4 Nov 2015

Encourage Boys Into Cheerleading To ‘Challenge Gender Stereotypes’

By Mike Buchanan [J4MB]: A female Telegraph journalist reports on some insane witterings from a taxpayer-funded female academic who’d be unemployed if the world were a fairer place. I couldn’t get beyond the first two paragraphs, in the interests of maintaining what’s left of my mental composure:

Leah Green’s Feminist Propaganda Piece For The BBC

By Mike Buchanan: In the months before the general election, along with some supporters, I was filmed and interviewed on location – including outside the University of Nottingham – by a film crew for documentaries planned to be broadcast on BBC3 in the autumn.  The crew filmed the infamous heavily soiled cat litter incident.
I haven’t heard from the production company, or the BBC for that matter, since.
On 5 August I received an email from someone I hadn’t heard of previously, Leah Green, who has a Guardian email:

Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2015 11:49:44 +0100 - Subject: Men’s Rights in the UK - From: leah.green@theguardian.com - To: mike@j4mb.org.uk
Dear Mike, I am researching a story at the moment into the Men’s Rights movement in the UK. I am looking into a range of different kinds of groups, from the mythopoetic movement to things like your party. I know you were very active in the run up to the election, and I wondered if you still hold meetings? I would really like to go along to a Men’s Rights event or meeting some time next week – are you holding anything or can you point me in the direction of one? I am happy to travel anywhere in the UK

New Poll Shows 60% of Americans Know Hillary Clinton Is Untrustworthy And Dishonest

By Michael Krieger: The real interesting part of the latest Quinnipiac University National Poll, is not the fact that 60% of Americans think Hillary Clinton is dishonest, but that 40% of Americans don’t.
You’d truly have to be a certified zombie, or living your life entirely under a rock, to not recognize how completely shady and corrupt this woman is. Fear not, I’ll provide a plethora of links at the end of this post, but here’s a recent example that went completely under the radar.
In a desperate attempt to appear populist, Clinton tweeted the following last week:

She tweeted that, seemingly completely unconcerned that any of her lobotomized followers would ever connect the dots to this story, which I highlighted over the summer: How Progressive – Private Prison Company Lobbyists are Raising Funds for Hillary. Here’s an excerpt:


By PCR: Dimitrios Konstantakopoulos Provides The Most Accurate Description Of European Politicians
Today’s European politicians . . . aretest-tube politicians,’ who haven’t emerged from a process of significant political battles with worthy political oppnents, but have instead risen to power through the manipulations conjured by the strong players of the financial capital system, with the objective to control the political elite of the European continent. They are more employees than they are politicians. Moreover, their programme is not for public disclosure.  Should they discuss in public what they really want to achieve, or rather what the bankers who appointed them want to achieve, even the stones will cry out in Europe in protest against them!

Violent Market Surrogates

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss Violent Market Surrogates as the doors of misperception in a brave new world in which central bankers are fighting the wrong war. In the second half, Max interviews Brett Scott, author of The Heretic's Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money, about financial surveillance states and cashless societies.

Everything You Need To Know About "The Red Pill" Documentary Film

This is filmmaker Cassie Jaye's statement about her film "The Red Pill", its Kickstarter Campaign, and addressing the false allegations being spread by feminist blogger, David Futrelle.

Sex, Cake And Growing Up

By : Understanding sexual consent, according to UK police, is as simple as understanding you don’t invite people over to your house and force them to drink tea, even if they said they wanted tea, or had tea with you in the past. “It’s As Simple as Tea” is the latest salvo in the war to convince men they’re all rapists and without some cutesey-pie videos, will invariably continue to tackle and force visitors to slurp down Orange Pekoe whether they like it or not. Because everyone knows tea parties generally include full body tackles and pinning Pookie Bear to the couch while waterboarding him with Earl Grey.

Dogfights Next? US Sends F-15 Jets To "Counter" Russian Air Force Over Syria

Tyler Durden's picture When the Obama administration announced it would soon put 50 (er... 100 we guess, since soldiers generally have two feet) boots on the ground in Syria, the US media immediately asked the wrong set of questions
As we noted in “US Sends Troops To Syria: Here Are The Questions The Media Should Be Asking,” the Josh Earnest presser was nothing short of a joke, as the media peppered the Press Secretary with question after question about whether the President had gone back on his promise (made to the American people at least 16 times) to not put US ground troops into combat in Syria. 
Of course that completely misses the point. And here’s why: 

There have been boots on the ground in Syria and Iraq for years and indeed, the public seems to have forgotten that just five months ago, US commandos executed a raid in Syria that purportedly killed Islamic State’s “gas minister” (and yes, that’s just as absurd as it sounds).

The Punishment Society

By Paul Craig Roberts: Once upon a time, a dental or medical exam was an opportunity to read a book. No more. The TV blares. It was talking heads discussing whether a football player had been sufficiently punished. The offense was unclear. The question was whether the lashes were sufficient.
It brought to mind that punishment has become a primary feature of American, indeed Western, society. A baker in Colorado was punished because he would not bake a wedding cake for a homosexual marriage. A county or state clerk was punished because she would not issue a marriage license for a homosexual marriage. University professors are punished because they criticize Israel’s inhumane treatment of Palestinians. Whistleblowers are punished—despite their protection under federal law—for revealing crimes of the US government. And children are punished for being children.
But not by their parents. Police can slam children around and seriously injure them. But parents must not lay a hand on a child. If a child gets spanked, as everyone in my generation was, in comes the Child Protective Services Gestapo. The child is seized, put into “protective custody,” and the parents are arrested. The CPS Gestapo receives a federal bonus for every child that they seize, and they want the money.
About all parents can do today is to restrict TV or video game playing time. Even this is dicey, because the kids are taught at school to report abusive behavior of parents. For many kids being told what to do by parents is abusive behavior.
Kids have learned that they can pay back parents for disciplining them by reporting the parents to teachers or by themselves calling CPS. Kids who retaliate in this socially approved manner do not realize that they run a high risk of ruining the lives of their parents as well as their own by ending up in foster care where the risk of sexual abuse is present.

The Anti-Empire Report #140

By William Blum: Are you confused by the Middle East? Here are some things you should know. (But you’ll probably still be confused.)

  • The US, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and the Gulf monarchies have all in the recent past supported al Qaeda and/or the Islamic State (ISIS) with arms, money, and/or manpower.
  • The first example of this was in 1979 when the United States began covert operations in Afghanistan, six months before the Russians arrived, promoting Islamic fundamentalism across the southern tier of the Soviet Union against godless communism. All the al-Qaeda/Taliban shit then followed.
  • In addition to Afghanistan, the United States has provided support to Islamic militants in Bosnia, Kosovo, Libya, the Caucasus, and Syria.
  • The United States overthrew the secular governments of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya and is trying to do the same with Syria, thus giving great impetus to the rise of ISIS.