30 Sep 2015

UN To Censor The Internet To Save Feminists' Feelings

Paul Joseph Watson: The UN plans to censor Internet content that offends feminists or challenges their arguments.

Why Do Good Girls Become Feminists?

By The MRA or mere critic of feminism commonly hears some variation of “Not all feminists are like that”, or “NAFALT”, whenever they attack feminism or call it out on behavior and ideas that seem irrational, cultish, fascist, hysterical, exaggerating, petty, childish, spiteful, greedy, envious, or hateful. But just because it’s an overused, to the point of becoming a cliché, response whenever someone criticizes feminism, it’s nonetheless worth probing into. Why is it that not all feminists are “like that?” Why would a thoughtful, considerate woman join what is more and more every day showing its true colors as a misandrist hate group that is intolerant of opposing voices?
The Appeal of Any Movement
Like religions, political movements offer converts several things of great psychological benefit, including:

  1. Friendship and social acceptance.
  2. An easy explanation for why the world is the way that it is.
  3. An easy way to blame their problems and frustrations on something other than themselves.
  4. The chance to become more powerful as a group than they could be individually.
I would say most people join movements or religions they see as representing the thing they lack in themselves and their lives, but want and hope for most.

Jeremy Corbyn 'Failed' To Mention 'Israel' At Labour Friends Of Israel Meeting

By Gilad Atzmon: Jeremy Corbyn is yet to surrender to The Lobby. Yesterday he was heckled  by a desperate Zionist after his speech at the Labour Friends of Israel reception. "Say the word Israel," the foreign merchant shouted at the back of the room prompting security guards to bundle him out.

How To Destroy The World

Stefan Molyneux: Destroying the world is actually lot easier than you might think – you will have to be patient, of course, but remember this: evil delayed is evil denied, and it is well worth the wait.

To destroy the world, you need to do three things – first: break the bond between husband and wife – second: break the bond between parent and child – and third: convince the population that they are helpless.

Women Versus Morality

The Secret Court of Women - You have been convicted of a serious crime. You are guilty. Your career prospects are gone. Your social standing, whatever it once was, is gone. Your future plans, you desire for a family, that’s all gone too.
You will not be informed of your conviction. You will not be informed of your accusation. You will not know what your crime was. But you’re guilty, and your name has been published on a list of offenders. You wont be told about that list either. Good luck to you.

Star Schmuk Episode 2: The Anomaly

iMGTOW: Stay tuned for part 3 which completes the starting story arc and reveals a specter nuisance.

Karen Straughan Chatting With Steven Crowder

"Isn't it OK to enforce gender norms with kids?" Steven Crowder. "There's a fine line between accepting your kids are a little different." Karen Straughan.

Francesca Lagerberg, Grant Thornton Intnl - Gormless Feminist Of The Month

Mike Buchanan: Francesca Lagerberg works for Grant Thornton International, as its 'Global Leader - Tax Services'. Her interview with Sarah Montague on Today, the flagship BBC Radio morning news programme, was painful to listen to, for anyone who understands that causal links exist between increasing female representation on corporate boards, and corporate financial DECLINE. Her comments about gender diversity on corporate boards made her a particularly worthy winner of our 'Gormless Feminist of the Month' award.

Cryptocurrencies & Online Economy

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the days of rage and killer cereal as apps and ponzis are the only avenue to wealth. In the second half, Max interviews Matt Harms of StartChat about cryptocurrencies in the Netherlands, crowdfunding innovation and bypassing the banking system to create an online economy.