3 Nov 2015

Police Drop Charges Against Racist Radical Feminist Student 'Diversity' Officer, 28, Who Tweeted #killallwhitemen

Vie J4MB: The feminist-led and feminist-riddled Crown Prosecution Service has (predictably) dropped charges against a truly odious, racist, sexist bigot. Would the CPS have pressed on with a case against a man who employed the hashtag #killallblackwomen or #killallblacks or #killallwomen? We can be very sure they would have.
  • Bahar Mustafa was due to appear at Bromley Magistrates' Court tomorrow 
  • 28-year-old was charged with sending an offensive message on Twitter
  • Critics found alleged tweet after she told white men not to attend a meeting
  • Crown Prosecution Service letter said there was not enough evidence 
By Lydia Willgress: A man hating radical feminist student diversity officer who was due to appear in court after allegedly tweeting #killallwhitemen has had the charges against her dropped.

UK Introduces Legislation Requiring Tech Companies to Spy on Their Users

By Michael Krieger: In the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelations detailing pervasive secretive and unconstitutional government spying, many tech companies have taken steps to secure users privacy via end-to-end encryption.
Of all the worlds leaders,” one person has stood out from the crowd by consistently advocating the most destructive, ignorant and authoritarian solutions. That man is feminist UK Prime Minister David Cameron.
All his insane ramblings have finally culminated in a piece of legislation currently being introduced, called the Investigatory Powers Bill, aka the “Snoopers Charter.” The Telegraph has done a great job highlighting some its more egregious aspects. Here are a few excerpts: 
Internet and social media companies will be banned from putting customer communications beyond their own reach under new laws to be unveiled on Wednesday. Companies such as Apple, Google and others will no longer be able to offer encryption so advanced that even they cannot decipher it when asked to, the Daily Telegraph can disclose.

The Truth About Sluts & Cheaters

Women are now just as likely to cheat on men and are MORE promiscuous in some cases. What has caused this rapid turnaround and how can we reverse it? Paul Joseph Watson

A Brief History On How The Federal Reserve Became The Undemocratic, Corrupt And Destructive Force It Is Today

By Michael Krieger: Perhaps the most famous, and prescient, financial cartoon in American history is the depiction of the Federal Reserve Bank as a giant octopus that would come to parasitically suck the life out of all U.S. institutions as well as free markets. The image is taken from Alfred Owen Crozier’s US Money Vs Corporation Currency, “Aldrich Plan,” Wall Street Confessions! Great Bank Combinepublished in 1912, just a year before the creation of the Federal Reserve. Here it is in all its glory:
Our ancestors were wiser and far more educated than modern Americans about the dangers posed by a centralized, monopolistic system charged with the creation and distribution of money, and our society and economy have paid a very heavy price for its ignorance.
Indeed, some of today’s Fed critics aren’t even aware that the U.S. Central Bank originally had far less power than it does today. As concerned as they were, its early critics could never have imagined how perverted its mandate would become in the subsequent 100 years. A mandate that has now made it the single most powerful and destructive force on planet earth.
Earlier today, I came across an excellent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal in which the author explains this transformation in just a few short paragraphs.

An Introduction To Sexual Market Value

"What is your whowho or your peepee going for today? It's very important to know as it drives the welfare state." Stefan Molyneux. An introduction to the variable which ultimately runs the world.

Vladimir Putin Speaks Honestly

By Paul Craig Roberts: Russia’s president is a refreshing contrast to the liars who inhabit Western governments and Western media. The agenda of the Russian government is peace and international cooperation under the rule of law. Washington’s agenda is hegemony.
President Putin endeavors to lead the world to peace, while the neoconservatives who control Washington’s foreign policy try to drive the world to war. Contrast the crazed statements that flow from Washington comparing President Putin to Hitler, suggesting his assassination, and calling for shooting down Russian military aircraft with President Putin’s appeal that Washington abandon its hegemonic agenda and submit to international law and international cooperation. As President Putin has emphasized, for Washington “international cooperation” means submission to Washington’s will.
President Putin repeatedly states that governments must govern in accord with the people and not function as a decree-issuing body in accord with interest groups disrespectful of the people. Throughout the West we see the increasingly unresponsive behavior of government.

The US And China: Putting The "Con" In "Conflict"

corbett: With reports emerging that China has signed on to Russia’s military coalition in Syria, at the same time that the Chinese are signing new cooperation agreements with the U.S., the question is once again being raised. What is the nature of China/U.S. rivalry? Today on the GRTV Feature Interview, Michel Chossudovsky talks about the forces in both countries that are manipulating this conflict and what it means for the prospects of future war.

How A Rural Community In Washington State Created Its Own Internet Service

By Michael Krieger: The following story exemplifies the human spirit at its best, and provides an example of the kinds of things communities can achieve when they bound together to overcome adversity. The sky really is the limit, and as Doe Bay Internet Users Association founder, Chris Sutton, defiantly proclaims:

I think relying on corporate America to come save us all is just not going to happen, but if we all get together and share our resources, communities can do this themselves and be more resilient.
Here are excerpts from the excellent ArsTechnica article, How a Group of Neighbors Created Their Own Internet Service:

When you live somewhere with slow and unreliable Internet access, it usually seems like there’s nothing to do but complain. And that’s exactly what residents of Orcas Island, one of the San Juan Islands in Washington state, were doing in late 2013. Faced with CenturyLink service that was slow and outage-prone, residents gathered at a community potluck and lamented their current connectivity.
“Everyone was asking, ‘what can we do?’” resident Chris Brems recalls. “Then [Chris] Sutton stands up and says, ‘Well, we can do it ourselves.’”

This Feminist Thinks Porn Causes Misogyny

"Porn, like a dildo is a tool to enhance the sexual experience." Says Ceara McCord. A straight up man-hating, sex-negative, misandric feminist gives her opinions about the "dangers" of pornography with absolutely NO evidence to back up her claims. Is anyone surprised?

UK Women’s Equality Party Policy Launch - A Response

By William Collins (AKA MRA-UK): On 20th October 2015, the new Women’s Equality Party (WEP) held a publicity event to launch their policy document. BBC Parliament carried the entire 23 minute speech by their party leader, Sophie Walker. WEP has enjoyed a very great deal of BBC attention since its inception, uniquely so for a new political party. Here I give my response to all the points raised by Ms Walker in the speech.
The whole speech was delivered with an air of unassailable rectitude. To some of us, such smug certainty contrasts hideously with our view of the world. There is a stark difference between the demands of the feminist front, as exemplified here by the WEP, and the concerns of the men’s rights movement (MRM). The feminists want power, whereas the MRM is exercised by issues of basic human rights and equality.
Ms Walker’s speech is useful in making it absolutely clear that the acquisition of power is the whole point of the WEP. The number one WEP objective is equal (50/50) representation in parliament. That is overtly about power. Their number two issue is equal pay, but, as Ms Walker states explicitly, that is because money is power. The only issue which may not seem to be about power, to the uninitiated, is violence against women. But actually it is, of course, for two reasons. Firstly because – as Ms Walker again makes clear explicitly – it’s a funding thing. And money is power in this context too, as anyone acquainted with Women’s Aid will recognise. Secondly, VAWG is about power because the victim narrative has always been feminism’s main weapon: it triggers the white knight response.