25 Nov 2015

ISIS Releases "Greatest" Piece Of Hollywood Terrorist Video Propaganda In History, Tells US, Russia To "Bring It On"

Tyler Durden's picture By now, it’s probably safe to say that pretty much anyone who follows current events has seen at least one ISIS propaganda video. What began with clips of “Jihadi John” beheading Western journalists quickly escalated to footage of obscenely graphic executions.

Refusing To Talk About Violent Women Hurts Women More Than It Hurts Men

By : We’ve known for some time that women carry out domestic violence against their male partners at rates equivalent to, or even in excess of, the rates at which women are the victims. The fine female specimens at Jezebel, who openly and gleefully admit to beating male partners, are by no means exceptions. And of course, the most violent relationships of all are those between two women.
So why is it so hard to get politicians and the media to stand up and speak out against all domestic violence, and not just domestic violence aimed at women? The #WhiteRibbonDay hashtag on Twitter is filled with furious harpies, absolutely irate that women are capable of, and perpetuate, their fair share of domestic violence. If you add violence against children to the paradigm of domestic violence, women are by far the largest perpetrators of violence within the family. Given that domestic violence represents a public health crisis, and given the enormous amounts of time and money consumed by police, the courts and the counselling industry, it would seem rather pressing to come up with solutions that address all the domestic violence.

Turkey Is Lying + Turkey Has Destroyed Russia’s Hope Of Western Cooperation

By Paul Craig Roberts: Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge has posted the flight paths of the Russian aircraft according to Turkey and to Russia. 
We know that Turkey is lying for three reasons.
One reason is that NATO governments lie every time that they open their mouths.
A second reason is that Turkey’s claim that the SU-24 was in Turkey’s airspace for 17 seconds but only traveled 1.15 miles means that the SU-24 was flying at stall speed! The entire Western media was too incompetent to do the basic math!
A third reason is that, assuming Turkey’s claim of a 17 second airspace violation is true, 17 seconds is not long enough for a Turkish pilot to get clearance for such a serious and reckless act as shooting down a Russian military aircraft. If the SU-24 was flying at a normal speed rather than one that would be unable to keep the aircraft aloft, the alleged airspace vioation would not have been long enough to be noticed. A shootdown had to have been pre-arranged. The Turks, knowing that the Russians were foolishly trusting to the agreement that there be no air to air encounters, told pilots to look for an opportunity.

Lies, Damned Lies And Global Warming Statistics

Don't you hate when Fox News and the other MSM spin-meisters use simple tricks to skew and misrepresent data and statistics? How about when the World Meteorological Organization does it? Or NASA? Or the Journal of Climate? Or GISS? Join James for today's thought for the day as he shows you some of the grade school level parlour tricks the global warming alarmists use to misrepresent their data and bamboozle the public. corbett

Who Exactly Is Trying To Kill Off Cash?

Your ChildrenWill Not Know What Cash Is.”

By Don Quijones: In the Irish city of Cork, business leaders recently launched a three-month pilot project to encourage consumers to abandon the archaic use of cash by offering the chance to enter into a prize draw if they use electronic means of payment. It is a cheap, almost insulting inducement, but nonetheless probably an effective one. The ultimate aim of the scheme is to transform Cork into the first Irish city to go completely cashless.

The Race to Kill Off Cash

A few years ago such an aspiration — to do away with physical cash, a form of payment that has served mankind, for better or worse, richer or poorer, for millennia — might have seemed a little odd. Not anymore. Today cities all over the globe and even entire nations appear to be in a mad rush to kill off cash.
One obvious place that springs to mind is Scandinavia, where Denmark and Sweden are engaged in a neck and neck race to become Europe’s first cashless nation. But the trend extends far beyond Scandinavia. In London, where physical money has been practically abolished from the public transport system, the borough of Brent has proudly declared itself the first district council to go completely cashless — with a little bit of help from MasterCard.
In May this year the city of Bergamo launched an ambitious pilot scheme to become Italy’s first cashless city.

Who's Benefiting From Cameron’s Bombing Budget? + “Those Bombs On The 7th Of July 2005 Were Blair’s Bombs”

Afshin goes underground with one of NATO imperialism's greatest chroniclers, John Pilger. The award-winning journalist and filmmaker tells us how Washington, London and Paris gave birth to ISIS, and why he can’t imagine Labour Party changing.

Tyger Takes On... Mike Buchanan, Ray Barry, and Josh O'Brien

Yesterday evening BBC3 broadcast the latest episode in their anti-male series on gender-related matters. The presenter of 'Tyger Takes On... Am I Sexist?' was 19-year old Tyger Drew-Honey https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyger_D..., once an actor in the sitcom 'Outnumbered'. Tyger is famous in part for being the son of the legendary British actor and porn producer Ben Dover https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Dover and Linzi Drew https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linzi_Drew, a former Page 3 model and porn actress.

Why The US Jews Love Hillary

"Its a two party system with a Jewish script. ...Hillary says, 'USA will always be with you.' Through thick and thin, I mean through theft and mass murder. ...What if the Syrians don't want Assad to go? They voted for him in 2014 by a landslide. But if democracy doesn't fit the Jews agenda, regime change fits just fine, even if it means war with Russia. ...Elections 2016 are for Jews only!" Brother Nathanael

US Pilots Often High On Drugs; Refer To Children As “Fun Size Terrorists” - Drone Whistleblowers

The killings, part of the Obama administration’s targeted assassination program, are aiding terrorist recruitment and thus undermining the program’s goal of eliminating such fighters, the veterans added. Drone operators refer to children as “fun-size terrorists” and liken killing them to “cutting the grass before it grows too long,” said one of the operators, Michael Haas, a former senior airman in the Air Force. Haas also described widespread drug and alcohol abuse, further stating that some operators had flown missions while impaired.

Haas also described widespread alcohol and drug abuse among drone pilots. Drone operators, he said, would frequently get intoxicated using bath salts and synthetic marijuana to avoid possible drug testing and in an effort to “bend that reality and try to picture yourself not being there.” Haas said that he knew at least a half-dozen people in his unit who were using bath salts and that drug use had “impaired” them during missions.

Zio-Shill UK Announces 178 Billion Military Spending While Dragging Britain Into Bloody War ...To Help Islamists Recruit?

By Michaela Whitton (ANTIMEDIA): David Cameron has announced government plans to spend £178 billion on military equipment over the next decade to defeat the terrorist threat- while simultaneously attempting to get MPs to agree to a potentially disastrous bombing campaign in Syria. You couldn’t make this up.
After the new priorities for military spending were revealed, Britain’s largest defence companies leapt to the top of the FTSE 100 Index. Rolls-Royce and BAE Systems topped the blue-chip index as the plans to boost the Armed Forces were revealed in The Telegraph.
Cashing in on the recent outpourings of revulsion at the Paris attacks that brought self-appointed caliphate, Daesh (ISIS) to Europe’s doorstep—British politicians have been mercilessly banging the drums of war for intervention in Syria.
The previous call for U.K. military response in Syria, rejected in August 2013, was against President Bashar al-Assad’s government. Now the target is Daesh.
Same war, different excuse.
At least 250,000 people have been killed in the ongoing Syrian conflict. Over half of the country’s pre-war population are either internally displaced or have fled abroad. The U.S. has been bombing Syria for over a year.

World War 3? #Turkey Shoots down Russian Jet

SyrianGirlpartisan: WW3? Turkey Shoots down Russian Jet. Russia must retaliate. NATO probably won't back Turkey. Turkey and NATO are defending ISIS.