30 Oct 2015

The New Malthusian Trap

"A very important race that should be taking place and that is the race to secure the future of our species by getting off this planet, developing free unlimited energy for example or an artificial womb which ought to be in my opinion the goal of any thinking species such as the human ape. What we have instead is another race and that race has been taking place for millennia, that is the reproductive race, the race to eat fuck and reproduce, the race to satisfy the ever increasing hypergamy found in the human female. The new malthusian trap." CS MGTOW

Why Do People Hate #Feminism? #7 - Male Feminists

Male feminists exist on a spectrum that runs from well-meaning but misinformed to spineless, pathetic cuckold because feminism justifies total emasculation. Sargon of Akkad

UCL Is A Feminist Hothouse - Last Night It Finally Confronted The Facts

UCL’s spiritual founder, Jeremy Bentham, has been described as a pugnacious critic of established political doctrines. He created the concept of utilitarianism with its axiom: It is the greatest happiness of the greatest number of people that is the measure of right and wrong. Bentham’s axiom seems the perfect antidote to the ideology of political correctness which appears to measure right and wrong according to the greatest happiness of a small but vocal group  of career women. I believe we have Bentham’s blessings upon us. UCL is a great place for the Gender Equity Network to start.
Academia has been spewing feminist legitimacy for decades - giving the oxygen feminism needs to survive. We  have never been able to question feminist precepts  or explore feminism objectively and be able to go on getting funding for research.
Athena SWAN is the scheme which patrols gender  inequality in academia. Started only a few years ago, it seeks to ensure that funding to universities who are engaged in science-related research is dependent on evidence of active participation in equality schemes.  You could say that the feminist thumb screws are really on.

Supporters of Athena SWAN are interested in ensuring more women have top jobs in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM) and arts, humanities, social sciences, business and law (AHSSBL). Conspicuously, they are not trying to cajole women into less desirable jobs – such as refuse collection – mostly done by men.
They are only interested in one aspect of gender inequality in education – gender issues relating to staffing in higher education. This is also the only area in the whole of the education system where women appear to be the victims of inequality rather than men.  And even here, below the senior levels, there is no significant gender gap in terms of numbers of academic staff overall. It is only in some subjects, or at senior levels, that men dominate higher education staffing numbers. Even these differences appear to be a result of diminishing numbers of women employed at older ages - ‘the leaky pipeline’ - and in fact those who do reach seniority do so at the same age as men. This suggests that if you stick at the job your chances of making it to the top are equally fair.

Spare Us The PC Drive To Plaster Feeble Women’s Sport All Over TV

Catch him watching them? Very few of his questionable millions have gone their way. That’s the measure of its real market value - interest in it. Actions always speak louder than words.
If people dared be honest they’d admit that neither women’s football, nor cricket nor rugby, has any takers - apart from the lasses who tog up to play.  Without the bullying BBC and every other feminised outfit pushing it down our throats, no one would be talking about it.  But never fear, the feminist front of women’s sport more than makes up for its lack of fans.
I have had had it up to here – to drowning point - frankly. First, we had women’s cricket paraded before us on the sports spot on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme all summer long.  Even Sky Sports was at it, devoting precious sports minutes to inane coverage of a wimmin’s Ashes in Australia.  Who cared?  No one! I don’t know what the cricket-loving chaps thought but I was ready to scream.
It has certainly been enough to undermine the confidence of the men’s team. They don’t know who they are or how they should behave. No wonder they keep throwing wobblies or descend so easily into defeat. Soon they will be victims too.

Dirty Trick Or Refugees + Jim Crapper + Team USSA - WB7

The Empathy Gap

We have looked at numerous places where men and boys face hardship and discrimination but this short video starts to look at the source of these difficulties. We all have a built in gynocentric bias that most of us can't see but is within us impacting the way we treat men and boys. Check out this short video and see how much of this you might have. Share it with your friends and see how much they might have.

Iceland Jails More Banksters

"Causes of death have changes since 1969 and now suicide leads. ...The CIA sucks ass. ...Iceland jails 26 corrupt banksters for a combined 74 years for directly contributing to the collapse of the country's economy in 2008 with most of them being CEOs of large financial institutions rather than low level traders, not reported by western lame-stream media sources.

Rated Farce + The Sphinx Of The Period - WB7