13 Nov 2015

London Calling! Sippy Cup Feminist Tears About To Flow….

By The 2nd International Conference on Men’s Issues is slated to take place in London this July 8th-10th, and guess who will be attending? It’s the man himself! The Queen of Hearts! The shitlord to end all shitlords!
Milo will be schooling conference attendees on how to defeat feminists in a debate, although simply standing there and letting them blather on until they collapse in tears and accuse you of threatening, abusing and harassing them is quite effective, on the whole.

Dead Industries, Zombie Banks & Broken Markets

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the memory of our living economy and consumers in the life of the dead banks, markets and economies. They look at the collapse of the Baltic Dry Index, the slow death of the markets as spoofing and HFT front-running fraud take over where real price discovery once lived and the booming stock prices of legal heroin dealers in America where a historical spike in overdose deaths is happening.

Arthur Topham Vs Theodore Nathan Kaufman

By Gilad Atzmon: Arthur Topham, the man behind Radical Press, was found guilty yesterday on one count of communicating statements that “wilfully promote hatred against an identifiable group.”
Some Canadians such as Harry Abrams, former B.C. representative for the League of Human Rights for B’nai Brith Canada, were thrilled. “Canada says that you should be able to walk in peace and not be fearful to be victimized, to be vilified, because of who you are or who you were born as,” Abrams told CBC News. But Topham, who has been married to a Jewish woman for over 37 years, doesn’t criticise or vilify Jews for who they are or the family into which they were born. He actually criticises some Jews, like Abrams, who subscribe to some particularly noxious tribally exclusive politics and ideology. Topham must have wrongly assumed that in a Western society, all forms of politics and ideologies, including Jewish ones, must be subject to criticism.
Topham’s case is full of surprises. Topham was found guilty on ‘count one’ but not guilty on ‘count two.’ But the two counts are pretty much identical in meaning, content and context. Both counts refer to “communication of statements, other than in private conversation, that wilfully promote hatred against an identifiable group, people of the Jewish religion or ethnic origin, contrary to Section 319(2) of the Criminal Code." The two counts differ only in the dates they cover.

Bad Future For Jerusalem

"Bibsy [the baby butcher of Gaza] came to DC this week and he's in our face again. A Jewish State is all that matters and Bibsy's BS keeps on coming. ...The occupied West Bank is now de facto part of Israel due to settler seizures of Palestinian properties, this is what Moshe Dayan called facts on the ground. There's nothing left for a Palestinian state, the Jews stole and keep on stealing the best of the land!" Brother Nathanael

Dead Minnow Hanging From The Stern Of A Dinghy

I think the puppets are a symptom of a severe seizure of meta. I need them to get through this. DoctorRandomercam

International Conference On Men’s Issues - London July 2016

By Mike Buchanan: These are exciting times for people concerned by the relentless attacks on the human rights of men and boys around the world.

Sacred Space Versus Scary Male Logic

We cannot understand feminism and social justice until we realize this is not a secular movement. Nope, it's new age mysticism, wrapped in non-mystical rhetoric. johntheother

Portuguese Revolution Falls Far Short

By Paul Craig Roberts: The austerity imposed on the Portuguese people by the One Percent has resulted in the election of a coalition government of socialists, communists, and a left bloc.”  In the 20th century, socialism and the fear of communism humanized Europe, but beginning with Margaret Thatcher the achievements of decades of social reforms have been rolled back throughout Europe as bought-and-paid for governments have given all preference to the One Percent. Public assets are being privatized, and social pensions and services are being reduced in order to make interest payments to private banks.
When the recent Portuguese vote gave a majority to the anti-austerity bloc, the right-wing Portuguese president, Anibal Cavaco Silva, a creature of Washington and the big banks, announced that the leftwing would not be permitted to form a government, just as the senior British general announced that a Labour Government formed by Jeremy Corbyn would not be permitted to form.  
True to her word, Anibal reappointed the austerity prime minister, Passos Coelho. However, the unity of the socialists with the communists and the left bloc swept Coelho from office and the president had to recognize a new government.  
The new government means that for the first in a long time there is a government in Portugual that possibly could represent the people rather than Washington and the One Percent.

Is The Troika About To Lose Control Of South-Western Europe?

By Don Quijones: Passos Coelho, who was until Tuesday Prime Minister of Portugal, knew “what to do.” After signing along the dotted line for a €78 billion bailout he embraced the Troika’s austerity agenda with abandon. Public spending was slashed, taxes were hiked, wages were cut, and a whole gamut of public assets and services were privatized.
As they say in Brussels these days, no pain, no gain. After four years of excruciating belt-tightening, Portugal was apparently back on the mend, despite its public debt almost doubling since 2008. Its economy had been through the grinder but it had come out the other end in much leaner shape. The public deficit had shrunk from 11% in 2011 to 3% today.
Unemployment had also fallen, and kept falling month after month, to the point where it was getting monotonous. Until two months ago, that is, when it shot back up over 14%. Then came the bomb shell: the country’s Ministry of Statistics announced in a rare moment of candor that unemployment, in an “extended sense,” was actually around 22%. As Deutsche Welle reports, the Portuguese government had been doctoring the figures to keep the European institutions (i.e. the Troika) happy: