16 Nov 2015

Washington Refines Its False Flag Operations

By Paul Craig Roberts: Washington and its French vassal have refined how they conduct their false flag operations. With the Charlie Hebdo operation, they knew to immediately set the story in stone in order to avoid any questions from the print and TV media and in order to use the set story to take the place of an investigation.
The set story made it unnecessary to explain the mysterious “suicide” of one of the main police investigators while engaged in the investigation of the event. The set story also made it unnecessary to explain why it was necessary to kill rather than capture the alleged perpetrators, or to explain how the French authorities could be so wrong about the alleged get-away-driver but not about the two gunmen. There has been no explanation why the authorities believed there was a get-away-driver, and no such driver has been captured or killed. Indeed, there are many unanswered questions of no interest to any media except the alternative Internet media.
What the US and France learned from the Charlie Hebdo skepticism on the Internet is to keep the story flowing. Charlie Hebdo involved two scenes of violence, and the connection between the two acts of terrorism was vague. This time there were several scenes of violence, and they were better connected in the story.

Leading Jewish Witch Doctor Land Thief: Paris Attacks Are Payback For The Holocaust

Commentary By David Duke: This article from the Jerusalem Post should come as no surprise. The Holocaust justifies all, including the genocide of Europeans. To the Jewish supremacist mind, the Holocaust doesn’t just justify every Jewish atrocity since World War II, from the ethnic cleansing of Palestine to the displacement of white Christians in America and Europe, but is also justifies all Jewish atrocities BEFORE World War II. Hence, there can be no discussion of the Jewish crimes in the Ukrainian Holodomor or Bolshevik Revolution, to say nothing of the continuous financial exploitation of Europeans over the century.
Far-right settler rabbi:
Paris attacks are payback for the Holocaust
The quote from Dov Lior, the chief rabbi of the Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba, was first reported by the Walla! news agency.

Sweden’s Cool FM Cites Palestinian Despair In Discussing Cause Of Paris Attacks

Reported by Gilad Atzmon: Sweden’s foreign minister Margot Wallström said this week in a television interview that Friday’s terror attacks in Paris were rooted in the frustration of Muslims in the Middle East, including that of Palestinians.
The Swedish FM obviously expressed a thought many of us share.
“To counteract the radicalization we must go back to the situation such as the one in the Middle East of which not the least the Palestinians see that there is no future: we must either accept a desperate situation or resort to violence.” (https://www.facebook.com/tobiassjd/videos/10154524045168018/)
Swedish FM is almost correct. By now, the problem extends far beyond Palestine. We are dealing with a regional disaster that was imposed on us by a group of influential Ziocons and the Lobby.
Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson Emmanuel Nahshon told The Time Of Israel that Wallström’s comment “may lead to tragedy.” This is clearly an optimistic approach considering the fact that for the rest of humanity, the tragedy is here and for more than a while.

Meet The Men Giving Up On Women - MGTOW

They don’t want girlfriends, they don’t want children - they don’t even want to have sex. The MGTOW movement is a fast-growing online community of disillusioned males. But are they misogynists or misunderstood? ...Asks a lame-stream UK fish and chips wrapper [Jewish owned Sunday Times]. 
By Martin Daubney: David Sherratt, 18, is a chemistry student at Cardiff University. He has never had a girlfriend and isn’t planning on finding one. Not now. Not ever.
“Hook-up sex is too risky for words,” he says. Girls can wake up the next day and claim you raped them. I’m genuinely too scared to go near a woman — just in case. At university, I’m made to feel like a rapist all the time… I’ve never had a relationship and I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. It’s just too dangerous.”
Neither does he see the point of marriage, since half of them end in divorce. Marriage is like playing Russian roulette with three bullets in the cylinder" He says firmly. "I've never been interested in having kids since I learnt about the lack of father's rights. The whole system is stacked against men. Our generation has been screwed over..."

A New Low - Hillary Clinton Claims 9/11 Is The Reason She’s Owned By Wall Street

By Michael Krieger: That Hillary Clinton is owned by Wall Street is such an indisputable fact at this point, there’s no point in her even trying to squirm her way out of it. As such, it appears she took on a different tact at last night’s Democratic debate, straight out of the George W. Bush playbook. When asked about her Wall Street donors (her top career contributors are essentially all TBTF banks), she shamelessly replied:
CLINTON: So I represented New York, and I represented New York on 9/11 when we were attacked. Where were we attacked? We were attacked in downtown Manhattan where Wall Street is. I did spend a whole lot of time and effort helping them rebuild. That was good for New York. It was good for the economy, and it was a way to rebuke the terrorists who had attacked our country.
You could almost hear her political minions plotting earlier in the day…

So did you see those terror attacks in France?
Terrible, yes awful.
So how can we use this to our advantage?

The "Dr Evil" Of Feminism

Alice Schwarzer is demanding the right to approve every sentence in a book written by her ex-lover. I examine the many reasons why people don't like Alice and the reason "Tango mit Alice" should be published.

Paris Attack False Flag: Conspiracy Hoax Exposed

Compilation of clips and evidences put together that proves this was a staged false flag terror attack in Paris, France. Please Watch, Share: Original Tweet (two days before event) can be seen here: https://twitter.com/PZbooks/status/66...

Fox News anchor's daughter was there. How convenient! Fox News says she was at concert hall but the father later says she was at the Stade De France football game watching the friendly match between France and Germany. Daughter was at the football match or at the concert hall? Or both places at the sametime? Europeans ask yourself this! What American girls will go all the way to France to watch a FRIENDLY FOOTBALL MATCH?

With Open Gates: The Forced Collective Suicide Of European Nations Extended Cinematic

David Duke: This video is extremely powerful. There is enough video footage here from so many places and sources and featuring so many familiar national leaders making treasonous statements that, regardless of any bias a view may have, the horrific truth becomes undeniable.


France Pushed To Bring Russia To War

"There were police and security services drills in France on Friday the 13th and so suspicions are high. ...Thinking Russian people are concerned that NATO may get involved in Syria. Russia has been very successful, but now if NATO get;s involved there may be an accidental hit and an excuse for war. ...NATO is the armed wing of Zionism, ...they will do everything they can to destroy Syria." Morris and Russian Bear.