7 Oct 2015

Epic Israeli "Police" Tear Gas Fail

Perseus999Israeli Land Thieves Protection Squad epic teargas fail recorded in Palestine during April 2014.

Russia, Israel To Talk Syria In Tel Aviv: Israeli Officer

A high-ranking Russian military delegation is set to hold talks with Israeli officials in Tel Aviv on Russia's operations in Syria, an Israeli officer says.
Press TV: The Israeli military officer said on Monday that the Russian delegation will visit Israel on Tuesday for talks on ways Israeli and Russian military forces can avoid clashes as the Israelis are supporting their henchmen, the terrorists operating in Syria while at the same time the Russians are bombing the same Terrorists.
It is said that Russia's First Deputy Chief of General Staff General Nikolai Bogdanovsky, who will head the Russian military team, will meet Major General Yair Golan, the Israeli deputy chief of general staff, during the two-day visit.
“The two will meet at military command headquarters in Tel Aviv as part of the two-day visit of the Russian army delegation to Israel. Among other matters, they will discuss regional coordination issues,” the Israeli officer said.
The development comes as Russia has been conducting airstrikes against the positions of the terrorists across Syria upon a request from the Damascus government since September 30.
Israel has expressed concern that Russia’s operations in Syria may lead to accidental trade of fire as Tel Aviv targets fighters of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah inside Syria. Hezbollah has been helping Damascus in its fight against the Israels militant terrorist friends.

TV Licence Fee Jail Terms ‘Are Not Fair On Women’: Figures Show They Are Six Times More Likely To Be Sent To Prison

By Mike Buchanan: The article title alone is remarkable:

Licence fee jail terms ‘are not fair on women’: Government under fresh pressure for overhaul after figures show they are six times more likely to be sent to prison.
Let’s take the first part of the title. It implies, I think, that licence fee jail terms are less fair on women than men. Yet the story – resulting from a FOI request – shows that while 70% of the people found guilty of evasion were women, fewer than 30% of the people sent to jail were women.
Back to the title – ‘figures show they (women) are six times more likely to be sent to prison’. Six times more likely than who, in what circumstances?

Jessica Valenti Should Really Stop Lying To Her Child & Maybe Stop Exploiting Her For Clicks? Feminists/Gun Control

By My favorite feminist idiot, Jessica Valenti, has a new column up in which she reveals her daughter’s privileged, white girl cluelessness about the world, and reinforces the poor child’s ignorance in the name of progressive, tolerant politics.
This child has lived five years in New York City and has never noticed that police officers carry real, actual guns on their waists? Really? Has she noticed that trees have leaves and water is wet? How clueless is this poor, sheltered thing? I feel sorry for poor Layla. Not only is her mother willing to exploit her child-like fears for clicks, she is willing to have the whole world know her daughter’s name. The epitome of child as ‘successory’.

RE 6-Year-Old Slave Pussy Feels Amazing

"Bleed your mutilated dick into my mouth newborn baby! Because I am a Mohel of Orthodox Judaism." Song by Russell Lindquist
 (Jared Fogle, toddlers in tiaras, et al)
Another honorable mention - the majority of child-molesters: homosexuals

This Has Become Routine

By Paul Craig Roberts: In his comment on the mass shootings at the Oregon community college, President Obama said: “This has become routine.”
So have police shootings of unarmed and unresisting Americans.
So have numerous other undesirable and deplorable happenings, such as the foreclosure on the homes of millions of Americans, while the “banks too big to fail” are bailed out with trillions of dollars, and such as foreign policy lies that have destroyed seven countries, bringing the US and Europe millions of refugees.
In addition there are the foreign policy lies that have brought the US and Europe into conflict with Russia, and the economic lies that shield the extraordinary concentration of income and wealth of the One Percent.
Also routine is Washington’s obliteration of weddings, funerals, and medical centers with bombs and drones. Two days after Obama expressed his despair, frustration and anger over the Oregon mass shootings, a US air strike hit a hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. According to numerous news reports, at least 19 people were killed, including 12 members of Doctors Without Borders, and another 37 wounded. The US air strike killed one person on the operating table, and intensive care patients burned to death in their beds.

A God Among MGTOW: Plato

The Platonic achievement as it plays itself out as a man going his own way. An inspiration and blueprint for what we can all aspire towards. Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW

How To Shut Down Gender Studies Departments

By : This is an article written by several people who will remain anonymous (as the article will explain why). This is an article about the less-seen side of the activism, the side that gets things done away from the limelight.
Have you ever wondered what a better world we’d have if gender/women’s studies departments would simply cease to exist? In the following lines, we will explain how you can be part of the solution.
But first things first.
Before considering using the method
This method has been used successfully on 14 universities in 4 European countries – two from Western Europe (France and Spain) and two in Eastern Europe (Poland and Romania). Hopefully Hungary will be added to the list next year.
To our knowledge, the first successful attempt to shut down a gender studies programme was in 2010, after it had failed in 2009.

Activists Fly Drone Over NSA Facility In Germany, Drop Fliers Encouraging Employees To Quit

By Michael Krieger: You probably haven’t heard of Intelexit, but you probably should. It’s an organization which describes itself as follows on its website:

Intelexit is an initiative that helps people leave the secret service and build a new life. It is civil society’s response to the lack of oversight and undemocratic practices of intelligence agencies.
In recent weeks, the organization’s members have embarked on creative protests that encourage  current intelligence employees to follow their conscience and quit. Their latest stunt, over an NSA facility in Germany, involved a drone and fliers.
Here’s some more from the Intercept:

A group of activists flew a drone over a key National Security Agency complex in Germany on Friday, dropping leaflets encouraging the intelligence workers inside to quit in protest over invasive surveillance.
The site of the drone fly-by, the Dagger Complex, is a U.S. military installation south of Frankfurt. It houses the European Cryptologic Center — a major source of signals and communications intelligence in Europe for the NSA.