30 Dec 2015

Why Not An Edible City?

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk to Liam Halligan about the housing crisis in London and ask: Why not a UK Land Corporation? In the second half, Max and Stacy talk to Debra Solomon about urban forests as they ask: Why not an edible city?

Servitude To Women: Don’t Be That Man

By : In Frauendienst (Service of Ladies), written in German about 1250, the knight Ulrich von Liechtenstein describes mis-education, delusion, and suffering. Poets and wise men, the teachers of that time, urged Ulrich to subordinate himself to a woman. Ulrich recalled:

This I heard the wise men say:
none can be happy, none can stay
contented in this world but he
who loves and with such loyalty
a noble woman that he’d die
if it would save her from a sigh.
For thus all men have loved who gain
the honor others can’t obtain. [1]
Men’s lives are thus valued lower than a woman’s sigh. Only a very brave man would dare to reject that honor. Ulrich sought it:

I’ll give my body, all my mind
and life itself to womankind
and serve them all the best I can

Northumbria Police Called To Task For Their Sexist Domestic Abuse Poster Campaign

Campaign group New Fathers 4 Justice threaten 'guerilla-style protests' in response to sexist Northumbria police posters which referred to abusers as 'he'. "VOTE POLICE ARE SEXIST HERE"
Northumbria Police has been accused of sexism in a poster campaign designed to highlight domestic abuse.
The force was criticised by social media users after images referred to abusers as ‘he’ in posts designed to highlight new legislation on coercive and controlling behaviour.
Campaigners said the messages ‘he has never hit his partner, but he has punched walls’ and ‘he says he will never hurt her, as long as she does what he wants’ are biased and offensive.
The group New Fathers 4 Justice said: “Northumbria Police are disgracefully using out of date gender stereotypes and are living in the dark ages turning a blind eye to modern day life.
“Violence is violence, no matter who it’s aimed at and assaults by wives and girlfriends are often ignored by police and media.”

Why WWIII Is On The Horizon

By Paul Craig Roberts: The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 gave birth to a dangerous American ideology called neoconservativism. The Soviet Union had served as a constraint on US unilateral action. With the removal of this constraint on Washington, neoconservatives declared their agenda of US world hegemony. America was now the “sole superpower,” the “unipower,” that could act without restraint anywhere in the world.
The Washington Post neoconservative journalist Charles Krauthammer summed up the “new reality” as follows:
We have overwheming global power. We are history’s designated custodians of the international system. When the Soviet Union fell, something new was born, something utterly newa unipolar world dominated by a single superpower unchecked by any rival and with decisive reach in every corner of the globe. This is a stagering new development in history, not seen since the fall of Rome. Even Rome was no model for what America is today.”

How Big Oil Conquered The World

From farm to pharmaceutical, diesel truck to dinner plate, pipeline to plastic product, it is impossible to think of an area of our modern-day lives that is not affected by the oil industry. The story of oil is the story of the modern world. And this is the story of those who helped shape that world, and how the oil-igarchy they created is on the verge of monopolizing life itself.

PC Is About Control, Not Etiquette

"First, we must understand that we’re in a fight."
By Jeff Deist: I’d like to speak today about what political correctness is, at least in its modern version, what it is not, and what we might do to fight against it.
To begin, we need to understand that political correctness is not about being nice. It’s not simply a social issue, or a subset of the culture wars.
It’s not about politeness, or inclusiveness, or good manners. It’s not about being respectful toward your fellow humans, and it’s not about being sensitive or caring or avoiding hurt feelings and unpleasant slurs.
But you’ve heard this argument, I’m sure. PC is about simple respect and inclusiveness, they tell us. As though we need progressives, the cultural enforcers, to help us understand that we shouldn’t call someone retarded, or use the “N” word, make hurtful comments about someone’s appearance, or tolerate bullies.
If PC truly was about kindness and respect, it wouldn’t need to be imposed on us. After all, we already have a mechanism for the social cohesion PC is said to represent: it’s called manners. And we already have specific individuals charged with insuring that good manners are instilled and upheld: they’re called parents.


Native Sun & Bocafloja - Light.
Video Directed by Globalfaction
Song written by Mohammed Yahya, Sarina Leah & Bocafloja
Produced by J-Zak & Zain
Mixed/ mastered: by Mauro @ HiStreetStudios

Why It Is Important To Destroy Political Correctness

Another man loses his job over a joke, and also possible doxxing lead to it happening. We need to eradicate political correctness as soon as possible, before the damage becomes irreversible and Orwell's vision of the future of humanity comes true. Raging Golden Eagle

Glenn Greenwald Confronts “Liberals” Trying To Destroy Free Speech

Perhaps the greatest irony of this past year has been the mind numbing and irrational anti-free speech wave that swept across facets of so-called “liberal” America.
By Michael Krieger: This regressive movement was most readily apparent on college campuses, where hordes of sheltered and emotionally stunted students demanded restrictions on free speech in order to prevent themselves from being offended by an ever expanding list of unhappy thoughts and words. However, what is far more troubling, albeit much less public, are attempts by two fascist academic authoritarians, to convince the American citizenry to relinquish their First Amendment rights in the name of fighting ISIS. One of these men is a close advisor to President Obama.
Glenn Greenwald does a great job of calling both of them out over at the Intercept. Here are a few excerpts from his article: 
The NYT article notes that “in response to the Islamic State’s success in grooming jihadists over the Internet, some legal scholars are asking whether it is time to reconsider” the long-standing “constitutional line” that “freedom of speech may not be curbed unless it poses a ‘clear and present danger’ — an actual, imminent threat, not the mere advocacy of harmful acts or ideas.”