26 Nov 2015

Why Did Turkey Shoot Down A Russian Air Force Jet?

By George Abert [Formerly Of US Air Force Intelligence]: Turkey is so militarily inferior to Russia that it is unlikely Turkey would commit an act of war against Russia without encouragement from Washington. We might think that Turkey would feel shielded by NATO, but it is doubtful that many European members of NATO would risk nuclear annihiliation by going to war with Russia in order to save Turkey from the consequences of such a reckless and irresponsible act as shooting down a Russian military aircraft and lying about it.
Turkey has issued no apology and no believable explanation. Unless Erdogan has lost his mind, Washington is behind the shootdown, and the reason is Washington’s desperation to decode the new Russian technology that gives Russian forces total control over a battlefield, whether on land, sea, or air.
When the Russians deployed their forces to Syria they also deployed some new stealth technology. So far as I know they’ve only used this technology in Syria twice, once during their first sortie and one other time when some Israeli Air Force jets entered what they knew was Russian operational airspace.
As noted, the first use of this stealth technology was during the first Russian sortie.

HSBC To Start Blacking Out Names On CVs As Part Of Drive To Ensure Half Of Its Senior Jobs Are Given To Women

By Mike Buchanan: It’s difficult to know where to start with this story. For one thing, male unemployment is higher than female unemployment in the UK, and unemployment is a bigger suicide risk factor for men than women, so anything that’s designed to drive up female employement at the cost of male employment is bound to contribute to the already high male suicide rateincluding the government initiatives designed to drive women into traditionally male-dominated fields of work, such as engineering.
Anti-male bias in recruitment and promotion is endemic in the public sector, but we’re seeing more cases in the private sector, facilitated in both cases by female-dominated Human Remains departments. The means in the public sector is often the Equality Act 2010, which is gender-blind, but in practise it’s only ever used to preference women over men with respect to jobs in pleasant surroundings. I’ve never heard of a case of it being used to preference men over women, and of course women have a virtual monopoly of unchallenging administrative jobs in both sectors.

International Men's Day 2015 - Update And Thoughts

Thursday 19 November was International Men's Day. Update and my thoughts on the day. 5hadowfax

Free Yoga And Other University Campus Crimes

Professor Fiamengo from the University of Ottawa, Canada, discusses the absurd "holier than thou" crusade spreading across North American university campuses.

The Zionist Brain

By Gilad Atzmon: I just came across a funny sketch of The Zionist Brain. Those who follow my writing know very well that I don’t buy into the duplicitous dichotomy between the ‘Zionist’ and the so-called ‘Anti’ (AKK AZZ). The ‘Anti’ is set to control the opposition - to make sure that dissent to Israel leads nowhere and opposition to Jewish power is totally suppressed. Like the Zionist, the ‘Anti’  (JVP, IJAN etc) operates within a racially exclusive political cells and motivated solely by Jewish interests that are tribal to the core.  It is more than likely therefore, that The Zionist Brain sketch is also a pretty good description of ‘Anti’ psychology.

Dad, Have You Ever Loved Me?

With the proliferation of personal smart devices in today’s world, we become irrevocably immersed in our digital lives. The once-common family conversations and bonding we used to share with our loved ones, have inevitably been compromised and scarified in between. Dad, have you ever loved me? Why am I the only one who takes all the blame? Such a heart wrenching question would not have arisen if every member in the family devotes regular attention to their family members.
“Eternity love” The story of a deteriorating father-and-son relationship, which eventually led to a question that the father has never expected to hear… The love that the father had for his son was never made known or understood…

Who Is Protecting ISIS And Why?

Reports keep surfacing of Turkish involvement in the ISIS oil trade, and yesterday's Turkish shoot-down of a Russian fighter came just days after Russia bombed ISIS's oil infrastructure. Is there a connection? And why is NATO opposing Russian strikes against terror outposts in northwest Syria? Ron Paul.

Please Be Satire, Please Be Satire!

Oh god please let this be satire..... If it's not, feminists have reached a whole new level of fucking disgusting. Ceara McCord

Coddling U. [SJWs/Feminists] vs. Strengthening U. [MHRAs]

The Buckley Program at Yale: Jonathan Haidt on Coddling U. vs. Strengthening U.: Which is best for students in the era of diversity?

Niko Chats With CS MGTOW On The Upcoming Collapse

Comment by Turd Flinging Monkey: A few points here since I was mentioned a couple of times: There is NO scenario where there is no male disposability and gynocentrism because of the nature of sexual reproduction in humans. In a patriarchy (the post-collapse "jungle") women are protected, but treated like property by the alphas controlling society. Life isn't good for anyone, especially the men at the bottom. I favor a "soft patriarchy" or a patriarchal traditionalist society, at least until transhumanism makes reproduction unnecessary. However, I see no way to reform our current system to "turn back the clock" from Feminism to a "soft patriarchy". You can only move "clockwise" from Feminism to Patriarchy via a societal collapse, and EVENTUALLY develop back into a more balanced society.

Wife Of Bath, Criminal Justice

By : In the Wife of Bath’s Prologue within Geoffrey Chaucer’s fourteenth-century Canterbury Tales, Alisoun accused her husband Jankyn of murdering her. Actual murder victims never make such accusations. Alisoun concocted her accusation of murder to strike back at Jankyn and make him subordinate to her. In the subsequent Wife of Bath’s Tale, women court leaders suspended punishing a man for rape in order to promote men’s subordination to women. The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale present criminal justice as a pretext for promoting men’s subordination to women.
Alisoun initiated domestic violence against her husband Jankyn. Living within gynocentric society, Jankyn found a measure of humor and enjoyment in reading literature of men’s sexed protest, including the venerable classics Theophrastus’s Golden Book on Marriage and Valerius’s letter to his friend Rufinus. Alisoun responded violently to Jankyn’s peaceful reading:
And when I saw he would never cease
Reading on this cursed book all night,
All suddenly have I plucked three leaves
Out of his book, right as he read, and also
I with my fist so hit him on the cheek
That in our fire he fell down backwards.