24 Dec 2015

How To Create Gender Propaganda Like Feminists Do 101

Couldn't get that #DearDaddy video out of my head, so I decided to make fun of it some more by creating my own version of it. See how easy it is to make propaganda? Just have some sad music playing in the background, say the word "Mommy" a lot, and make up a horribly sad story. Emotional manipulation, guilt-tripping, and fear-mongering. Easy peasy.

Why Not People’s Quantitative Easing?

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk to Professor Steve Keen about solutions to our unpayable debts, including: basic income, a People’s Quantitative Easing and a global debt jubilee. Professor Keen explains why a modern debt jubilee could please both debtors and creditors, savers and spenders.

Top Editor Quits US Journal Two Weeks After Jewish Zionist Propagandist Oligarch Sheldon Adelson Buys It

A newspaper is a device for making the ignorant more ignorant and the crazy crazier. H.L. Mencken
By Michael Krieger: The saga surrounding American oligarch Sheldon Adelson’s purchase of Las Vegas’ largest newspaper, The Review-Journal, is turning into a murder-mystery of sorts, with the primary victim being the truth.

There’s a lot to cover here, so let’s get to it. First a little background from last week’s post, Sheldon Adelson Revealed as Mystery Buyer of the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

For nearly a week, the media and political worlds have been wondering who paid $140 million to purchase Nevada’s largest daily newspaper, The Las Vegas Review-Journal. The primary buyer had taken great pains to remain anonymous, but Fortune has learned from multiple sources familiar with the situation that it is Sheldon Adelson, chairman and CEO of casino operator Las Vegas Sands Corp.
What remains unclear is why Adelson has refused to come forward.

More Than Half Of Workers Think Women’s Behaviour In The Office Is Dictated By Their Hormones, Survey Reveals

Via Francis J4MB: The piece (by a female reporter, predictably) is presented with four bullet points at the start:

Poll found 54 per cent thought women’s decisions controlled by hormones
2,000 questioned and just under half said sexes had different capabilities
More than two thirds said they ‘did not believe’ in a gender pay gap
Pollsters said the results were ‘worrying’ for women in the work place
There’s a sentence in the article you might expect to find in the Guardian, rather than the Daily Mail:

More than two thirds of workers also said they ‘did not believe’ in the gender pay gap – despite official statistics showing it stands at 9.4 per cent for full-time employees.

Naima Shereen Mirza, 21, Falsely Claimed She Had Been Raped So She Could Resit Her A-Levels, Jailed For Two Years

Via Francis J4MB: For once, with respect to women making false rape allegations, justice has been done. A clue for the police was that the man she named as her rapist was in prison at the time. The end of the article:

Sentencing Mirza, Sheriff Michael O’Grady QC told her: ‘In many years in these courts in one capacity or another, I have come across the whole range of hateful, hideous and downright bizarre things that people do to each other and the world at large.
But I doubt, however, in all that time that I have encountered a course of conduct so strange, so needless and so hard to fathom as yours.’
He added: ‘It is also a course of conduct that is selfish, devious and persistent to a truly remarkable degree’.
He said resources were diverted from ‘genuine crimes where genuine victims were anxiously and fearfully waiting for their assailants to be brought to book’, adding: ‘That is not only appalling, it is positively cruel.’

Surviving School With A Breaking Spirit

"Cry, lash out, learn nothing, take a pill, Cry, lash out, take a pill under supervision, hallucinate, ignore the voices and then go to sleep and do it all over again." Victor Zen.

The Big Short: "Every American [One In The World] Should See This Movie & Be Fucking Pissed Off"

“The truth is like poetry
and most people fucking hate poetry.”
The Big Short opens nationwide today. But it happened to have one showing last night at a theater near me. My youngest son and I hopped in the car and went to see it. I loved the book by Michael Lewis. The cast assembled for the movie was top notch, but having the director of Anchorman and Talledaga Nights handle a subject matter like high finance seemed odd.

Obsessive, Abusive Lesbian Rapists

"Hell hath no fury like a dyke scorned, the angry dyke. There's allot of abuse and rape in the homo community, especially in the lesbian community, what you've got is rampant lesbian rape." Russell Lindquist.

Little Drunkard Boy

Come and pour me some Bundaberg Rum
And a flagon of Kentucky Bourbon
And a gallon drum of Dom Perignon
Bring me my Black Russian and in a magnum
No, a double magnum. No, a Jeroboam.

Chug it down you, son. Om nom nom nom nom.
One by one

This Is Canada's Depression: Surging Crime, Soaring Suicides, Overwhelmed Food Banks "And The Worst Is Yet To Come"

Back in March, we brought you “Drugs, Prostitution, Violence Plague Oil Boom Towns Gone Bust,” in which we detailed the plight of towns like Sidney and Bainville, Montana, where the slump in oil revenue has made it all but impossible for local authorities to cope with surging crime rates that some attribute to the influx of oil workers the communities experienced in the good old days of high crude prices.
The problem, apparently, was that despite the dramatic slump in oil, companies hadn’t yet begun to cut jobs or slash capex and so, officials were left with less money to put towards policing their growing populations.
As dangerous as it may be for small towns to experience exponential growth in what The Washington Post described as “highly paid oil workers living in sprawling ‘man camps’ with limited spending opportunities,” what’s even more dangerous is the prospect that suddenly, the majority of those workers will be jobless. That is, if there’s anything that’s more conducive to raising the crime rate than legions of highly paid young men living in small towns with “limited spending opportunities,” it’s legions of formerly highly paid young men stuck in small towns with limited job opportunities.
With that in mind, America can look north to Calgary for a preview of what’s in store for America’s oil boom towns.
Although Alberta’s largest city bares little resemblance to Sidney and Bainville, the three do have one thing in common: oil. "Calgary boasted one of the lowest jobless rates in Canada as crude prices rose over $100 a barrel [but] it’s now reeling after a global glut pushed prices down by two-thirds,”