18 Dec 2015

The Wrong Sort Of Equality

By William Collins [aka mra-uk]: I responded to the EHRC by email because their tick-box menu of choices did not cut it for me. I prefer to start further back, with the EHRC report Is Britain Fairer (2015) itself.
What am I to say when the arbiters of fairness are themselves unfair? Is this an unfair assessment? Let’s see.
In Section 4.7 of the report (Access to Higher Education) we are told that,
In 2008, men were more likely to have a degree than women (22.3% of men compared with 20.5% of women). By 2013, women had overtaken men, with 27.7% of men holding a degree compared with 28.4% of women.
So, a gender gap in HE attainment in favour of females then, but of negligible magnitude and of only recent occurrence.
I presume this unexpected perspective must relate to degrees held by the whole population – including people whose degrees were awarded more than forty years ago and whose educational qualifications ceased to have any significance decades ago. Is this a fair reflection of the current relative status of the genders in HE attainment? The truth is that women have been awarded more degrees than men every year since 1993.

Feel the Bern? There's a Cure

Do you find yourself angry at rich people? Making justifications for socialism? Saying things that make economic professors cringe? You may be feeling the Bern. Now there's a cure! Julie Borowski

"Let Them Fly There Now": Putin Threatens To Shoot Down Turkish Jets In Syria, Calls Erdogan An Ass Kisser

Tyler Durden's picture It’s been nearly a month since Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24 in what not only represented the most serious escalation to date in Syria’s five year conflict but also marked the first time a NATO member has engaged a Russian or Soviet aircraft in at least six decades.
The “incident” - which came several weeks after Ankara downed what certainly appeared to be a Russian drone - infuriated The Kremlin, setting off a war of words that culminated in a lengthy presentation by the Russian MoD which purported to prove that illicit Islamic State oil flows through Turkey. Both Putin and a number of other Russian officials have implicated Erdogan and his family in the trafficking of illegal crude and there’s speculation that Ankara’s brazen move to fire on the Russian warplane stemmed from Erdogan’s desire to “punish” Russia for disrupting what Deputy Minister of Defence Anatoly Antonov sarcastically called “a brilliant family business.”
As for the Russian foreign ministry, Sergei Lavrov canceled a planned trip to Turkey and Maria Zakharova went so far as to reference Turkey’s infamous political blogger Fuat Avni (a pseudonym) on the way to suggesting that Ankara had been planning to shoot down a Russian fighter jet for at least a month.

Skeptics + Lies = Feminists

Felfop Returns: You guys want to cry about being 'misrepresented'? You claim you admit when you're wrong? Well, let's see about that...

Greece: Anarchist Greetings 2015 - Jingle Bells

We bid farewell to the year 2015 with flashbacks of collective resistance, imprinted in our memories and engraved in the story of this world, to be reminded of our past, so that we keep on fighting in the future, to turn our dreams of a self-organized society without rulers, from Utopia to Reality.
Wherever you may be
Rise Up and Fight Back

Reggie 'Mangina' Yates's Anti-Male Documentary On BBC3

This video was drawn from the latest episode in the BBC3 anti-male series on gender issues. Most of it consists of Yates engaging with men who are outside the mainstream men's human rights movement, so as to discredit the movement in general. It is, in short, yet another BBC feminist propaganda piece. We've assembled the 18 minutes of the programme which were not uninterrupted feminist propaganda, consisting of Reggie Yates engaging with Milo Yiannopoulos, Josh O'Brien, and Rod Lonsdale. Josh and Rod are filmed speaking at Hyde Park Corner, and we'd like to acknowledge Richard Ford's role in starting that initiative.

Puppets Of Patriarchy - Bane 666 Talks Back

"The evil MRA with the raging eyes!"