6 Dec 2015

UK Children Denied Visits To Fathers In Jail After Feminist Rule Changes - Charity

Barnardo’s says male prisoners are being denied visits from their children either as punishment or because they have notearned right
Thousands of children are being denied visiting rights to see their fathers in prison because of changes to the prison discipline system, according to a report.
The report, Locked Out, by the children’s charity Barnardo’s, says 17,000 children a month visit a parent in prison, and changes to the incentives and earned privileges (IEP) scheme mean that prison visits are being used as a way to enforce discipline.
The new regime has resulted in male prisoners being denied visits from their children, either as a punishment or because they have not “earned” the right. The report estimates that there are 200,000 children with a parent in jail.
The rules do not apply to women’s prisons, where official guidance explicitly states that children of prisoners should not be penalised in effect for their mother’s actions.

Winners Without Contest

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss an economy with winners but no contest and ‘saving capitalism’ as the recovery now lags that post Great Depression. In the second half, Max interviews Liam Halligan of BNE.eu about George Osborne’s autumn statement, wealth and income gaps and Adam Smith.

Pete Rock "As A Dad" - I Am HIP HOP Magazine

@PeteRock kickin' it with @Amy_True for @IamHipHopMag1 discussing Producers, Realness, Influence and Hip Hop. GlobalFaction

Radical Feminist BBC Libels Mike Buchanan As ‘Anti-Women’ And Supports Criminal Attacks By Campus Cry Bullies

BBC Three’s latest attempt at “discussing” gender issues took the form of a programme by Tyger Drew-Honey, titled “Am I sexist”, a clip from which you can watch below. The programme really is astonishingly biased, even by BBC standards with a total disregard for basic ethics throughout let alone the strict impartiality rules of the BBC Charter.

Moral Relativism

Gregory Becker: This is a response video.

Open Letter To The Southern Poverty Law Center - Antifeminism

Sadly, the Southern Poverty Law Center still has not added me to their list of hate groups and extremists. The Backlash!

The World’s Largest Muslim Group Has Been Opposing Radical Islam For 90 Years

By Carey Wedler (ANTIMEDIA): Though over one billion people in the world subscribe to the faith of Islam, every time a Muslim individual commits a violent and highly-publicized attack in the West, Americans demand unequivocal apologies and condemnations from all adherents to the religion. They cannot be bothered, of course, with the exact, same terroristic slaughter of non-whites in far-off lands.

Over and over, Islamic groups around the world condemn terrorist attacks and reiterate that violent radicals do not truly adhere to the religion. Even so, this never seems to be enough for the Fox News-inclined, who often falsely claim Muslims remain silent because they are uncivilized, violent savages. They insist ‘good’ Muslims must do more to combat extremism.
Such rhetoric, however, is increasingly, conspicuously false. One of the biggest blows to this mentality comes from Indonesia, where the largest independent Islamic organization in the world not only condemns acts of radical Islam, but has launched a massive, worldwide initiative to counter the ideology that breeds it.

False Flags & Hoaxes A Religion Of Fear And Greed

"We are told there has been a terrorist triple stabbing in a London and it's not on CCTV, or we're not being shown, in the place where there is more CCTV than anywhere else on earth! ...So we all have too live in a permanent state of frenzy and fear, that's the message that's being given to us." Morris.

Why Sargon Dropped The Ball

New Study Shows That Listening To Music Helps Reduce Pain

As Bob Marley said,One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
Derrick Broze (ANTIMEDIA): A recent analysis has found that surgery patients who listen to music may experience lower levels of pain, anxiety, blood pressure, and heart rate than people who do not listen to music.
The study, “Effects of Art on Surgical Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis,” was published in the Annals of Surgery scientific journal. Researchers with the University of Zurich in Switzerland analyzed data from 47 different studies over the last 15 years, including 26 that looked at the effect of music before surgery, 25 looking at music during surgery, and 25 looking at music during recovery.
The researchers found that 31 percent of people reported experiencing less pain while listening to music, 29 percent had lower odds of using pain killers, and 34 percent reported less anxiety. Listening to music was also tied to 40 percent lower blood pressure and 27 percent lower heart rate. These benefits for pain and anxiety greatly increased when patients were allowed to select their own playlists.