8 Oct 2015

Howard Stern Calls For Israel To “Wipe Palestinians Off The Face Of The Earth” - That’s OK, Right?

Commentary by David Duke: This article from the Times of Israel says it all about the double standard whereby Jewish privilege allows Howard Stern to call for the genocide of an entire people, yet any non-Jew who simply makes the factual statement that Jews exercise a great deal of power (think Rick Sanchez) immediately is denounced and fired.
Palestinian delegation to US decries
Howard Sterns racism
By Times of Israel staff: The top representative body of the Palestinians in the US condemned recent comments by the Jewish radio host Howard Stern as “racist” and “baseless.”
The PLO Delegation to the US was referring to a monologue aired earlier this week, during which Stern denounced former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters for his ongoing efforts to convince musicians to boycott Israel over its treatment of the Palestinians.
In a statement, the PLO delegation termed Waters a “human rights activist” and decried what it referred to as Stern’s racism against Arabs, and Palestinians in particular.

Hahahahahahaha Bahar Mustafa! Schadenfreude!

By : Schadenfreude is a German word that has come to take on a slightly different meaning for English speakers:
In the original German sense, schadenfreude is not just pleasure in the misfortunes of another – one must also feel genuine remorse that such misfortunes have befallen the person at whom you are laughing. The perfect example is a little kid, filled with delight at the ice-cream he holds as he runs across the park, who then face plants magnificently, ass over tea kettle, his ice-cream squashed half up his nose and half in the dirt. On the one hand, epic face plants by little kids are hilarious, and on the other hand, awwwwwww, it probably hurt and now his ice-cream is fucked.
baharThere must be that sense of remorse, of sympathy, of wishing the misfortune had not happened, even as you laugh your ass off that it did!
What I feel for Bahar Mustafa qualifies, just barely, as schadenfreude. For those who need a refresher, Bahar is the little cunt in the UK who held a diversity workshop, from which cis-gendered, white, heterosexual men were barred.

On UK Jews And Criminality

Reported by Gilad Atzmon:  The Jewish Chronicle revealed today that the number of Jews in prison has increased by 82 per cent since 2002, nearly four times more than the national rate.” The most common crimes Jews were convicted of were violence against another person, sex offences and drugs.
But, some good news - according to Rabbi Michael Binstock, director of Jewish Prison Chaplaincy, “the figures undermined the stereotype that Jewish offenders were more likely to be guilty of so-called white-collar crimes.” The Jewish assimilation project has at last prevailed. As Rabbi Binstock asserts “the myth is they’re all there for fraud, which is untrue. We have a lot of sex offenders, paedophiles and abusers, and several serving life for murder - the full gamut of crime, in fact.”

Photograph 51 - Rosalind Franklin

By MRA-UK: There is a play on the West End at present, “Photograph 51″, starring Nicole Kidman. She plays the role of Rosalind Franklin, the scientist who did ground breaking work on the structure of DNA in the 1950s. Kate Mulcahy, writing in The Telegraph on 15/9/15, tells Franklin’s story thus: Marginalised during her research in the 1950s, ostracised by male peers and ultimately overlooked by the establishment, Franklin’s data was used without her permission and her contribution to science was drastically under-acknowledged.” Mulcahy claims that Franklin is the latest forgotten female scientist to be thrust into the limelight and that she is a quintessential example of the maligned woman in science. In similar vein, Nicole Kidman has said she wants to shine a light on the role of Franklin and women like her whose quiet hard work has been overshadowed by pushier men. And again, Anita Singh, writing in The Telegraph on 13/9/15, opined of Franklin that sheplayed a key role in discovering the structure of DNA while working at King’s College London, but was effectively written out of history.”
I beg to differ. There is something more insidious at work here. It is claimed that Rosalind Franklin is forgotten. But that is odd. Surely she is a household name?

Does The Cooking World Have A Glass Ceiling?

By Mike Buchanan: At a seminar about ‘women in the boardroom’ a couple of years ago, in the Q&A session, a black woman in the audience declared loftily that because she was both black and female, she was disadvantaged by a double-glazed glass ceiling. I laughed out loud, she glared at me, I carried on laughing. I may have theatrically wiped away a tear or two with a handkerchief. It’s a happy memory.
I was reminded of the incident by an article sent to me by Martin. The writer of the piece is Tim Capper, who must have been desperate for work to write a piece for Chef’s World about fewer than 1% of Michelin-starred chefs being women.
Extract #1, from a section, ‘Does the cooking world have a glass ceiling?’:

This extreme lack of top-rated female chefs might cause someone to believe there is more to this than meets the eye. After all, only one percent of Michelin starred chefs are female. Are women prevented from opening restaurants? [My emphasis]
Does Michelin practice a certain level of discrimination against women? Why are women not getting adequate respect in an industry where they could seemingly excel? [Possibly because they could seemingly excel, but manifestly don’t?]
A huge percentage of women in the world learn to cook, much higher than the percentage of men who learn this skill. Therefore, it is not for any lack of women performing this activity that they are not getting recognised. [Tim, you’re killing me…]

Bankster Crisis: Capo Bernanke's Bust Is Here

The [US world reserve] fed is trying to gain more control, they want to steer the free market until it is no longer a free market. They don't realize that their controls are much worse than just letting the free market work; that their controls don't really work. What you are seeing now is they are responding to emergencies that are happening one after another. Something is coming, these are warning signs.

The Future Belongs To Russia

"Putin's already accomplished in one day what America couldn't do in a year, taking out the ISIS command center, while America just blows up desert sand. Putin's strategy is clear, wipe out ISIS and secure a stable Damascus. He's only just begun. ...Putin is no lackey, he nails America to the wall! ...The future belongs to Russia and Jewmerica's dying empire has no clothes!" Said Brother Nathanael.

Time To End Bankster Monetary Central Planning

By Richard Ebeling: There is no way to describe current US Federal Reserve policy other than as monetary confusion and misdirection. In a nutshell, Janet Yellen and the other members of the Fed’s Board of Governors have no idea what to do. Do they raise certain interest rates over which they have some direct influence? Do they keep them at their current rock bottom levels, as they have for the last six years?
On the one hand, government measured unemployment levels have fallen from their high of over 10 percent at the depth of the recent recession to 5.1 percent in September 2015.
However, there is an alternative measure of unemployment also calculated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It includes not only those currently unemployed and looking for work during the previous four weeks, but also “discourage workers” who have stopped looking for jobs who would be interested in working if they found a suitable employment; and those who are part-time who would prefer to be employed full-time. If these two additional groups are included, the U.S. unemployment rate is 10 percent, double the headline “official” level of unemployment the administration touts as a “positive” sign of the economy’s recovery.

Did Feminists Really Win The Vote For Women?

By Herbert Purdy: Feminists today lay claim to the idea of the noble fight of women for the vote by the suffragettes in the early twentieth century, but this is a complete canard that has turned into a meme replicating itself in the general consciousness, and getting passed on in endless iterations until it becomes received wisdom.
It is not wisdom. 
The stark reality is that half the British men who went to the trenches in France in 1914 didn’t have a vote either. Yet they went to almost certain death or maiming of their young, strong bodies in their hundreds of thousands, to defend their country (and their women and children).
Indeed one of the most shameful things about the suffragettes is that they shamed thousands (possibly tens of thousands) of boys into volunteering by shamelessly and cynically pinning white feathers – a powerful signal of cowardice – on any young man who was not in uniform, whilst they themselves were able to indulge in the very freedom these young men were being sent to die for.
That’s a rare form of equality isn’t it?
It is also a rare form of chutzpah. Even at that time, women were not really disenfranchised. They had had the right to vote in local politics as much as most men, and they were able to take part in civic affairs too. They could even stand for local political office such as mayors. The suffragettes were not the heroines up at the cutting edge of social change as feminists would have us believe today. They were a group of middle-class activists, widely regarded at the time as trouble-makers.