22 Dec 2015

#BoycottHolidaySpending! & Bring Honor Back To Jesus

We want to bring honor back to Jesus aka Dionysus aka Osiris, and take “Santa” and this commercial madness, and put it where it belongs: In the garbage pail of history. Louis Farrakhan

British Bullshit Collective Parts 1-3

Karen and Alison and maybe the good doctor for the conclusion of British Bullshit Collective. HoneyBadgerRadio

Why Not Basic Income?

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert begin a Winter Why Not series looking at radical ideas for extraordinary economic problems. First up, Max interviews Scott Santens about a universal basic income for all.

Brenda’s Guide To Christmas Day Fights

Following the revelation that the average UK family will have at least 5 fights on Christmas day – with the first one at an impressively precise 10.13am – we asked Harold’s relationship guru and all round sage advice giver, Brenda Ferguson, how to avoid stress this festive season.
“Most arguments follow a predictable pattern” said Brenda. “Having studied these closely over the last few minutes, I have been able to come up with a foolproof way to diffuse nasty situations and restore harmony.”
Row 1: The “not tonight darling” sex fight
The pressures of planning a perfect Christmas can cause sex to go to the bottom of your ‘to-do’ list. But saying “no” when your hubby wants some hot lovin’ can make him feel rejected. Avoid causing these negative feelings by simply giving it up whenever he wants, and not complaining about it.

Row 2: The “Why am I doing everything?” fight
Look, I get it, I really do. There’s shopping and cleaning and wrapping and card writing to be done, all on top of your usual workload. It’s a busy time of year. But don’t start keeping score and reeling off lists of all the things you’ve done – your hubby works hard to bring home the bacon, and this time of year is all about gratitude.

If you start feeling like you’re doing too much just step outside for a moment and remember that you owe it to your family to work yourself half to death each Christmas.

Dear Gentlemen, From Dre Morell

By : It’s nice getting back in touch with so many of my Facebook friends. I had reached the maximum of 5000 under my Janet Bloomfield page, and then Facebook banned me for using a pseudonym. I didn’t feel comfortable revealing my real identity, until feminists did their worst, and tried to have my husband fired, which didn’t work.
It still amuses me to no end that feminists got mad because my husband doesn’t police, monitor or control me sufficiently on the internet, and wanted to punish him for the crime of believing his wife to be an independent person with her own thoughts and opinions. How very feminist! But now that the letter writing campaign is over, and no harm was done, I’m perfectly happy to have my name and location out there. I will still call myself Janet Bloomfield, since that is the name I am most associated with on the internet, but it makes no difference to me if you want to call me Andrea.
You can find me on Facebook, and Twitter, under my real name.
As I’ve explained before, the German pronunciation of the female name Andrea is the same as the Italian and Greek pronunciation of the male name, Andrea; Ohn-DRAY-uh.
I mention it not because I’m a snowflake who insists that an introduction is an invitation to be lectured on Bavarian linguistic traditions, but because my nickname among friends is Dray, and one of the people I have been happy to reconnect with on Facebook is a Dre, too.

Claim Fake Victories: The Feminist Meltdown Of 2015

By : Now that we’ve survived the Fall Semester Campus Rape Hoax Season of ’15  with no major incidents, feminists are wrapping up their disappointing year with the usual mishmash of claimed triumphs, faked victories, and cultural appropriation of the advancements of others. Writing in the HuffPo, writer Alanna Vagianos, Women’s Editor, put her listicle 35 Inspiring Feminist Moments From 2015 on full walk-of-shame display. The only problem with her article is that it had almost no feminist content in it at all, and what it did have was hardly inspiring.
The content of Feminism, according to their ad nauseam dictionary recitation (repeated in Moments #8 and #30 of the Huffpo travesty), is usually stated as the promotion of gender equality for women as a class. So, let’s review the 35 “Inspiring Feminist Moments” to see if their character is more genuinely gender equality-based, or just feminist spam. I’ll be combining several of the moments to save space and because they fail the “feminist” and “inspiring” tests in similar ways. I’ll also be duplicating those that clearly hit multiple failures.
Group 1:  “Feminist” Moments that failed for the cultural appropriation of racial minority triumphs. There were a number of achievements by black women over white women in the last year, and good for them, but what is NOT so good is the attempt by feminists to claim these achievements as their own, somehow.

Arguing With Feminists

This is a 101 on thwarting just about any average or advanced feminist argument. The General.

US Congress Passes Fascist PATRIOT Act II In Secret

Ron Paul: Capitalizing on the terrorism hysteria, pumped up by politicians and the media, Congress secretly added a new PATRIOT Act to the "must-pass" Omnibus funding bill. No debate. Now it's law.

CISA Lives:The End Of Online Privacy + Sy Hersh: ISIS Funded by USA

Back in April of 2015, 55 Civil society organizations including civil society organizations, security experts and academics signed a letter opposing CISA. Then in October of 2015, the Senate passed the cybersecurity Information Sharing Act by a vote 74 to 21. That ACT quietly slipped its way into the Government funding omnibus Bill that was recently signed into law by President Obama. However, the CISA privacy provisions added to the ominibus stripped even more privacy protections than the October version.

Russia Will Not Defend Hezbollah In A War With Israel

"Israel sees Hezbollah and the Syrian government and Russia gaining the upper hand and dictating the pace of events, controlling the agenda and that doesn't suit Israel, so in the midst of it all it does a missile attack in the middle of Damascus and basically provokes Hezbollah and says what you gonna do about it and we're gonna keep doing it until you do something, in other words they're separating Russia from it all, distancing Russia from this alliance." Morris.