26 Dec 2015

Roger Tucker - Thinking The Unthinkable: A Lamentation For The Terrorist State Of Israel - Well, Not Exactly

Introduction by Gilad AtzmonThe following text was posted by Roger Tucker on the One Democratic State web page. I tend to agree with Roger that reconciliation and the 'One State' are not exactly viable options anymore. However, unlike Roger I do not think that Zionism is necessarily the problem. As far as I am concerned, Zionism and Israeli politics are symptoms of Jewish tribal ideology and not at all different from Jewish anti Zionism, which is also exclusive and racially oriented. At the end of the day, Israel is as Judeo-centric as its Jewish 'opponents' at JVP.  Both Israel and the anti Zionist Zionists (AZZ) insist to distinguish between the 'Jew' and the 'Goy'. I guess that by the time Jews 'get over' this corrosive tribal inclination towards political and cultural hegemony, they simply stop being Jews. 

Thinking the Unthinkable: A Lamentation for the State of Israel - Well, Not Exactly 

By Roger Tucker: The following essay was inspired by a recent article in the Jewish magazine ‘The Tablet’ entitled “Thinking the Unthinkable: A Lamentation for the State of Israel.” A good, well written example of what is fast becoming a genre bemoaning the rapidly disappearing notion held by liberal Zionist Jews that a Jewish State in Palestine could be 'both Jewish and Democratic.' Mr. Rosenbaum’s strained but passionate elegy to what was never more than a wish-fulfillment fantasy provides an opening for a more penetrating look at the prevailing debate between One State and Two States.


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Besting Milo’s Anti-Feminist Reboot Of “The Twelve Days Of Christmas”

By : What is the best gift you can give to a feminist? Give her the outrage she craves.
I love Milo Yiannopoulos. The iconoclastic “Big Milo,” a self-described and self-denigrating “terrible gay man” has become the bane of feminists and the darling of anti-PC forces on the electronic pages of Breitbart.com. The talented, cutting genius usually has the pen of a marksman and the tongue of a serpent when it comes to giving feminists the lashing they so richly deserve.
But it is with sadness that I note that his Christmas offering, a feminist parody reboot of the song The Twelve Days of Christmas, fell short of his usually lofty standards. Under Milo’s sharp exterior beats a sympathetic heart; the gentle sentiment of Christmas, coupled with a gay man’s natural reluctance to tackle the vagina headlong, undermined his usual delightful viciousness. First, he replaced the “partridge in a pear tree” with “a mocha and a handful of biscotti.” I’m sorry, Milo, but you can do better. Then, “two turtle doves” became “two twitter bans.” Again, not bad, but, too tame for Milo’s usual standards. Hell, “two titty bans” has more bite to it.
Don’t get me wrong – his original idea was inspired, and his effort was good, but I’m willing to take the chance to try to go even darker down this coal mine. Wish me luck, and doffed fedoras to Milo for going there first. For once, I prefer something more penetrating that one can sing with an open throat.

Roger Scruton Explains The Current State Of Academia

"We are now going through a time when truth itself seems to be increasingly marginalized from academic scholarship." An excerpt from Roger Scruton's presentation "Liberty & Democracy in Western Civilization" given at the Institute of Public Affairs