8 Dec 2015

Following Don Corleone

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss how it is that JP Morgan just happened to hire 222 friends and relatives of Chinese companies and politicians as the bank took these companies public in Hong Kong. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Liam Halligan of BNE.eu and the Telegraph about central bank policy, George Osborne’s long-term economic plans and Thomas Piketty’s so-called new book, Inequality.

Feminism Used As Back Door To Bomb Afghanistan! + Did The British Just Bomb The Syrian Army?

"Look at all the money dumped into Afghanistan under the rhetoric of supporting women's liberation, building schools and hospitals. In fact the United States recently bombed a hospital!" Ryan Dawson

Surviving Members Of Tupac’s Entourage Discuss His Political Battles + Show You The Way - DISL

By John Vibes (ANTIMEDIA): Last month, Anti-Media Radio hosted a groundbreaking interview with surviving members of Tupac Shakur’s entourage, who are now known as the 2ndgenerationoutlawz. The crew now reaches all over the country, with established artists in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and other major cities across the U.S. The family has been loose-knit and independent for many years, but now they are planning new tours and new projects to unify the 2ndgenerationoutlawz so they can carry on Tupac’s legacy of revolutionary hip hop music.
Pachi Rydah and Troublesome, two artists who spent many days both on tour and at personal gatherings with Tupac when he was alive, are organizing the movement and planning the re-emergence of the 2ndgenerationoutlawz.
In our interview, both Pachi Rydah and Troublesome spoke of the significance that activism has both in their music and their new plan for the crew. Future 2ndgenerationoutlawz’ tours will obviously be centered around their music, but they also plan to dig deeper with their audience by hosting educational and charity events along the way. This, they say, is to carry on the legacy of Tupac and to save hip hop from its current state of apathy and materialism.

A Message About Vaginacrats + "Damn The Torpedoes, More About MGTOW"

"There are two brands of politicians when it comes to gender issues knight and troubadours, ...They answer to the same master, they are simple stage props used interchangeably by the same production company, they are owned and operated by Gynocentrism Inc. Their marching orders are women first and most often women only!" Paul Elam.

Institutionalised Misandry In The UK: Coming Soon To A University Near You - Anti-Male Kangaroo Courts

Via J4MB:
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It’s very sad to see that radical feminists under the Obama administration have taken over the US Dept of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. It’s also very said that today’s American Men lack the courage to take action to fight this.
This unfairness with catastrophic consequences is being exported to the UK. An American Girl, Elizabeth Ramey, with the financial backing of the UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission (British taxpayer-funded), is suing Oxford to force them to set up similar kangaroo courts against men:
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Any idea what happened to this case in the High Court? The article was dated May 2015. In any case, Oxford University students need to fight this threat hard or be resigned to live under the rule of a kangaroo-court system that terrorises them with being reported by third-party feminists for having sex.

Trump Takes The Kosher Seal

"No goy gets called a mensch with hutzpah unless he's cosy with the Jews. ...He's been knee deep in Jews since childhood. ...You don't become a Manhattan real estate mogul unless you play ball with the Jews. ...Anti-Semitism is good, ...for the Jews to silence criticism of Israel's crimes!
...All roads to the Whitehouse lead through Tel Aviv
and I thought Trump want's to make America great. ...But
all we'll get is the criminal state of Israel." Brother Nathanael.

George Orwell, Edward Bernays & Perpetual War

Ferrari: Another horrific act of terror, another shrill chorus calls the faithful to war. It’s a recurring phenomenon in this early Twenty-first Century. The horrible news crashes from the heavens like a meteor, violently jolting us from the Saint Vitus Dance of our produce-consume existence. Our screens with all the answers flash between splattered blood on the pavement and the victims’ smiling faces as they were in life. From the Middle East we hear little and see less of the shattered lives on the receiving end of our vengeance. Like giving a fifth of bourbon to a drunk prostrate on the pavement, our leaders advocate more slaughter as the solution to the world’s problems. Mass civilian casualties is the global order of the day, the constant in our lives. 
Orwell’s essay on Perpetual War in “1984” is currently enjoying a revival in certain circles. Through the novel’s mysterious bogey man, Emmanuel Goldstein, Orwell avers that technological innovations have brought industry to such a level of efficiency that material abundance and leisure should be attainable to all. Widespread material comfort and spare time would allow the populace to develop intellectually and spiritually, and thus to achieve a kind of universal enlightenment. Orwell argues that with such leisure-based understanding, humanity would question the necessity for hierarchy and begin to threaten the arrangement that so benefits those at society’s pinnacle.

US False Flag Terror San Bernadino Shooting Story Shot Full Of Holes By Patsies’ Attorney

Ten questions THEY don't want you to ask
By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor: As CNN has reported, an attorney in the case has stated bluntly that the government’s account of what happened in San Bernadino does not add up.” One think we know for sure: The government is lying. So what really happened? Here are some obvious questions that the mainstream media is afraid to ask.

War Is On The Horizon: Is It Too Late To Stop It?

By Paul Craig Roberts: One lesson from military history is that once mobilization for war begins, it takes on a momentum of its own and is uncontrollable.
This might be what is occuring unrecognized before our eyes.
In his September 28 speech at the 70th Anniversity of the United Nations, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia can no longer tolerate the state of affairs in the world. Two days later at the invitation of the Syrian government Russia began war against ISIS.
Russia was quickly successful in destroying ISIS arms depots and helping the Syrian army to roll back ISIS gains. Russia also destroyed thousands of oil tankers, the contents of which were financing ISIS by transporting stolen Syrian oil to Turkey where it is sold to the family of the current gangster who rules Turkey.
Washington was caught off guard by Russia’s decisiveness. Fearful that the quick success of such decisive action by Russia would discourage Washington’s NATO vassals from continuing to support Washington’s war against Assad and Washington’s use of its puppet government in Kiev to pressure Russia, Washington arranged for Turkey to shoot down a Russian fighter-bomber despite the agreement between Russia and NATO that there would be no air-to-air encounters in Russia’s area of air operation in Syria.
Although denying all responsibility, Washington used Russia’s low key response to the attack, for which Turkey did not apologize, to reassure Europe that Russia is a paper tiger.

Women Are More Violent Than Men!

By : The New York Times is running an op-ed about violent women who embrace terrorism, and shining a light on how our sexist assumptions about women and violence often blind us to these Black Widows in our midst.

Women have long been involved in terror of all stripes, from female neo-Nazis in Europe to Chechen “black widow” suicide bombers.
Indeed, despite stereotypes about their domesticity and passivity — the idea that they must always be under men’s influence or tricked into joining — women are drawn to groups like the Islamic State by many of the same forces as men: adventure, inequality, alienation and the pull of the cause.

Despite the author’s willingness to acknowledge that women can be and are horrifically violent, often against other women, the issue is still framed in terms of ‘helping’ women, rather than stopping them.