25 Dec 2015

End Payment For War

"What do I do?"

Third Wave Feminist Protests In Poland As Proposed Laws Curtail Women's Privileges

Religiously conservative Law & Justice party embarks on cool nuclear family agenda, described as ‘payback time for the church’ after years of feminist anti-male neo-liberalism
Tens of thousands joined mass demonstrations in the run-up to the law change, which would curtail the independence of the constitutional tribunal – the country’s highest legislative court. But to the dismay of women’s rights activists, no protests greeted the government’s first concrete policy move – to scrap subsidies for IVF in public hospitals.
Since the Law & Justice party gained an absolute majority in parliament in October, it has not fully declared that it will ban abortion but its MPs attempted the move under the previous coalition with the centrist Civic Platform party.
The avowed radical feminist politician Barbara Nowacka, leader of the United Left coalition, called for defenders of the constitution to embrace women’s extra privileges.

'Father' Christmas

Professor Fiamengo discusses Santa Clause as an archetypal father figure.