sort of morphic resonance of the gonads. But only for crimes against women. I don’t think William Hague is expecting me to share in the guilt of male burglars or male fraudsters. Odd that. Poor William Hague, like all white knights, he is the victim of internalised misandry. The second reason is that the presumption that “sexual violence in conflict” means exclusively female victims is completely false. Here is my original piece…..the Appendix is required reading, but not on a full stomach…..

Internalized Misogyny

Hush now woman. The patriarchy is real and it is inside of you. Just a quick rant. Shoe0nHead

A Man Genitally Mutilated [Circumcised] At 18 Years Of Age Reflects On The Impact Of The Procedure

Mike Buchanan: Men and women who display little or no concern over the harm caused to males by MGM often justify their position by saying they know men who are not unhappy with having been circumcised. Women often say this about their male partners. Many circumcised men themselves say they're not unhappy with having been circumcised, often saying it hasn't affected them. Some look on it in a positive light. This begs an obvious question. For those circumcised as babies or infants, how can they possibly know what they've lost?

Neo-Feudal America - Median Wages For Male Employees Down 5% Since 1973

By Michael Krieger: Another day, another data point proving what anyone with two functioning braincells already knows. That for most citizens, the U.S. economy is a neo-feudal Banana Republic oligarch hellhole. The facts are indisputable at this point, and the trend goes back decades when it comes to the American male. All the way back to 1973, in fact, just two years after the U.S. defaulted on gold and the economy started its grotesque transformation into a Wall Street controlled, financialized gulag. Now we learn the following,  
from the Wall Street Journal:

The typical man with a full-time job–the one at the statistical middle of the middle–earned  $50,383 last year, the Census Bureau reported this week.
The typical man with a full-time job in 1973 earned $53,294, measured in 2014 dollars to adjust for inflation.
You read that right: The median male worker who was employed year-round and full time earned less in 2014 than a similarly situated worker earned four decades ago. And those are the ones who had jobs.

Marijuana: A Gateway Drug?

Chris Christie says that marijuana is a gateway drug. Is that really true? I investigate the claim. Also, Jeb!!! Julie Borowski

India Is Reeling Under False Feminist Rape Hysteria

By Rape is one of the most heinous crimes known to humanity. For the perpetuator (male or female) it is a weapon used to subjugate the victim, to perpetrate hate, to force submission, to prove a point, to avenge and even satiate the need for retribution.
India is a country where women are revered. It has one of the lowest incidents of rape in the in the world. Not many outside India know that a bulk of the rape incidents is what in legal parlance is known as ‘Technical Rape’. The Indian Penal Code Section 376 equates love to rape at choice of girl. It is interpreted as – 
‘if a couple has physical relation then the boy is liable to marry the girl if she wants it, otherwise the boy is deemed to have raped the girl’
A law that was meant to cater to victims of rape got twisted by feminist lobby and its interpretation was amended to encompass the love relations just to benefit criminal abusive women. Although feminist never accept existence of this type of law misuse. The lawyers acknowledge it by using euphemism ‘Technical rape’.
Justice Kailash Gambhir of Delhi High Court has expressed concern of this trend of forced marriage of boys by using the ill interpreted law. The court said “Cases like these not only make mockery of the sacred institution of marriage but also inflate the statistics of rape cases which further deprecates our own society (1)”.
Even the Delhi (Indian Capital) Women’s panel has claimed that over half the rape cases registered in past year were false allegations (2).