20 Nov 2015

The Feminists Who Want To Silence Men

By Peter Lloyd: If there’s one person who epitomises the University of York’s notable alumni, it’s Harriet Harman.
The Labour MP studied politics there in the early 1970s before becoming a lawyer and, subsequently, a politician who — not long ago — believed that touring Britain in a pink van might dismantle the ‘patriarchy’ (otherwise known as civilisation, to you and I; something men created, but women have long enhanced, benefited from and now co-own).
Needless to say, she was wrong. On paper her approach may have had all the hallmarks of a PR success story, but in today’s climate it simply smacked of tired tactics. Still, by the University of York’s standards, it was probably A-grade stuff. After all, stale with esoteric feminist professors and their wacky take on reality, they too remain locked in Harman’s time-warped mindset.
Earlier this week, the college u-turned plans for a modest International Men’s Day (IMD) meeting — even though it coincided with a parliamentary discussion on the 19 November event.
The reason? Melodramatic ‘outrage’ from the sisterhood.
Yep, rent-a-gob gender warriors — who, I often find, are some of the most privileged people in the world — decided that men responsibly discussing their collective issues (suicide, schools failing boys, fathers’ rights, violent partners, MGM, the life expectancy gap, etc) without feminist supervision was too risky of inducing a riot — or, at the very least, a hashtag.

Most Damaging Spy In US History Is Freed And Israel’s Treachery Is Rewarded!

By David Duke: Jonathan Pollard, the man that prosecutors and Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger said was the most damaging spy in U.S. history,” will be released today after intense Jewish lobby pressure. The move is an apparent quid pro quo for the Iran nuclear deal, which, despite the protests of hardline war hawks like Netanyahu, was itself done for Israel.
Here is the quotes from a Los Angeles Times from November 20 ,2015.
Even though the focus has been on Pollard he was sent by Israel to spy on America and the greatest damage to America came from Israel’s giving the information to the Soviet Union which caused the wiping out of much of America’s Communist spy network and the murder of hundreds of American operatives.

Super UK MHRA Philip Davies MP Leads A Debate About Men's Issues On International Men's Day

Westminster Hall - Thursday 19 November 2015 - [Mike Gapes in the Chair] - Backbench Business - Male Suicide and International Men’s Day - 1.30 pm
Philip Davies (Shipley) (Con): I beg to move,
That this House has considered the matter of male suicide and International Men’s Day.
It is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship, Mr Gapes. I thank colleagues throughout the House for supporting the debate and the Backbench Business Committee for finding the time to hold it. I also thank the many people who have been in touch with me to tell their stories or put forward their organisations’ point of view. I am grateful to all of them for taking the time to do that.

David Starkey Is The Latest To Be Banned By Our Politically Correct Universities... Britain's Students: The New Fascists?

By Brendan O'neill: When you hear the word ‘university’, what image comes to mind? Dreaming spires? A sun- dappled quad? The brightest of Britain’s youth strolling about, minds wide open to new ideas, controversial theories, different ways of thinking?
Think again. Britain’s universities have changed. They’ve turned from citadels of intellectual inquiry into sprawling camps of conformism, where anyone who dissents from what is decreed to be the correct thought processes will be cast out into the academic darkness.
Our colleges are now stuffed not with bright-eyed students keen to discuss any ideas, however radical, but proselytising zealots who will hound off campus anyone that offends their politically correct sensibilities. They spend their time constantly on the lookout for thinkers or books or even pop songs that blaspheme against their right-on ideology.
They are what you might call the student Stasi, and I have discovered for myself what it is like to be on the receiving end of their self-righteous ire.

Shame On Drs And Rabbis For Mutilating Children

"Its time we talked about neonatal genital cutting. Genital mutilation euphemistically called circumcision in the case of males, I will assume you have hear many of the arguments against and supposedly for this practise, I also assume that there are a fair number of MHRAs who don't see this as a men's rights issue for religious or other reasons. Let me just state some of the basics and allow me to move forward with why we will be making this a dominant issue with our activism. I will also explain why we have already begun that activism in earnest. Lets begin with the pro-neonatal cutting argument that the procedure is a prophylactic measure to prevent the specific problems of urinary tract infections, HIV, human papillomavirus, known as HPV and penile cancer.

American Journalist Murdered By Western Ally For Exposing ISIS Ties

"The United States and its allies have been supporting the rise of not only Islamist extremists in Syria, but they have been directly funding, supporting and training them to get rid of Bashar al-Assad. Other journalists are reporting that anonymous is doing more to stop ISIS than Barack Obama himself." Luke Rudkowski brings up a very important underreported story of an American Journalist that was murdered for exposing the Turkish government assisting ISIS.

Mark Dankof Debates Devious Zionist Peter Sinnott - Who’s Financing ISIL?

Operations like the Daesh terrorist attacks in Paris take lots of planning: it also involves lots of money. We’ll breakdown the avenues that Daesh makes money, while taking a look at the fallouts from the attacks, and how this may change the game plan of some of the countries involved, especially the ones, like Israel, USA, Saudi Arabia and host of the G20 summit Turkey, who are supporting the terrorists.

Make Bombs & Fuck Shit Up - The FKN Newz

"Make bombs, fuck shit up, like your government does!"

THE LONE RANGER - William Banzai7

Radical Ideas To Fix Inequality (ft Varoufakis)

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert briefly discuss the former financial regulator, warning that we need radical ideas on fixing inequality by looking back on some old ideas about private banks creating too much credit. Max then heads to the South Bank in London near Waterloo to meet Yanis Varoufakis, the former Greek Finance Minister. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Varoufakis regarding the Greek financial crisis – and whether or not the bureaucrats of the Troika are incompetent or malicious with their failed programs.