26 Sep 2015

Yes, MGTOW is natural

Despite what the pussy hounds will tell you, MGTOW is perfectly natural. And it's not only humans that can respond this way. Raging Golden Eagle.

Catalonia Vote - Will They Secede? + The Future Of Homeschooling

Catalans will vote tomorrow for a new parliament that may include a majority who favor secession from the Spanish state. The EU elites are making all efforts to prevent such a move, even though self-determination is a fundamental human right. RonPaul

Diversity Is Our Strength? Social Justice Warriors - Rebutted!

Stefan Molyneux: "Recently, a Greek life sorority published a recruitment video which was later taken down after criticism regarding the lack of diversity that it portrayed. What are you thoughts on the impact of selective societies such as fraternities and sororities which don't adhere to any racial or income based quotas?"

The United Nations Takes A Bold Stance Against Global Misogyny + Silencing Free Thinking And Dissent

By : The United Nations earned the admiration of the world today, declaring a new mandate to protect the world’s women from misogyny. Addressing the Council on Women and Girls, UN President Sam Kahamba Kutesa announced:

The United Nations takes the well-being of girls and women seriously, and as of today, a new force of Blue Helmets will be trained to insert themselves around the world to rescue women subjected to forced marriages, genital mutilation, acid attacks, public stonings and whippings for crimes ranging from being the victims of gang-rape to marrying without permission. If the women consent to the rescue, they will be taken into protective custody and relocated to a Western nation of their choice.
We are also pleased to announce a new training initiative, welcoming all women and men truly concerned about the well-being of women and girls. Recruits are invited to register at their local police stations, where they will be trained to take part in these rescue operations. We look forward to welcoming the millions of women and men from Western nations who are prepared to put their lives on the line to take a stand against global misogyny. Too many girls and women are suffering under oppressive regimes that would maim, torture and kill them for the freedoms we take for granted in the West.

Did Goldman Sacrifice Australia's Prime Minister For His Probe Into "Global Warming" Fraud

When Tony Abbott became Australia's prime minister in September 2013, the chain of events that would prematurely end his tenure may already have been in motion: just a few months later China would order its out of control shadow banking system to put on hold its debt issuance machinery, which as we reported a year ago, ground to a complete stop around November 2014 (which also was the explanation for the dramatic slowdown in the US economy over the winter as the collapse in China's Total Social Financing growth sent a deflationary ripple effect around the globe), which - as we warned at the time - would have dire consequences on all of China's "feeder" economies, namely Brazil and Australia.
But while we have been tracking the implosion of Brazil's economy since December, long before the rest of the world noticed the calamitous collapse of what was once Latin America's most vibrant economy, it was a very recent event in Australia - not the country's parallel economic slowdown also due to China's hard landing: that was painfully clear long in advance - that took many by surprise. Namely, the resignation of Tony Abbott almost exactly two years after becoming Prime Minister.
And while it is easy to blame his admission of failure on external factors, namely the Chinese slowdown, a very surprising finding has emerged over the past few days, one which reveals Abbott's "ouster" in a totally different light.
According to Freedom of Information documents obtained by Australia's ABC, now-former prime minister Tony Abbott's own department discussed setting up an investigation into the Bureau of Meteorology amid media claims it was exaggerating estimates of global warming.

No Brains In Washington

By Paul Craig Roberts: Washington’s IQ follows the Fed’s interest rate - it is negative. Washington is a black hole into which all sanity is sucked out of government deliberations.
Washington’s failures are everywhere visible. We can see the failures in Washington’s wars and in Washington’s approach to China and Russia.
The visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping, was scheduled for the week-end following the Pope’s visit to Washington. Was this Washington’s way of demoting China’s status by having its president play second fiddle to the Pope? The President of China is here for week-end news coverage? Why didn’t Obama just tell him to go to hell?
Washington’s cyber incompetence and inability to maintain cyber security is being blamed on China. The day before Xi Jinping’s arrival in Washington, the White House press secretary warmed up President Jinping’s visit by announcing that Obama might threaten China with financial sanctions.
And not to miss an opportunity to threaten or insult the President of China, the US Secretary of Commerce fired off a warning that the Obama regime was too unhappy with China’s business practices for the Chinese president to expect a smooth meeting in Washington.
In contrast, when Obama visited China, the Chinese government treated him with politeness and respect.

Karen Straughan's Interview With Marie Claire

karen straughan: Here is the interview I gave to Jen Ortiz of Marie Claire which informed this article by her:   
Hear Them Roar: Meet the Honey Badgers,
the Women Behind the Men's Rights Movement
They're tired of men being unfairly targeted because of their gender. So they're fighting back.
By : You've seen the video, right? The one with the vicious, weasel-skunk-fox hybrid sticking its nose into bee-filled holes, gnawing on mice, tearing the heads off snakes, and shaking off venomous cobra bites, waking up after a few minutes to return to eating its attacker? You know, the one that ends with, "Honey badger don't care. Honey badger don't give a shit"?

Chatting With The Gadfather! (Prof. Gad Saad)

"I am honoured and privileged to have his Gadliness himself, the Gad father, his magnificence, we are here in the presence of Gad and witnesses. Gad Saad, professor of marketing at Concordia University. ...He takes a specific interest in evolutionary theory as applied to the psychology of consumption, ...human behavioural biology in regards to all kinds of human behaviour, all kinds of societal norms, cultures and things like that." karen straughan. May Gad be with you. 

The UN Releases Plan To Push For Worldwide Internet Censorship

By Michael Krieger: The United Nations has disgraced itself immeasurably over the past month or so.
In case you missed the following story, I suggest catching up now:
Not a Joke – Saudi Arabia Chosen to Head UN Human Rights Panel

Fresh off the scene from those two epic embarrassments, the UN now wants to tell governments of the world how to censor the internet. I wish I was kidding.
From the Washington Post:

On Thursday, the organization’s Broadband Commission for Digital Development released a damning “world-wide wake-up call” on what it calls “cyber VAWG,” or violence against women and girls. The report concludes that online harassment is “a problem of pandemic proportion” — which, nbd, we’ve all heard before.

But the United Nations then goes on to propose radical, proactive policy changes for both governments and social networks, effectively projecting a whole new vision for how the Internet could work.