15 Oct 2015

Leaks From A Drone Program Whistleblower - Highlights From The Intercept’s Blockbuster Investigation

By Michael Krieger: Besides sharing my own personal insight into the goings on in this crazy world we live in, the other primary purpose of writing is to highlight certain stories that readers may have missed or overlooked while dealing with all the ins and outs of everyday life.
In a perfect world, every American would read the eight articles that comprise the Intercept’s drone investigation published earlier today. Unfortunately, this is simply never going to happen. As such, I went ahead and read them, and what follows are some particularly juicy excerpts that will hopefully inspire readers to investigate further.
The reason I think these articles are so important, is not because they are based on intel leaked by an additional whistleblower (i.e., not Snowden), but because you can’t read the information without concluding quite simply that the U.S. empire is completely and totally out of control.

Obama Mocked By Entire World

Brother Nathanael. "Who could keep from laughing hearing Obama shriek about Russia invading Turkish air space while his hypocrisy is on parade. ...It already happened without consequence in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and almost Syria and that's why no nation trusts America anymore. ...Obama seems to think anti-Semitism is the problem 'the politics of us verses them' more like Jews verses us! Where else did Obama get his disastrous foreign policy, but from the Jews! Pax-Judaica. ...I can't think of a worse time in American history, can you? America needs to admit its failures and apologise to the world, but don't count on it, when Jews rule a country repentance is bad policy."

Matters Arising - MRA-UK

By Hoot of the Week comes from that ever reliable source, the National Union of Students, this time from the Manchester chapter. The University of Manchester Free Speech and Secular Society are hosting an event entitled, “From liberation to censorship: Does modern feminism have a problem with free speech?” Totally immune from any self-knowledge, the gender ideologues in control of MancUnion, the Students’ Union Executive Team, have banned two people from speaking at this event – on the grounds that they don’t like what they have to say. Of course, they don’t express it that way. No, no. It’s because it would be “potentially in breach of the safe space policy“. A safe space, of course, is a space which is reserved for strict political correctness – and all spaces must, I’m sure you will agree, be made safe. Unless you think it’s just a ploy? That one of the banned people is Julie Bindel makes it even more amusing. On the plus side, the debate is now made otiose: the question posed by its title having been answered in the most convincing fashion possible – by example.
Julie Bindel – banned for incorrect thoughts
Demonstration of the Week comes to us from the premiere of the film “Suffragette” in the West End. No, no, not those twits on the red carpet who were so lauded by the ever so PC actresses. No, I mean certain London Gentlemen who mounted a far more educational demonstration – do take a look. See here for more details of the true history of universal suffrage in the UK, in contrast to the entirely fictitious account believed by almost everyone (well, that’s what education’s for).

Why Child Protective Services Needs To Be Abolished!

"Every single one of those bastards has blood on their hands!" CPS Whistleblower, Carlos Morales, breaks down the truth about US Child Protective Services, [not dissimilar to their counterparts in the UK] why it needs to be abolished, and how we can move beyond government and into a freer society.

College Student Insists He Doesn't Need Consent Training - Next, He'll Reject How Not To Kill People Training

I don't know what a rapist "looks like," but I do know that George Lawlor, a politics and sociology student at Warwick University, is an affront to the sexual grievance industry and that he needs to be stopped by any means.
You see, George Lawlor has the audacity to insist he knows what "consent" means--the impudent young man probably took it upon himself to look it up in the dictionary (on whose authority, George?!) and discover that there's no secret meaning behind it, that consent really does mean consent. 
So now this presumptuous young man, this George Lawlor, is insisting he doesn't need invaluable consent training. 
This monster--there's no other word for this George Lawlor--is impeding the invaluable work of the rape cottage industry that is a hallmark of our institutions of higher learning.
Does this George Lawlor not know that consent training is a growth industry that is critical to our economic growth? How are useless people supposed to stay employed if people like George Lawlor won't allow them to do their useless things?!

Tommy Sotomayor Goes To Justice Or Else March & Gives This Honest Opinion Of The Event

"10/10/15 was a great thought. ...We made white neighbourhoods richer. ...If you're gonna have a march called 'justice or else, if you're going to draw this line in the sand, then you have to have something that you're gonna do if it gets crossed and that's the funny thing about black people, they drew this 'justice or else' line in the sand, but what is the or else?" MrMadness Sotomayor

How To Win The Gun Debate

Julie Borowski: Guns are a hot button US issue right now. Gun rights advocates have stats and facts on our side. Why then are some people just not getting it? How can we win this debate? I give my thoughts.

Global Sock Puppetry + Avatars Will Replace Humans

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss sock puppetry on a global scale as the intrepid voter is convinced unemployment is plunging (while employment participation also plunges) while being hard sold on the dream of the ‘ownership society’ as fewer and fewer of them actually own any assets, let alone a home.

Seeking Equality: Is Feminism A Help Or A Hindrance?

By   Feminism is the foremost movement in our society claiming to seek equality. We’ve heard actors1 and actresses2 come out as feminists; we’ve seen politicians wearing ‘this is what a feminist looks like’ t-shirts3; we’ve seen Emma Watson get up and speak at the UN about how feminism just seeks equality at the launch of #HeForShe4.
But for all its popularity, is feminism actually making us more equal? Do feminists really seek equality? Polls of the public show that nearly everybody favours equality of the sexes, but only a minority – less than a fifth – identify themselves as feminists5. So it seems there’s more to our perception of feminism than the mere definition would imply. Let’s take a look at some of the areas where feminism departs from its stated goal of seeking equality.
Consider violence. The issue of violence against women has been prominent in the media for years, with daily articles across the globe addressing the topic6. It can be broken down into many areas – domestic violence, sexual violence, street violence, FGM – and feminists claim primacy in the fight against all of them. But reducing violence against women specifically can only be part of a fight for equality if women are at particular risk of violence. Let’s break it down.
The term ‘domestic violence’ is often used to denote a subsection of violence against women, the definition of which is legally informed by the feminist-created Duluth model in most countries7. This model considers violence a consequence of patriarchy, directed always at women, by men. But this doesn’t hold up to the statistics.

Racist Jew Stabs A Jew Mistaking Him For An Arab

Ryan Dawson: The best part of thid is how the lunatic used the excuse of well I thought he was an Arab. It is unreal how he thinks it's OK to stab people. Its OK to randomly stab people as long as they are not Jewish people.