18 Nov 2015

Male University Of York Student Kills Himself On Day His University Ditches International Men’s Day

By Milo Yiannopoulos: Less than 24 hours after a male student at the University of York killed himself, York announced it would not be marking International Men’s Day after pressure from feminist campaigners, Breitbart has learned. International Men’s day seeks to raise awareness of men’s health issues and the male suicide epidemic.
A spokesman for the university declined to comment on the death pending an investigation but North Yorkshire Police told Breitbart: “Police were called by the ambulance service at about 2.30am on Monday 16 November to a report of a 21-year-old man with life-threatening injuries at an address in Lawrence Street, York. He was taken to York Hospital but has since sadly died.”
Breitbart was made aware of the death after an anonymous tip-off from another York student angry that the university appeared to be downplaying the seriousness of men’s mental health issues by announcing it would “not mark” International Men’s Day.
British Labour MP Jess Phillips was forced to issue a statement earlier this month insisting she did care about men’s health issues after laughing at the idea of International Men’s Day in Parliament. Phillips has since pledged to launch a campaign about skyrocketing male suicide rates.

Jewish Misandry V Avarice: The Diary Of Anne & Otto Frank!

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: For decades those who questioned the authenticity of Anne Frank’s diary have been castigated as vile holocaust deniers and anti-Semitic bigots. Jewish organisations have taken pains to defy any attempt to interfere with the Anne Frank legacy. Surprise, it is now the holders of the copyright to Anne Frank’s diary who insist that Anne wasn’t the only author of her own diary. Apparently, as some history revisionists, including Robert Faurisson, have been claiming for years; The Diary of Anne Frank was not what it claimed to be.
What caused the sudden change in attitude to Anne’s masterpiece?  Shekels. The Diary Of Anne Frank’s copyright is due to expire in Jan, 70 years after the author’s death in Bergen-Belsen. Adding Otto Frank as a co-author would allow the copyright royalties to continue until 2050 (Otto Frank died in 1980). We are dealing here with a substantial amount of mammon. After all, the diary is the best selling Jewish book, it is way more popular than the Talmud, the Torah or even Herzl’s The Jewish State .
This shameless shift in narrative provides another opportunity to delve into the elastic nature of Jewish history and its minimal regard for truth or authenticity. Once enough money is involved, we change the past to fit with our emerging narrative.

Male Feminist Tears Over #InternationalMensDay

By Male feminist Michael Kimmel has a Guardian column up today (correction: it’s from 2014) addressing International Men’s Day. Let’s take a look at what he has to say.
Today is International Men’s Day. Are you celebrating? And if so, how?
Well, what exactly are we celebrating? Is it “men”, just as they are? “Men” in opposition to women, who already have their International Women’s Day on 8 March? “Men” embracing new ways to be men?
Well, Mr. Kimmel, I can tell why you’re confused. IMD is not a day to celebrate anything. It’s a day to acknowledge that the patriarchy is a myth, male privilege is a story rich white women concocted to explain why they don’t take STEM and prefer to stay home with their children, and that men and boys can, do and are suffering. It’s a call for compassion. Odd that a male feminist would be lacking compassion for men and boys. Very strange indeed. Can’t figure out how that escaped you.
It’s hard to tell because the politics of International Men’s Day (IMD) are somewhat murkier than those of International Women’s Day. That day’s origins are decidedly political, linking women’s struggles with the labour movement and a larger socialist movement. Globally, it’s a day to celebrate women’s achievement and renew the struggle for equal rights around the world (except in the US where its political roots have been obscured and the day is barely noticed at all).

Are Two UK Women Killed Every Week By A Partner?

"In total there were 715 murdered in Britain in the year 2013/14, 500 of those were male 215 were female." 6oodfella. I'm tired of this '2 Women Killed Every Week' stat being thrown around while the rest of the story is ignored

The Beauty Of Men

By So many of the most touching, joy filled moments of my life have been experienced in my encounters with men.
My father , who was a passionate lover of literature, history, music and above all his children, was the first man to open my eyes to the beauty, terror and magic to be found in life. Dad would tell us stories in which we played the starring roles. You cannot imagine the thrill we experienced when we heard our names spoken as we bravely faced monsters or rescued our siblings from danger.
Dad hugged and kissed us with ferocious love. When he arrived home from work each night there was a stampede as five ecstatic children rushed to the front door to greet him. Again, Dad’s magic was in play as he greeted each one of us with our special nicknames and a tickle on the tummy or affectionate rub of the neck.
I still recall the rush of warmth which flowed through my body each and every time this ritual took place.
It was easy to love my dad. He made us feel special. Dad told us tales of terror and inspired my love of history with his endless passion for great men of the past. He made me think about the raw courage of great warriors or the inspired genius of Mozart and Beethoven.

It's Necessary To Know Who's Pulling The Strings In Paris + More Paris Puzzles

Putin demands a real investigation, but the Western establishment has already decided how to use the massacre
By David Norris: The attacks on Paris could lead to a massive military operation of NATO in Syria. Russia's president Putin has consequently asked the question as to who is pulling the strings. The question is related to the Russian military successes in Syria - and with the efforts of the US-Neocons and intelligence agencies to seize the opportunity to extend the war in Syria as quickly as possible.
Once again Russian's president, Vladimir Putin, has posed the right question: Who were pulling the strings in the Paris attacks? Putin, according to TASS, has given the French his full support in “solving the crime, as well as identifying both those who carried it out and those pulling the strings”.
What do we actually know?
Basically, we know very little. We should note: As unprepared for the attacks as the French security services were, they were quick with ready answers on the day. Said to be responsible were the terror-militia “Islamic State” (IS). President Hollande acknowledged this and declared war on IS. However, Charles Winter of the Quilliam Foundation, specialists on Syria and IS, points out that it cannot yet be shown whether the attacks were directly organised by IS or were “inspired” by the terrorists.

Jews Have Murdered Two Palestinians Every Day This Month

Palestinian medical authorities say two Palestinians have been murdered and 200 others injured on a daily basis since deadly skirmishes have broken out between Israeli green shirt death Squads and Palestinian protesters early last month.
Press TV: The Palestinian Health Ministry, in a statement released on Tuesday evening, said at least 89 Palestinians, including 67 men, 18 little children and 4 women, have lost their lives and more than 10,000 others sustained injuries in the occupied West Bank and blockaded Gaza Strip since the start of October, Arabic-language Palestine al-Yawm news agency reported.
The number of the Palestinians shot with live Israeli death squad fire in the West Bank stood at 1,010, while 950 were struck with rubber bullets.
In the Gaza Strip, a total of 440 people were shot with live rounds and another 115 with rubber-coated steel bullets.

University Of York, Celebrate International Men's Day! "We Are Not Man-Haters" Petitions Rare 'Good' Feminist

Angelo: Of course the e-petition by a rare dictionary definition feminist in support of men's day is proving more popular than our own attempt at the same, still we have to applaud Ruth for her support and sign her petition.

Earning By Mirage - "Banksters And Rentiers Eating Their Own Vomit"

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss a fictional novel called Stock Options Revisited, in which our economies have run dry and bankers and rentiers have sought to earn by mirage. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Satyajit Das, author of “Extreme Money.” In this segment, they discuss China - from lung-washing tourism to the Great Southern Province of China - aka Australia - where houses and holes make an economy.

Mark International Men's Day Annually At The University Of York - Join Us And Sign The Petition

By 5hadowfax: To the Registrar (Dr. David Duncan) and Dr. Adrian Lee of the Academic Support Office:
We the undersigned - members of the public - are deeply concerned by the University's recent decision to cancel the marking of International Men's Day (IMD), based solely on an "Open Letter" you received.
We were unaware that, as a University, your policies actively encourage students, staff, and alumni to, effectively, cast a vote deciding when to remove the protections described in your own equality and diversity initiatives.

Jewish Supremacist Student Group Eggs On Anti-White Protests At Amherst USA

Commentary by Dr. Patrick Slattery: Jewish supremacist hypocrisy raises its head at the elite liberal arts school Amherst College. The school is probably best known as the source of so many of the “best and brightest” of the Kennedy administration. The Jewish student association Hillel is joining the Black Lives Matter protests against the outrageous white supremacism at Amherst. 
They demand the disciplining and re-education of racist white students who claim that “all lives matter,” thus violently denying the established truth of Jewish superiority and white moral worthlessness.
All kidding aside, Amherst’s student body is 41% white American, although once you subtract the 13% Jewish student body (according to Hillel) that shows that the European American student body is only 28%. Still, this is higher than the 20% European American share that is common at many Ivy League Schools, showing that more work needs to be done at Amherst.
(By the way, at nearby Yale, where black students are protesting the outrage of being offended by Halloween costumes, the corrosponding demographic numbers are 41% white American and 27% Jewish.