23 Oct 2015

At Last, Rebellion Against Misandric Sexual-Consent Classes

It’s high time students refused to attend these patronising UK lectures.
By Lauren Southern: A new phenomenon has started on university campuses, one that should have emerged years ago. Men are publicly pushing back against demeaning contemporary labels. These labels paint men as intrinsically sexually driven beings who not only misunderstand consent, but actually disregard it. On 14 October, George Lawlor, a student at the University of Warwick, wrote a piece for the Warwick Tab about why he refused to attend ‘I *Heart* Consent’ training sessions – lessons that have been pushed on university campuses by the National Union of Students (NUS) in order to teach young men and women how to obtain consent before sex.
Yes, these workshops are as ridiculous as they sound.

Trump's Got Plans For America 'Jewish Plans!'

"The restrictions on third world immigration were removed by the open immigration law of 1965 pushed by the American Jewish committee, a deliberate attempt by Jewry to dilute Christianity in America. ...We need to fix our own country before we open that "big beautiful door". But the soundbites keep coming in, ...instead of Obama care, we'll get Trump care. ...Hate to burst everyone's bubble, but the Jews got their man in Donald Trump!" Brother Nathanael.

Dear Feminist Social Justice Warriors

Dont Listen to Stupid Thunderf00t! johntheother

Feminists Protest Against Equality - Again

By   Feminists in Florida have stopped throwing dictionaries around long enough to notice a nefarious bill in front of Florida’s Governor, Rick Scott, in which Senator Tom Lee has put forward the outrageous notion that women are capable adults, and that children are entitled to relationships with both parents following marital breakdown.
Here are some pertinent details of Bill SB 250: judges have to ‘make specific, written findings of fact regarding the relevant factors that justify an award of alimony’. In practical terms, this means that judges can’t award alimony punitively, or based on any statutory provisions, but instead have to make reference to the specific facts that justify why a man (or woman) must continue to support a person to whom they are no longer married.
Feminists claim that ‘[t]his bill, like its predecessors, will economically devastate women in traditional marriages who are divorced’, except that, oops, no it won’t. Those are precisely the women the bill protects. If you are a 65 year old woman in Florida who married straight out of high school and spent most of your adult life raising a family and caring for a home while your husband provided for you, you will be protected under SB 250, which is absolutely fair, IMO. The social contract was considerably different 40 years ago, and it’s very unfair to hold women who married without any market skills to modern standards.

Bullied To Death: Chris Mackney’s Kafka-Esque Divorce Chapter 5 Preview

By A parent has a fundamental right to make decisions concerning the upbringing, education, and care of the parent’s child.
Virginia statute on parental rights
The Restraining Order

The divorce officially started in May 2008; before that the jockeying began. Chris hired Sean Kelly as his divorce attorney while Dina hired Mark Carlin of Ain & Bank, considered one of the premiere divorce firms in the area.

Using the old adage “possession is nine tenth of the law” Dina pressured Chris into leaving their family home thereby possessing two key items: home and kids.

In April 2008, Carlin sent Chris a letter demanding child support, alimony, half his retirement, and that he leave the home. Here’s part of the letter.

Empire Of Debt

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the past which is the future for the empire of debt that is America where financial engineering is to its rule as road engineering was to the Roman one. As financial engineering fails, however, from QE to share buybacks, the imperial power erodes. In the second half, Max interviews Dmitry Orlov of ClubOrlov.blogspot.com about where he and Colonel Wilkerson agree about the signs of collapse of the silliest empire.

The Man-Shaming Project

Professor Fiamengo addresses the feminist obsession with shaming men, from manspreading to catcalling and insisting that all men are rapists. StudioBrule

Putin Just Warned Global War Is Increasingly More Likely: Here's Why

Vladimir Putin is basking in Russia’s triumphant return to the world stage
What began with a land grab in Crimea and escalated with support for the separatists at Donetsk, culminated in Moscow’s dramatic entry into Syria’s protracted civil war.
To be sure, the deplorable (not to mention comically absurd) strategy adopted by the US and its regional allies in Syria set Putin up for success. The situation was highly exploitable by anyone that’s strategically minded and thanks to the convoluted set of alliances Washington has built with groups that later turned out to be extremists, Moscow gets to achieve its regional ambitions while simultaneously fighting terrorism.

Netanyahu Blames Mufti Of Jerusalem, Not Hitler, For Final Solution. Is He Guilty Of “Holocaust Denial?”

Commentary by David Duke: In his effort to demonize the Palestinians, Israeli PM 'Baby Butcher of Gaza' Netanyahu has contended that it was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who suggested to Hitler to burn the Jews.” In his comments to the World Jewish Congress he said that,

“Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time, he wanted to expel the Jews,” Netanyahu said in the speech. “And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said, ‘If you expel them, they’ll all come here. “‘So what should I do with them?'” Netanyahu said Hitler asked the mufti, who responded: “Burn them.”
This of course contradicts the Jewish contention that Hitler and the Nazis planned the extermination of the Jews from the moment they took power. Does this make Netanyahu a Hitler apologist? Should he be prosecuted in Europe under Holocaust denial laws? 
This comes on the heels of a recent controversy over an American Jewish professor’s contention that the Poles killed more Jews than the Germans.

Karma: Laughing Witch's Attempt To Fire @thunderf00t Backfires Spectacularly

TL;DR - Laughing Witch writes thunderf00t's employer and local police in an attempt to get him arrested and/or fired and records a video of the process which includes her real name and email address, thus doxxing herself. This information is then used against her and her employer, and now she is freaking out. Maybe karma is real after all! Raging Golden Eagle

Feminism And The Politics Of Fear

By Researchers exploring whether or not fear based appeals influence people’s behavior found no clear consensus, and decided to conduct a meta-analysis on 50 years worth of research into the topic. They looked at ‘127 research articles representing 248 independent samples and over 27,000 individuals from experiments conducted between 1962 and 2014’, and discovered something very interesting indeed.
There are three conditions under which fear based appeals work:

  1. The appeal included a one-time behavioural change
  2. The target audience contained a large number of women
  3. The appeal describes how to avoid the threat
An example of this might be a public health campaign aimed at avoiding STDs. If the campaign describes a one-time change (get vaccinated), includes a huge number of women (the Gardasil anti-cancer vax comes to mind), and describes how to avoid the threat (don’t have sex with people whose sexual history you do not know), then the fear approach is likely to work.