20 Oct 2015

Jessica Valenti Is A Shitty Journalist Who Doesn’t Know How To Use Google

By Are feminist journalists in some kind of competition to display how shitty they are at finding basic information? After Jessica Valenti’s latest barftastic column at the Guardian, in which the simple act of a Google search would have shown her she’s dead wrong on some key facts, I’m beginning to think so. From the comically sourced UN report on cyber-violence to the UVA rape hoax, feminist journalists show us over and over again they can’t do basic, basic research, the kind of stuff most grade school kids can accomplish. Claim: there are no green apples
6 year old child: Googles “apples”, hits image tab, finds green apples
For fuck’s sake, Valenti! You don’t know how to use Google and are completely unfamiliar with what the word “images” means? Let’s take a look at what stupid and incompetent looks like, shall we? For science!

 Barbie has been an aerobics instructor, an astronaut, a rockstar and a doctor. Next up: feminist Barbie? Don’t hold your breath.

Women’s Equality Party - Policy Document Just Published Online - HEqual Comments

By Mike Buchanan: Our thanks to Jane for informing us the Women’s Equality party has just published its first policy document. We haven’t gone through it in detail, but a ‘speed read’ shows plenty of predictably absurd content e.g. on ‘equal pay’, p6:

Forty-five years after the Equal Pay Act, for every hour they work, women still earn just 81p of every pound earned by men. There are many ways of measuring the pay gap – pay for each hour worked, pay for each worker, total pay for all women, and for all men – but however you measure it, the story is the same: women earn less per hour, less per job and less overall.
In total, women earn just 52% of what men do every year because not only do they earn less, they are more likely to sacrifice the opportunity to earn a wage for the sake of their family.
The contribution of women to our economy and our society is undervalued, both in paid work and at home. The OECD has shown that if we unleashed the true potential of women the economy could grow by an extra 10% by 2030 – adding an extra £180 billion to growth. WE will ensure all women who want to work can do so and are paid fairly for it. WE will work to end the bias in pay for occupations perceived as ‘male’ or ‘female’ that means caring work is paid less than manual labour.

Oh, Do Grow Up, You Big Girl’s Blouse! Government’s Crackdown On Playground Name Calling Is A Regime Worthy Of Terrorist Israel Or The Old East German Stasi

By Richard Littlejohn: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. We had that rhyme drummed into us from an early age.

It was designed to teach generations of children to ignore name-calling in the playground.

Actually, it’s not strictly true. Verbal abuse can be hurtful. Learning to cope with it is part of growing up.

Kids have teased each other, often cruelly, since time immemorial. When I was a boy, I had friends who answered to Spot (acne), Lank (tallest in the class), Torch (red hair), Pig (flat nose, flared nostrils) and Mole (swot, bottle-top National Health specs).

Nicknames have always been common currency. But whenever teasing and taunting escalated into outright bullying, you could rely on parents or teachers to intervene and have a quiet word. Or, in the case of my old headmaster, a rather loud word.

Does Poverty Impact Intelligence? - Eric Turkheimer And Stefan Molyneux

Does economic status have an impact on Intelligence? [Yes!] Dr. Eric Turkheimer discusses his research on how "Socioeconomic Status Modifies Heritability of IQ in Young Children," nature versus nurture, the genetics of personality and what can be done so that children reach their full potential.

Solutions: Agorism

corbettreport: Many people have their own theory about the way the world should work, but few combine it with action. Today on The Corbett Report we explore the writings of Samuel Konkin, and how his central idea, agorism, combines the theory and practice of freedom through counter-economic action. Agora! Anarchy! Action!

Whatever Happened To Sex

By Paul Craig Roberts: Western civilization is in collapse. Every public and private institution in every western country, with the sole exception of Iceland, is corrupt. Government at every level is corrupt. The courts and judicial systems are corrupt. Justice is nonexistent. The financial systems are corrupt. The media is corrupt. The corrupt corporations continue to maximize their profits by destroying the environment and by replacing domestic workers with foreign ones. The income and wealth continues to gravitate to the One Percent.
Even sports, which once consisted of games played for fun, are corrupt. Participants in every competitive sport have to be drug tested, whether a skier, a bobsledder, a football, baseball, basketball, or hockey player, a boxer, a bicyclist, a distance runner, a sprinter, a high jumper, a pole vaulter, or whatever. Sports were corrupted by money. The rewards for success are so high that people sacrifice their personal integrity and cheat in order to obtain the money, just as government officials and regulators betray their constituencies in order to be rewarded by special interests who profit at the expense of society.
But not all corruption is financial or money-motivated. Spiritual corruption is even more dangerous as it erodes the character of people. Once people’s concerns do not go beyond themselves and their own feelings, a culture is dead. There has always been betrayal between husbands and wives, but not on the mass scale of today when vows play second fiddle to one’s personal desires.

Everyone Wrote Off The Syrian Army. Take Another Look Now

By Robert Fisk: While the world still rages on at Russia’s presumption in the Middle East – to intervene in Syria instead of letting the Americans decide which dictators should survive or die – we’ve all been forgetting the one institution in that Arab land which continues to function and protect the state which Moscow has decided to preserve: the Syrian army. While Russia has been propagandising its missiles, the Syrian military, undermanned and undergunned a few months ago, has suddenly moved on to the offensive. Earlier this year, we may remember, this same army was being written off, the Bashar al-Assad government said to be reaching its final days.
We employed our own army of clichés to make the case for regime change. The Syrian army was losing ground – at Jisr al-Shugour and at Palmyra – and so we predicted that the whole Assad state had reached a “tipping point”. 
Then along came Vladimir Putin with his air and missile fleets and suddenly the whole place is transformed. While we huffed and puffed that the Russians were bombing the “moderate” rebels – moderates who had earlier ceased to exist according to America’s top generals – we’ve been paying no attention to the military offensive which the Syrians themselves are now staging against the Nusra Front fighters around Aleppo and in the valley of the Orontes.

UK Mother: Circumcision [Ritual Genital Mutilation] Is Torture

Brother K: New York Methodist Hospital scheduled her son's circumcision, despite her orders. I spoke with Sarah Rouse Cooney in Times Square, New York City on Tuesday, September 22, 2015. She and her husband, William Cooney, an attorney, have been working to educate the diocese bishop in their area, that baby circumcision violates the Catechism of the Catholic Church.