25 Oct 2015

Why One Activist Thinks We Need A Men's Movement

Angelo Agathangelou: Having been a part of the MRM* for many years and more than that our efforts having had many accolades a decade ago as prize winning activism several years running and bearing in mind that last year the mature movement had its first international conference in Detroit, 
USA with international representatives, nearly half the speakers being women and academics, it is irritating to say the least that the lame-stream media, in this case CNN nails us to the wall with a very poor misrepresentation of the MRM vanguard. I simply had to point that fact out to them.

Letter to CNN: Regarding the article by Kevin Powell, Special to CNN 'Why One Activist Thinks We Need A Men's Movement' Are you all retarded at CNN or by design misrepresenting the actual men’s movement that held the first international conference last year in Detroit USA with members and academic speakers representing from around the world, India, the UK and further afield?

J4MB Publicly Challenges Sophie Walker, Leader, Women’s Equality Party + The Men’s Hall Of Shame

By Mike Buchanan: The BBC continues to give the Women’s Equality Party (WEP) plenty of uncritical coverage on its television and radio channels. If only there was a British political party campaigning for the human rights of men and boys, eh?
Today I’ve watched very little TV, but still caught Catherine Mayer, co-founder and now president of the party, on The Andrew Marr Show. Cynically – and true to form – the BBC contrived to make her one of two people reviewing today’s papers, not a part of the programme in which she’d be challenged, even though she used it as an opportunity to voice her feminist propaganda. We’ll post her 10-minute-long appearance on our YouTube channel in the next day or two.
This afternoon I caught a (female) presenter on BBC News 24 speaking to Sophie Walker, party leader, on the subject of the gender pay gap. Predictably, Walker’s assertions went completely unchallenged.
Last week the party launched its first policy document, a 36-page-long whine list. In a moment I’ll be emailing Sophie Walker my public challenge of her.
It’s been yet another weekend occupied with J4MB work. We really should take the occasional day off.

Radical Feminist Jenny Mcdermott Needs A Good Lawyer

I have a question for Jenny Mcdermott : Do you have a lawyer Jenny? If not, go get one, now. johntheother

Need For Men's Rights

By Amit Deshpande: This talk hopes to break the stereotypes attached with sexual abuse, domestic violence and other such issues in which women are automatically assumed to be victims and men the assaulter. This view exists not just in public opinion but also in the eyes of law for personal vengeance. The talk urges us to shift the discussion to a point from where it is possible to see both sides objectively. 
Ever thought about the discrimination that men face?
Ever wondered if patriarchy is oppressive to women as well as men?
He is the founder of Vaastav foundation, leads an organisation committed to preserving and protecting men’s rights.
He’s here to show you a side of the coin you never thought existed.

Horizon ~ Code Rouge Feat. Amel Mathlouthi

Perseus999: Hip Hop in solidarity with the struggle of Palestinian people against the ongoing Jewish Israeli crimes against humanity, dedicated to the memory of the 9 murdered by Israel victims of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla (31 May 2010) and the victims of the Jewish occupation. Song in French with English lyrics.
------ Lyrics ------
Walking is becoming difficult. Your legs won’t follow.
You see these frontiers, the horizon never ends.
Hypocrisy. They talk about human rights on a yacht under the midday sun.
Can the legal system be efficient, if killers are also lawyers and judges?
A continuous reprimand.
In the country you were born, living has become a terrorist act.

Presstitutes At Their Work

By Paul Craig Roberts: The Western media has only two tools. One is the outrageous lie. This overused tool no longer works, except on dumbshit Americans.
The pinpoint accuracy of the Russian cruise missiles and air attacks has the Pentagon shaking in its boots. But according to the Western presstitutes the Russian missiles fell out of the sky over Iran and never made it to their ISIS targets.
According to the presstitute reports, the Russia air attacks have only killed civilians and blew up a hospital.
The presstitutes fool only themselves and dumbshit Americans.
The other tool used by presstitutes is to discuss a problem with no reference to its causes. Yesterday I heard a long discussion on NPR, a corporate and Israeli owned propaganda organ, about the migrant problem in Europe. Yes, migrants, not refugees.
These migrants have appeared out of nowhere. They have decided to seek a better life in Europe, where capitalism, which provides jobs, freedom, democracy, and women’s rights guarantee a fulfilling life. Only the West provides a fulfilling life, because it doesn’t yet bomb itself.

Feminism: Mission Accomplished!

By : I’d kept hearing that there were things like women being paid 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, or how rape culture permeates our social consciousness, or how domestic violence against women was so common that we shouldn’t even consider looking out for children.
And then I read this post:
The word Flattering is the #1 enemy of feminism today.
Oh, such a relief. We’ve won! We’ve WON! Every injustice and problem in the world facing women today has been solved except for trivial crap like manspreading, microaggressions, and mere words like “bossy” and “flattering” to the point that “flattering”, of all things, is now the single greatest threat to women the world over!
Can you see the tears welling up in my eyes? Tears of joy? We’ve done it! We can literally disband feminism entirely at this point! We can finally go home. Or, well, I mean to the kitchen to eat ice cream instead of making sammiches, since we’re at home blogging about stuff anyway instead of working. You know what I mean.
Seriously though, it’s really uplifting to hear that the term “flattering” is the #1 enemy of feminism today. I didn’t want to believe it at first, so I did some digging around, and sure enough, the wage gap has been debunked hundreds of times, and even in the original study which was cited as the source of such, it said flat out that women’s choices were easily able to explain it away.

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