29 Nov 2015

Re-Educating Physicians - Human Genital Anatomy

Human rights activist Robbie T, R.N. offers his observations about the ritual infant genital mutilation doctors and other medical professionals encountered at the Bloodstained protest of the American Academy of Pediatrics in Washington DC.

Resistance Is Sanity - Fight For What You Love

"Be the change, start in your personal life, take a stand, take care of yourself, fight for what makes you happy, fight for what you love and do it because it's the right thing to do, because that is sanity. Anything that goes against love is all fear based, it keeps us stuck it keeps us trapped and that is not a healthy way to be, that is not a sane way to be and right now the world is in fact insane!" DISL Automatic

Saudi Arabia And ISIS - A Side By Side Comparison

By Michael Krieger: Just yesterday, I published an article [below] highlighting the latest deranged idea floated by deranged Israel's best friends, Saudi Arabia’s monarchs to sue Twitter users comparing the barbaric kingdom to the terrorists ISIS that Israel supports.
Today, I present to you a power graphic courtesy of Middle East Eye, which demonstrates precisely why the Saudis are so sensitive about the topic. Namely, because the accusations are true.
From Middle East Eye:
The Islamic State (IS) and Saudi Arabia prescribe near-identical punishments for a host of crimes, according to documents circulated by the militant group.  
IS published a list of crimes and their punishments on 16 December 2014 to serve “as an explanation and as a warning” to those living in territory under their control in large parts of Iraq and Syria.
The document lists hadd crimes, which are considered to be “against the rights of God,” and includes fixed punishments for theft, adultery, slander and banditry.

Domestic violence reports rise in Suffolk with 2,000 involving male victims

EADT: Suffolk Constabulary recorded more than 9,000 incidents of domestic abuse between April 1, 2014, and March 31, 2015 - a year-on-year increase of 12.6%. Around 23% of victims were male. Males are less inclined to report abuse.
Despite thousands of incidents being recorded by police every year it is still thought domestic abuse is vastly under-reported as it is often hidden from everyone except the victim and perpetrator.
Officers acknowledge it takes courage for victims to come forward as it can mean a dramatic change and emotional, legal and practical complications.
In a bid to raise awareness of the issues, and the support, advice and help available, police and partner agencies will be carrying out a number of activities over the next few weeks.
In north Suffolk representatives from the Waveney Domestic Violence & Abuse Forum (WDVAF) will be holding events in Lowestoft, Bungay, Halesworth and Leiston.
There will be stands at the following locations between 10am and 3pm;
Thursday, November 26 - WDVAF AGM – Lowestoft Kirkley Centre
Monday, November 30 – Bungay Co-op
Tuesday, December 1 – Halesworth Co-op
Monday,December 7– Leiston Co-op
Wednesday, December 9 – Asda Lowestoft
There will also be an unstaffed stand at Lowestoft College on December 7, 8 and 9 to allow people to pick up leaflets, information and useful contacts.

Front Line View Athens Riot During The Greek General Strike

Perseus999: On 12 November 2015 riots broke out during the 24 Hour General Strike protest in Athens against new bankster austerity measures, voted by the left government of SYRIZA, in coalition with the far right party of ANEL. It is estimated that more than 25.000 people took part in the protest in Athens, while the State took part with 6.000 policemen against them. A new general strike has been called for 3 December 2015 against the discussion and vote in the greek parliament of even harsher economic measures and taxes incorporated in the 2016 budget.

Banksterism At Work

By Paul Craig Roberts: Zero Hedge reports a story from “Keep Talking Greece” that first appeared in The Times
According to the story, the plummeting living standards forced on the Greek people by German chancellor Merkel and the European banks have forced large numbers of young Greek women into prostitution. The large increase in the supply of women offering sexual services has dropped the price to 4 euros an hour. That’s $4.24, enough for a cheese pie or a sandwich, the value that bankster-imposed austerity has placed on an hour’s use of a woman’s body. The half hour price is $2.12. They don’t even get the minimum wage.
When one reads a story such as this, one hopes it is a parody or a caricature. Although the London Times has fallen a long way, it is not yet the kind of newspaper that can be purchased at grocery store checkout counters.
The story gains credence from the websites in the US on which female university students advertise their availability as mistresses to men who have the financial means to help them with their expenses. From various news reports, mistress seems to be a main occupation of female students at high-cost universities such as NYU.
The NYU girls have it far better than the Greek ones.

Fishermen? Could We Call Them Fishers, Asks Top Labour Radical Feminist

We have a very strong contender for the next Gormless Feminist of the Month award.
By Mike Buchanan:  Are all Labour MPs selected from all-women shortlists, gender-obsessed blithering idiots? We think inevitably of Jess Phillips, who sought to deny Philip Davies MP a debate on men’s issues in parliament, and now we turn to Kerry McCarthy, who was selected from an AWS, and elected by the vvoters in Bristol East in 2005… and 2010… and 2015!!!
Her ‘Early life’ section on Wikipedia, covering until the age of 40, when she was elected:
McCarthy was born in Luton, where she attended Denbigh High School, followed by Luton Sixth Form College. McCarthy studied at the University of Liverpool reading Russian Studies, before studying law at City of London Polytechnic. McCarthy began a doctorate on Labour links with the City of London at Goldsmith’s College, but did not complete it. She was a councillor in Luton and for a short period of time volunteered in the Legal Department of the Labour Party. She was also a member of Labour’s National Policy Forum.

Guilty Of RAPE Until Proven Innocent: Justice In The UK

Men accused of rape in the UK now have to prove their innocence... which basically is a reversal of every first world justice system. Thunderf00t

Marriage Is A Hostile Act + Multicultural Appropriation

And there's no excuse for it. "Today I'm going to talk about women who want to get married within the context of a romantic or social or sexual relationship and what that means for men. ...In simple terms marriage is a legal contract between typically a man and a women. ...It's a three person relationship and the third person is the government under which your marriage is constituted. ...We live in a society where it is an accepted legal reality that women are an oppressed class who must be provided for, protected, pampered and secured and men are an oppressor class!" johntheother