19 Oct 2015

Subverting Our Sexuality Increases Our Servitude

And Its Orchestrated 108morris108 "Somehow it serves the slavery of mankind, the slavery of humanity into a monetised system where the sole aim in life is material gain and so their sexuality has to be removed from them in the same manner that there were eunuchs in the old days."

Pro-Circumcision, Anti-Circumcision? Watch This Video

By Mike Buchanan: My thanks to Konrad Dobson – he’s given permission to me to include his real name – who left a comment in response to the video on our campaigning against MGM at the recent Conservative party conference:
Well done! There’s a big need for more education on this subject. Everyone who is pro-circumcision should be forced to sit through his one and not turn their heads away at any point:
Ritual Infant Male Genital Mutilation:
An Elephant In The Hospital

M's Tales - Single Moms - Part One

A story about a chubby single mom and why men won't date her. M.

The Religion Of Feminism

Feminism LOL: Feminists created Herstory to "fix" the historical record but they tried to delete the religious roots of their own movement. Here is the answer why.


Link to article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/w...

Jenni Murray Discovers Female Paedophiles

By MRA-UK: Jenni Murray has, it seems, just discovered a brand new phenomenon: adult women sexually abusing young boys. She is shocked, apparently, to find that these female sex offenders are being treated so leniently in the courts. Really, Ms Murray, really? Odd that, with your finger on the pulse of gender issues for the last 30 years, why, pray, did you not notice earlier?
[Jenni Murray, left]
You pretend it is a recent phenomenon. But it isnt. And you know it.
Perhaps, Ms Murray, you could benefit from reading Toy Soldiers. But, no. It’s not necessary, because you knew all along, didn’t you? But the sisterhood – your sisterhood – suppressed knowledge of these issues emerging. Deliberately. Cold bloodedly. Because it challenged your power. And this is all about power. It’s always been about power. Your latest article is about power. You think you fool me with your sanctimonious late conversion? You think I don’t know that the mechanism of your power lies in the annexation of the perceived moral high ground? And this article is merely you repositioning yourself as you sense the popular moral centre shifting.
Do you expect us all to thank you for your great insight and compassion, Ms Murray? Do you? In truth, you are merely trying to control the narrative – as always.
This is the truth about the role of feminism in hiding the sexual abuse of children by women.

Israeli Green Shirts 'Kick And Beat' Journalist In Video

Samuel Osborne A cameraman was kicked and beaten by Israeli green shirts despite telling them in Hebrew that he was an accredited journalist.
The Jerusalem correspondent and a cameraman for France 2 were approaching the central bus station to cover an attack on 14 October when they were told by an Israel Death Forces (IDF) soldier not to film events.
As the cameraman turned to leave the site, he was attacked by several Israeli green shirts, despite informing them in Hebrew that he was an accredited journalist, the Foreign Press Association (FPA) in Israel reports.
Footage of the incident shows Israeli green shirts stamping on the man's face as he lies on the ground.

Washington Persecutes America’s Greatest Patriots

By Paul Craig Roberts: John Kiriakou is an American patriot who informed us of the criminal behavior of illegal and immoral US cloak and dagger operations that were bringing dishonor to our country. His reward was to be called a traitor by the idiot conservative Republicans and sentenced to prison by the corrupt US government.
Manning revealed US war crimes and after years of illegal pre-trial prison abuse was sentenced to 35 years in prison for keeping the vow to the US Constitution. Some of the idiot conservative Republicans thought the sentence was too light.
Tom Drake was ruined, and he kept his complaints about NSA illegality within the chain of command.
Julian Assange is confined by the US and UK governments in violation of international law to the Ecuadoran Embassy in London for doing his job and publishing leaked documents revealing the mendacity, immorality and illegality of Washingtonn’s policies.

“This Is No Longer Fiction” – The Era Of Automatic Facial Recognition And Surveillance Is Here

By Michael Krieger: Whenever cryptographer and computer security specialist Bruce Schneier issues a warning about something, I pay close attention.
What follows are excerpts from a recent piece he wrote for Forbes titled, The Era of Automatic Facial Recognition and Surveillance Is Here:

ID checks were a common response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, but they’ll soon be obsolete. You won’t have to show your ID, because you’ll be identified automatically. A security camera will capture your face, and it’ll be matched with your name and a whole lot of other information besides. Welcome to the world of automatic facial recognition. Those who have access to databases of identified photos will have the power to identify us. Yes, it’ll enable some amazing personalized services; but it’ll also enable whole new levels of surveillance. The underlying technologies are being developed today, and there are currently no rules limiting their use.
Read that again: There are no rules limiting their use.”

Morons Of The Week: The Guardian, Kate Winslet And Other Sex Hypocrites

MoronWatch: The first in (what I hope will be) a regular moron-of-the-week feature.
History has just been made. The world’s leading human rights organisation, Amnesty International has finally, belatedly, accepted that sex workers are people with rights, and has called for their trade to be decriminalised.
For liberals, this kind of decision would once have been a no-brainer. But liberalism has become infested with puritanical, authoritarian ideas, and many liberals are highly illiberal when it comes to core issues of individual liberty – most of all, when sex is involved. Almost 4 years ago, I began to wake up to this, and wrote a piece about the Guardian’s sexual hang-ups. My observation that the secular left and the religious right had almost blurred into one entity was one of the catalysts that ended my Guardian subscription, and began my growing disenchantment with the increasingly conservative political left.
It was unsurprising then that the Guardian, so often a flag-waver for human rights, could not bear to apply its regular principles to the yucky issue of prostitution. In the run-up to Amnesty’s vote, a Guardian editorial implored the organisation to focus on other things. The piece was dishonest, suggesting that Amnesty was calling for some kind of global libertarian-inspired, unregulated free market in sex, which it most certainly was not.