29 Dec 2015

Psychology Of A Fighter

"There is no other sport that equips a man better to cope with life than boxing it's a complete mental, physical and spiritual immersion that equips a man with a sense of purpose an identity. In every fight a man engages in inside or outside the ring takes place in the mind, that's where battles are won, or in the immortal words of Rocky Balboa. "That's how winning is done." Spetsnaz.

Hitler Wore Pants

A respose to Justin Dennis - how to date a feminist : or How I learned to hate myself and live a life of imposed misery. johntheother.

Dear Dad, From A Boy (#Deardaddy Response)

Redubbing of the misandrist feminist garbage that links jokes to rape and violence. Stop jokes to stop rape, social justice warriors really are idiots. #DearDaddy is another in a long line of feminist propaganda that demonises boys.

Please share, retweet sing from the highest mountain if you agree. Beat the SJW narrative. Men and boys are good.

Warm Welcome To Jasmin Newman, Australian Honey Badger

By Mike Buchanan: I was recently alerted to the existence of Jasmin Newman, an Australian Honey Badger, by a supporter who paid her pre-registration fee for ICMI16. She runs the website Relating to Men. Her interesting pieces there include a recent post, The feminist elephant in the room.
From her home page:

We all have men we care about. Fathers, sons, brothers, uncles ~ no man alive today is immune from finding themselves feeling unheard and unseen in a world where everything is viewed through the feminine prism.

Sarah Colborne - A Solidarity Campaigner Or A Traitor

By Gilad Atzmon: PSC Director Sarah Colborne went out of her way to kosherize the UK PSC (Palestinian Solidarity Campaign) but now no longer holds her position in what is left of the diluted solidarity institution. The rumour is that Colborne had to go because evidence of her collaboration with the police against leading Palestinian activists was too embarrassing.
Back on 17 October two men were arrested at a pro-Palestinian demonstration in front of the Israeli embassy in London after they refused to take down a Hezbollah flag they had hoisted on a pole.
Abbas Ali and Antonio Maniscalco, both prominent pro-Palestinian activists had been warned by the PSC that only Palestinian national flags would be welcome at the protest. Shortly after, Ali and Maniscalco were arrested by the police, their homes were raided, their PCs, laptops and memory cards were confiscated. They were questioned by counter-terrorism officers for 15 hours before being released with no charges.
Once free, Abbas Ali told 5Pillars “we were initially told to take down the flag by people on the podium and by someone at the demonstration (so) we moved across the road. We also told the police that we were in a public place so we saw no reason to take down the flag – we had as much right to protest as anyone else but the police kept hounding us.”

Images Posted On Milo’s Facebook Page. Enjoy.

By Mike Buchanan: We’re looking forward to Milo Yiannopoulos speaking on the topic of ‘How to defeat feminists in debates’ at the second International Conference on Men’s Issues, to be held in London next summer. We’re planning to reveal the venue and dates in January, but other information about the conference – including the speakers – is here.
Our thanks to David for pointing us to Milo’s Facebook page, where Milo posted the first of the following images six hours ago. We believe it was created by Rob Cline. Others have since posted other images, and I’ve taken a random selection. Enjoy.

The Plutocrats Are Winning

By Michael Krieger: The following is an impassioned and powerful article written by Bill Moyers last week titled, The Plutocrats Are Winning. Don’t Let Them!

Dear Readers:
In the fall of 2001, in the aftermath of 9/11, as families grieved and the nation mourned, Washington swarmed with locusts of the human kind: wartime opportunists, lobbyists, lawyers, ex-members of Congress, bagmen for big donors: all of them determined to grab what they could for their corporate clients and rich donors while no one was looking.
Across the land, the faces of Americans of every stripe were stained with tears. Here in New York, we still were attending memorial services for our firemen and police. But in the nation’s capital, within sight of a smoldering Pentagon that had been struck by one of the hijacked planes, the predator class was hard at work pursuing private plunder at public expense, gold-diggers in the ashes of tragedy exploiting our fear, sorrow, and loss.
What did they want? The usual: tax cuts for the wealthy and big breaks for corporations.

Activists Camp Outside David 'Mad Dog' Cameron’s House In Dean In Fathers’ Rights Protest

Campaigners for fathers’ rights have started a protest camp outside the prime minister’s house.
By Charlotte Smith:  New Fathers 4 Justice (NF4J), Stop The War on Dads and other parenting organisations have returned to David Cameron’s home in Oxfordshire to raise awareness of equal rights for fathers and the family court laws.
Last Christmas New Fathers 4 Justice camped outside the prime minister’s Witney consistency property for a week, where months later David Cameron claimed his house is “falling apart” due to damage by protesters.
A New Fathers 4 Justice spokesperson said: “In his Christmas speech David Cameron mentioned the importance of families, but ignores the rights of fathers to see their children after family breakdown.