13 Oct 2015

When It Comes To Domestic Violence, I’m A Hypocrite, Too

By : BraveTheWorld, Sh0eOnHead, and Julie Borowski have recently been exploring the men’s rights movement with a somewhat objective perspective, (certainly far more objective than most media pundits of any stripe, with some notable exceptions), and finding that men’s rights can deploy tactics that are similar to feminist tactics, to the discredit of the MHRM.
Is this true?
Dr. Randomercam, Men’s Rights Edmonton and Hannah Wallen all responded to the accusation that the MHRM and feminism have some uncomfortable things in common, and personally, I think they did a great job, but……
….if we are being honest with ourselves, there are certain ways that the MHRM and MRAs can resemble the most radical of man-hating feminists, and we need to address those issues, and in particular, the perception that the comparison is valid and legitimate. Both Hannah and Random drill down into the reality of what men’s rights and feminists fight for, and why they can’t be compared, but the fact of the matter is that they are being compared, especially by people whose instinct is to side with the humanist drive of the MHRM, but who know little, if any, of the evidence or the factual basis on which MRA claims are made.

“Make The Production, Sale And Use Of Cannabis Legal.” - 220,000 Britishers Signed The Petition - UK Parliament Debate

Begins about 15 minutes in... "They [UK govt.] won't face up to it, they're in denial. ...We've introduced the harshest punishments in all of Europe and cannabis use has increased exponentially. ...a system where we have the worst of all worlds now. It's barbaric to deny people their medicine of choice. ...Prohibition has been a disaster!"

Welcome To The Real Sexism Project

Real Sexism: Despite what you have been told, in the western world today almost all legal and lethal sexual discrimination is against men.
Men are 97% of combat fatalities.
Men pay 97% of Alimony
Men make 94% of work suicides.
Men make up 93% of work fatalities.
Men make up 81% of all war deaths.
Men lose custody in 84% of divorces.
80% of all suicides are men.
77% of homicide victims are men.
89% of men will be the victim of at least one violent crime.
Men are over twice as victimised by strangers as women.
Men are 165% more likely to be convicted than women.
Men get 63% longer sentences than women for the same crime.
Court bias against men is at least 6 times bigger than racial bias.
Males are discriminated against in school and University.
Boys face vastly more corporal punishment than girls.
60-80% of the homeless are men.
Women's Cancers receive 15 times more funding than men's
At least 10% of fathers are victims of paternity fraud.

Deletion Of Australian Pygmies From History An Example Of Zio Political Attack On Whites And On Science

David Duke, Commentary: In America any archeological, anthropological, or biological evidence indicating that anyone other than the Siberians that form the main ancestral stock of todays American Indian tribes might have settled in the New World during prehistoric times is repressed. The following article shows the extreme to which this Zio political correctness has suppressed science in Australia. Australian pygmies, whose villages were frequented by anthropologists during the mid-Twentieth Century, have been expunged from the historical record — simply because their existence is inconvenient to the narrative that only Europeans are conquerors and displacers.
The extinction of the Australian pygmies
KEITH WINDSCHUTTLE AND TIM GILLIN: From the 1940s until the 1960s, it was fairly widely known there were pygmies in Australia. They lived in North Queensland and had come in from the wild of the tropical rainforests to live on missions in the region.
From the 1940s until the 1960s, it was fairly widely known there were pygmies in Australia. They lived in North Queensland and had come in from the wild of the tropical rainforests to live on missions in the region. This was a fact recorded at the time not only in anthropological textbooks and articles but also in popular books about the Australian Aborigines. There was even an award-winning children’s book tracing their origins.

Lisa Longstaff Can’t Stop Lying About Rape

By : Two years ago, Alexander Economou was accused of rape by a woman with whom he’d had a consensual relationship. When he turned the tables on her and brought a private prosecution which was taken up by the CPS, she committed suicide. This was of course tragic, but Eleanor de Freitas was the mistress of her own misfortune. At the time it was claimed she was a vulnerable woman – a term that can mean almost anything; that she was mentally ill – mania is a state of mind, not an illness of mind…anything to excuse her behaviour which could have tainted the life of an innocent man.
After her death, Mr Economou expressed his sympathy for her family; again, this was a tragic and unnecessary death, but it was a death for which only one person should be held responsible.
Having spent an estimated £220,000 to clear his name, Mr Economou might rightly feel a little chagrined to learn that he is still being branded a rapist.

Israel Palestine Conflict Is Now A Religious War

By Gilad Atzmon: Two days ago I wrote that the Israeli Palestinian conflict has become a religious war and that our understanding of this battle must evolve to fit the new reality. My observation seemed reasonable to many. As soon as I published my paper, Press TV called and asked me to comment on the topic on air. Many Palestinians contacted me to thank me for saying what they also believed to be an accurate description of their situation on the ground.
 However, some of my friends and supporters, including a few Diaspora Palestinians, were genuinely offended and disturbed by my reading of the situation. Their argument was that the Palestinians’ claim to their land doesn’t require a religious authority to legitimize it. Another argument was that viewing the conflict as a religious battle is ‘not good for the solidarity movement.’
 Of course, I also believe that the Palestinians’ right to their land is ethically and universally grounded and doesn’t need any further justification, religious or secular. The transformation of the conflict into a religious war wasn’t caused by the Palestinians searching for an authority to approve their cause. While I do not much care about the ‘solidarity movement’ and its ‘interests,’ I do care deeply about the subject of Palestinian solidarity i.e., the Palestinians and their prospects for living on the land that belongs to them.

This Week In Feminist Stupid

Sargon of Akkad: It turns out that after cyberviolence, I enjoy cybersex. But then I got cyberpregnant and needed a cyberabortion. Luckily, Planned Cyberparenthood was there to help.

Marriage Is Like A Deck Of Cards

Milo Yiannopoulos Hates Defunct Feminism

Milo Yiannopoulos (conservative pundit, Breitbart journalist) discusses his controversial views on feminism and feminsts with Dave Rubin. This is part of an interview between Dave and Milo about politics, gamergate, feminism, gay culture and more.