15 Nov 2015

The Extraordinary Trial Of Arthur Topham: Part 2

By Eve Mykytyn: On November 12th the jury found Mr. Topham guilty of ‘inciting hate.’ This leads to a few questions.
[Read Part 1.] First, the jury found Mr. Topham guilty on Count 1 but not guilty on Count 2. Ordinarily, this is a result we are comfortable with since the state (the Crown) may have proved ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ that a defendant committed an assault but not have shown sufficient evidence of battery. Mr. Topham’s case is different. He was charged with two virtually identical counts, both relating to his website but covering different periods of time, that is, count 1 was for the period from April 28, 2011 to May 4, 2012, and count 2 was for January 29, 2013 to December 11, 2013.
If Mr. Topham intended to incite hate, would he really have changed his mind in the brief period between counts 1 and 2? We will never know what the jury relied upon; in yet another abrogation of free speech, the jury was threatened that if they spoke to anyone about their deliberations, they would be committing a criminal offense. How is the public supposed to understand the mysterious machinations of the term ‘hate’ without knowing what caused a jury to convict a fellow citizen of such a crime?


"Don't believe the TV."
IN MEMORY OF SANDRA BLAND AND ALL THE INNOCENT LIVES TAKEN. Origarmy 2015." Official video for Big Cakes - One Thing (Produced by GEO)

The Technocratic Agenda: Sustainable Development And Climate Eugenics

Patrick Wood of Technocracy.news discusses the upcoming COP21 Climate Conference in Paris and how it plays into the technocrats' plan to control the world's resources and implement genocidal eugenics-based austerity.

Rolf Harris V Women Sex Offenders

By William Collins aka MRA-UK: The reader may recall that I previously posted on the Rolf Harris case – a post which I quickly withdrew. The reason I took the post down was that I was challenged regarding my presentation of the evidence, specifically whether the account was balanced. On being challenged I realised that, since my knowledge of the court case relied entirely on newspaper reports, I could hardly claim that great reliability would be consistent with my general lack of esteem for journalism at the present time. Whilst newspaper reports will be accurate as regards purely factual issues, such as the charges faced and the outcome of the trial, the issue of balance is too nuanced a matter for confidence.
However, Harris’s guilt or innocence was never, in fact, the main point of my article. Its main purpose was to contrast the extreme difference between the treatment of Harris, if his guilt be assumed, and that of female sex offenders against children. Consequently I am re-posting the piece but with the deconstruction of the Harris trial evidence omitted. Here I just flat-footedly present the charges and outcome of the trial. Personally I am far from convinced that the case against Harris was proved beyond reasonable doubt, but I am not privy to what transpired in court and hence have decided to remain silent on the matter. Readers can find critiques of the evidence here and here and, in particular, here. I have taken the opportunity to greatly expand on the number of examples of female abusers discussed.

The False Flag Link: Passport "Found" Next To Suicide Bomber Was "Definitely A Forgery"

Tyler Durden's picture Yesterday, when we explained just how the tragic events in France over the past 48 hours unfolded precisely as we predicted they would two months ago (ironically, as per our post from September 11, 2015) we commented on the oddly fortuitous discovery of an intact Syrian passport found next to the body of one of the suicide bombers, a passport which Greece chimed in as belonging to a Syrian refugee who had entered the country at Leros on October 3, 2015 from where he subsequently travelled all the way to Paris.
Specifically, we said that "we admit to not being experts on the nuances, or even basics, of "suicide bombing for terrorists 101", but is bringing your own passport to an event that will be your last, really that crucial, especially when the passport is such a critical smoking gun?"
The following cartoon best captures the idiocy of anyone actually believing a suicide bomber would have brought their actual passport to what they knew would be their last act on earth.

A Message To Europe - Prepare For Nationalism

Although everyone watching has been convinced that Europe’s disastrous economy and related debt crisis would be the spark to unravel the European Union project, it appears history has its own plans.
While EU technocrats have demonstrated an uncanny ability to scheme, threaten, kick the can and lie their way around the debt crisis, the migrant crisis will prove to be a much graver threat to the project. Strikingly, all it took was a few weeks of unrelenting migrants crossing into EU borders to put an end what is essentially the only achievement of the European Union — the Schengen system of borderless travel.
Without that, what is the EU really? A collection of nation-states forced by bureaucrats to pretend they are part of an artificial fantasy superstate called Europe? An amalgamation of debt serfs and technocratic overlords? See what I’m getting at?
–  From the post: Does the Migrant Crisis Represent the End of the European Union?
By Michael Krieger: Before I get into the heart of this post, I want to make something perfectly clear. I am not cheering on any of what I see coming to the European continent. It will most likely be ugly, divisive, reactionary and potentially violent.

The Right Is Wrong About SJWs

"This feminist super-movement is a spiritualist movement. ..They [SJW and feminists] use rhetoric and language that is wrapped up in politics, human right law and legislation and psychology, all secular fields and that misleads us. ...but fundamentally they are believing in a mystical world view in which divine femininity or divine feminine nature is the evolution of the human spirit towards godhead or nirvana or enlightenment and that masculinity or masculine spirit is regressive, is all the bad elements of human nature, aggression and violence and subjugation of other people and that male sexuality is rapey, while female sexuality is wonderful and empowering and rainbows and unicorns." johntheother

The Matrix Extends Its Reach

NOTE: The remnant of the American left has again fallen in with the official terror story of the Paris attacks, because the official story serves the left-wing’s denunciatory needs. I see that the Russians as well are on board with the official story as it serves their posture that we must all unite against terrorism. Amazing. Washington can rely on the world’s total blindness.
By Paul Craig Roberts: Within one hour of the Paris attacks and without any evidence, the story was set in stone that the perpetrator was ISIL. This is the way propaganda works.
When the West does it, it always succeeds, because the world is accustomed to following the lead of the West. I was amazed to see, for example, Russian news services helping to spread the official story of the Paris attacks despite Russia herself having suffered so often from planted false stories.
Has the Russian media forgotten MH-17? The minute the story was reported that the Malaysian airliner was hit by a Russian missile over eastern Ukraine in the hands of separatists, the blame was ascribed to Russia. And that is where the blame remains despite the absence of evidence.
Has the Russian media also forgotten the “Russian invasion of Ukraine”? This preposterous story is accepted everywhere in the West as gospel.
Has the Russian media forgot about the book by the German newspaper editor who wrote that every European journalist of consequence was an asset of the CIA?

Institutionalised Misandry: Modern Socialism Loathes Men

Examples include George Galloway's dissembling over Julian Assange's sex assault charges, the mindless support of journalist Owen Jones et al over the economic basket-case that is Venezuela, and Jeremy Corbyn's press secretary's defence of Stalin justifying mass slaughter by highlighting the contemporaneous economic progress the USSR made from near-feudalism to developed industry in a generation, as if rising tractor production cancels out state murder.  If every country could 'cure' unemployment and Luddism using Stalinist methods, I am sure they could advance just as well.  The world, however, would not be a better place.
The argument that made me sit up and rub my eyes in disbelief this week was the bald statement by a new contributor to the New Statesman blog, 'The Staggers', Rebecca Winson, that the Government's proposed Trades Union Bill is 'sexist’.  Winson reasons this because, according to her, “TUC data reveals that almost three quarters of the union members affected by those most oppressive rules are women.”.

Israeli PM Faces Arrest In Spain Over 2010 Flotilla Murders

A judge in Spain has issued arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "the baby butcher of Gaza" Netanyahu and seven other former and current Israeli officials over a 2010 fatal raid by the Tel Aviv regime green shirt death squad on a Gaza-bound aid ship.
Press TV: According to reports by Spanish media, the group could be arrested if they set foot on Spanish soil, the Jerusalem Post reported on Saturday.
On May 31, 2010, Israeli commandos attacked the Turkish-flagged MV Mavi Marmara that was part of the Freedom Flotilla in the high seas in the Mediterranean Sea, killing nine Turkish citizens and injuring about 50 other people who were part of the team on the six-ship convoy. A 10th died after four years in a coma.
A UN panel that reviewed the case later denounced the Israeli attack on the vessel as excessive and unreasonable.”
Former Israeli foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, Minister of Military Affairs Moshe Ya'alon and Ehud Barak, the former minister of military affairs, former interior minister, Eli Yishai, and former minister of intelligence, Dan Meridor, are among those implicated in the case.