11 Dec 2015

Today's Feminists Are So Out Of Touch With How Most Women Live, They Might As Well Be On Another Planet

I'm not saying there isn't further to go for women's equality, but a lot of the key feminist cause celebres are issues for everyone 
By : I had to break some terrible news to my young daughter this morning.
At the tender age of nine, I knew that what I was going to tell her would shake her world to the core and affect her life forever.
We live, I gently explained, in a patriarchal society that limits women's choices and that she will never be truly free to be all that she can be simply because she was born a girl.
My daughter shook her head in bemused disbelief and, with a disdainful roll of her eyes, went off to clean her teeth as she pondered whether to be a doctor, a stable girl or Prime Minister when she grows up.
I guess she must have missed the memo.

George Washington University Values Diversity… Unless You’re Palestinian

By Claire Bernish (ANTIMEDIA): Like many other students on campus at George Washington University, Ramie Abounaja wanted to display pride in his heritage by hanging a flag from his dorm window; but a visit from campus police demanding its removal made apparent Abounaja had discovered the single exception to the university’s self-congratulatory diversity policy: Palestinian pride. 
“Being a first generation American, I am grateful for everything America stands for and everything it has offered my family,” Abounaja penned in a letter to campus officials. “I have experienced my family’s hardship abroad only through their stories, known history, and the few pictures that remain. I am proud of my Palestinian heritage, as anyone would be, and as Americans, we are able to share our pride, to learn and to teach people about different cultures, especially in a university setting.
Three weeks after purchasing the Palestinian flag to display outside his window — which Abounaja decided to do after he’d “seen dozens of different banners and flags hung outside other residential campus living spaces” during his three years at GW — campus police told him the department had received “many complaints.” They said they would not leave his room until the flag was taken down.

Dave’s Legacy. The Ruination Of Motherhood

Much has been written about Cameron’s legacy in the last few days, marking his ten years as Leader of the Conservative Party.
This, the most destructive aspect, however, has been missed. Mr Cameron will go down in history as the PM who successfully completed that huge social engineering project started by Labour - that of detaching babies and infants from their mothers.
He will be revealed in the course of history as the Prime Minister who fundamentally changed the nature of society, who denied babies and infants the full maternal care they need; who ‘disrespected’ and then casually destroyed that most fundamental of social bonds – the mother-child bond.
Like the wicked witch in Hansel and Gretel, he has built a modern version of the Gingerbread House and lured inside parents, children and wider society with false promises of safety and treats
He has destroyed the children’s breadcrumb trail to the safety of home while enticing their already brainwashed mothers into the illusory wonderful world of work – all because he and George think this is the route to greater national productivity. Believe me, it ain’t.


By Mike Buchanan [J4MB]: For some obscure reason I get emails from the Oxford Union, a body which is fiercely proud of itself, yet won’t give a platform to anti-feminist speakers – in much the same way that Claire Fox’s Institute of Ideas won’t. Part of an email I’ve just received:

Being a part of the Oxford Union appointed committee can be a very rewarding experience, with great opportunities to organise some fantastic events. Opportunities are still available, in particular with the LGBTQIA+ Officer position, which will have responsibility for representing the needs of LGBTQIA+ members and the wider LGBTQIA+ community within the Society.
In order to apply, please send a written application of no more than 200 words which details the experience you have and what changes you would hope to make, to president@oxford-union.org.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Now I get that LGBT is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual. I believe Q is queer, and the distinction between Q and LG is surely of interest only to people obsessed with furthering themselves in the Oppression Olympics. But ‘IA+’? Irish, arthritic? This is starting to get a little silly…

Trump's Muslim Ban In Action

Donald Trump has called for a ban on all Muslim travel to the United States. How would this ban be enforced? I give some suggestions. Julie Borowski

Paris Attacks, COP21, Bitcoin Network & Alec Baldwin

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the situation in Paris where they find, 'Je suis en terrasse, mais je vote FN.' They cut to a special interview on the Champs des Elysees with Alec Baldwin in Paris for COP21. In the second half, Max interviews Chris Ellis of ProTip - Not Just Made In China, handmade Bitcoin Fullnodes to support the decentralization of the bitcoin network and the ProTip fundraiser at StartJOIN.com.

UK Army Having Trouble Recruiting Cannon Fodder

"The carbon trading omissions market is a scam top to bottom that only gives people like Al Gore their lakeside mansions, its just a total fraud based on total fraud science, unfortunately allot of people not only swallow it up, but ask for seconds. That's what Paris is ultimately about. There are hundreds of trillions of dollars on the line with this fraud and that's why people are so concerned about carbon dioxide."

Rape Is Bad

just my op-onion. Shoe0nHead