31 Dec 2016

Outlook For 2017

Max and Stacy discuss the outlook for 2017: from Trump’s first 100 hours, not days to fake news and a market crash following the biggest rally since Hoover. In the second half Max is joined by Gerald Celente of trendsjournal.com to discuss the big trends of 2017: Rustbelt 2.0, economic disorder and ‘Sell, Buy China’.

How Male Musicians Die

By Tyler Durden: The passing of George Michael this week reminded many of the seemingly short life expectancy of male musicians (and performers in general). In fact, as on study found, while blues, jazz, and country singers typically live as long as the average American; rock, techno, punk, metal, rap, and hip hop stars die significantly sooner.
“I hope I die before I get old,” The Who’s Roger Daltrey sang in “My Generation” in 1965. This didn’t happen for Daltrey, who is now a ripe 71, but it did to many other musicians.
Dianna Theadora Kenny, a professor of psychology and music at the University of Sydney, has conducted a statistical study of premature death among musicians.

As The Washington Post notes,  she found that musicians from older genres – including blues, jazz, country and gospel – have similar lifespans to American people their own age. The life expectancy for R&B musicians is slightly lower, while the life expectancy for newer genres like rock, techno, punk, metal, rap and hip hop is significantly shorter.

Why Everyone Wants To Be A Victim

Whitney Dahlin: This is a short video on the psychology behind victim mentality and why it's so attractive to people to be a victim and why they are willing to make up fake oppression just so they can call themselves a victim.

Why Britain Is Facing A Crisis In Recruiting Head Teachers - It’s Not Rocket Science

By Mike Buchanan: In today’s Times, on p.6, there’s an article taking up half the page, ‘Schools crisis as hundreds of heads quit’. The journalist is Nicola Woolcock, the paper’s Education Correspondent. Extracts:

Britain is facing a crisis in recruiting teachers, with thousands complaining of high pressure and insufficient pay and retire early…
Nowhere in the lengthy article does Ms Woolcock mention the obvious causes of the crisis:
1. The feminisation of the teaching profession. The proportion of teachers who are female in primary schools is over 90+, in secondary schools over 70%.
2. Gender-typical work ethic differences. We know from Dr Catherine Hakim’s Preference Theory (2000) that while four in seven British men are ‘work-centred’, only one in seven British women is. As the education profession has become ever more feminised, the number of teachers with the ambition to become head teachers has inevitably fallen.
3. The absurdly small difference between the salaries of head teachers and deputy heads, presumably because most deputy heads are women.

The London Group And J4MB Protest Against The Rape Culture Myth

J4MB: In October we joined the good men of The London Group outside the HQ of the CPS, and in Parliament Square, at their protests against the Rape Culture Myth. A tip of the hat to The Forgotten Man for filming and editing this (15:05).

2016 Highlights From Studio Brulé

StudioBrule: A selection of clips from over 100 videos produced by Studio Brulé in 2016, including selections from: Fiamengo Files - Janice Fiamego SJ Tribunal - Biography of Paul Elam - Miscellaneous - Mondays - ICMI16 in London - IMD in Ottawa - The Red Pill Premiere in LA - The Red Pill Ottawa - Jordan Peterson - Coalition for Missing Indigenous Men and Boys - Calling All Angels / A Poetic Tribute To The Firefighters Of 9/11 - Message To Feminists Challenge

Family Courts Chief Mangina James Munby Backs End To Alleged Abusers Cross-Examining Their Alleged Victims

Our thanks to J4MB's Ken for this piece in The Guardian. As we’d expect, it portrays a world in which all abusers are men, all victims women. An extract:
Responding to the revelations, Cris McCurley, a family lawyer in north-east England, said: “I have worked on hundreds of cases and the direct cross examination of victims by a perpetrator happens a lot. It is absolutely traumatising. We have got to get something in place to stop this, even if it means appointing a special advocate or even a law student to put the questions instead of the perpetrator.”
Cris McCurley works for the law firm Ben Hoard Bell. Her profile on the firm’s website is here. It starts:

Cris has specialist knowledge of Gender Equality, Domestic Violence, Honour Based Violence (HBV), Forced Marriage (FM), Abduction, Trafficking, FGM and 21st century slavery.
Hmm, she’s missed the crime of MGM off her list.

A Prophetic Clip From A 1976 Film

Woman ‘Held As A Sex Slave’ By Taxi Driver For 13 Years - Gave Birth To Four Children - Who Were Given To Other Couples - Er… Really?

By Mike Buchanan: One of the most tiresome habits of the mainstream media is to publish stories of alleged evil acts by men against women, without carrying out a proper fact check. One consequence of this relentless stream of poor journalism is to make women unduly fearful of men, in order to foster misandry, and persuade women that feminists are their protectors rather than what they actually are, their enemies.
In today’s Times we have this. The opening paragraphs:

A woman was kept in captivity by a taxi driver and his family for 13 years while being abused as a sex slave, according to a memoir published yesterday.
The victim claims that she gave birth to four children when she was aged between 15 and 28 and being sexually and physically abused by the Asian taxi driver, whom she named as Malik.
She said the man also sold her for sex to other men from his family and circle of associates…

30 Dec 2016

MGTOW Resolutions 2017

johntheother: My New Years Resolution - make SJWs cry more than they did in 2016.

A New Way To Hold Women Unaccountable For Their Crimes

Mercedes Testone, 21, made a false rape allegation. She will avoid a conviction due to an emotional disability’.
This via a J4MB supporter: Extracts:

BRISTOL — A Danbury woman who filed a false rape complaint against a man in Bristol has been granted a program that could allow her to elude a conviction.
Mercedes Testone, 21, was granted the Supervised Diversionary Program Tuesday at her hearing in Bristol Superior Court. Judge Richard Dyer, who OK’d the program, said she will get treatment for an “emotional disability” — the details of which were not disclosed.
Dyer made a ruling that Testone’s disability had a “substantially adverse” effect on her behavior and could have contributed to her allegedly making a fake rape story up.
If Testone is successful in treatment, her case will be dismissed on June 19, 2018…
A day after filing the complaint, Testone called police and said she no longer wanted to pursue it. Later in the day, police said, she called again and admitted she made the whole rape story up because her child’s father had not let her daughter spend the night with her.
I predict an increasing number of women not being held accountable for their crimes, due to ’emotional disabilities’. Why doesn’t the criminal justice system adopt a new system, to save time and money? At police stations, a lady doctor could confirm that criminals claiming to have a vagina actually have one, then they could be released, and any potential charges dropped.

The Greatest Truthful Documentary On Feminism Ever Made? MGTOW - Social Justice Cry-Cis

MrBlackcatzify: For more logic - Vernaculis - check out his channel here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClzN... MGTOW! :) Fuck Feminism!

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Max and Stacy discuss all the free lunches harming the global economy. In the second half Max interviews Father Nathan Monk, author of ‘Chasing the Mouse’, about homelessness in America and building tiny houses.

The Much Overused "You Are Just As Bad As Them!" Accusation + Everything In (Community/Forum) Moderation

Raging Golden Eagle: The "you are just as bad as them!" accusation is so overused, that even in the rare instances that it is spot on it's now starting to be ignored. So what REALLY makes them "bad"? What is it you actually have to do to be "just as bad as them"? And let's look at the difference between being "bad" and just being a good strategy.

Rise Of Antisemitism Under Question

Press TV: Anti Semitism fake news...When there is no antisemitism Israel will just invent it..

The Red Pill Screening Brisbane, Australia

By : The Red Pill will be screened in Brisbane, Australia on January 14, 2017. The first attempt at the Australian premiere of The Red Pill in Melbourne was cancelled by the venue, The Palace Cinemas, only 11 days before the intended screening. The organisers went above and beyond to find a new venue. The planned Sydney screening was cancelled by the venue Western Sydney University, only eight days before the intended screening.
To prevent the same in Brisbane the organisers will not be releasing information about the venue until the day before the screening. An inner city meeting point will be advised on the Men’s Rights Brisbane facebook page after close of business on January 13 (UTC+10) to save our host venue from harassment. A Facebook event page has been set up here.
Let’s make Brisbane the first Australian city to screen The Red Pill without having a screening cancelled first. Brisbane is just north of the Gold Coast, where ICMI17 will be held later in the year.

‘Developing 21st Century Leaders With Vaginas’

Monique Svazlian Tallon Is A Blithering Idiot
By Mike Buchanan: One of the supporters to whom I owe the most is Jeff, who has been relentlessly encouraging since before the launch of Campaign for Merit in Business in early 2012, almost five years ago, a year before the launch of J4MB.
Jeff is a terrific source of leads to articles, and recently sent me a link to a short opinion piece by Monique Svazlian Tallon, [right] titled, “Four Reasons Why We’re Still Talking About Diversity on Boards”. Jeff writes:

I have not read anything more infantile and ridiculous about gender diversity on boards than this diatribe, Mike. The sense of entitlement from this woman is overwhelming……I do hope you have the time to respond to her.
An extract from the piece should help you grasp what a blithering idiot the woman is:

The business case for having more women on boards is clear. It has been shown that when there are two or more women on a board of directors, the organisation performs better on it’s ROI by 66%.

29 Dec 2016

Identitarians v Patriots - Elaborating On Progressive Duplicity And The Rise Of The US Right

By Gilad Atzmon: In this Manhattan gathering I examine the ideologies that were set to divide the working people and their ability to resist Globalisation. I point at the bond between the New Left and Jewish progressive intelligentsia. - Those who are interested in my work may find this talk very interesting.

Feminist Propaganda In Rupert Murdoch's ‘The Times’

By Mike Buchanan: I’m becoming heartily tired of feminist propaganda in The Times, the paper I started subscribing to some months ago. Sometimes it’s overt – the (lying) claim that appointing more women onto corporate boards leads to improved financial performance is a particular favourite –  but mainly it’s covert, and both male and female journalists (and their editors) engage in it.
An example from today, which would pass most people by, takes up 90% of p.41. The headline and strapline:

Farewell to the bold and the brave
Dominic Walsh review the achievements and disappointments of the businesswomen [my emphasis] and the men who died in 2016
Maybe 40% of the space is taken up with a photograph of Lucy Barker, a businesswoman I’d never heard of. The article states that at its peak, her company (Barker Brooks Media) had 30 full-time employees. So, a very small company, then, hardly one to compare with other companies that figure in the piece (Kwik Save, ICI, JC Decaux, Revlon, Mars, Barclays, Swire Group, Weetabix, AOL, Salomon Brothers, Intel, Lloyds Bank…).
So, who were the other ‘businesswomen’ in the list of 17 people? Er, there were none. Lucy Barker was the sole businesswoman mentioned in the piece.

Hot Off The Press - Britain Pulled The Strings Behind Anti Israeli Settlement Resolution

By Gilad Atzmon: Ten days ago, pretty much out of the blue, British PM Theresa May announced that she decided to accept the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism and to integrate it into British law. Jews in Britain and all over the world were over the moon.  Tonight we learn that May’s declaration was a preemptive move. It was Britain rather than the USA that had been pulling the strings behind the anti Israel Security Council resolution.
Haaretz reports tonight  that it was actually the Brits that “encouraged New Zealand to continue pushing for a vote even without Egyptian support.” Israeli diplomats say that from information that reached the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, British legal figures and diplomats had been working directly with the Palestinians on the wording of the resolution even before it was distributed by Egypt the first time on Wednesday evening.
The suspicion in Jerusalem is that the British had been working during all those days for the Americans to make sure the “resolution was to U.S. President Barack Obama’s liking, but without the need to intervene directly in formulating it.”

Feminists Prefer Genocide

Disinformationist Ultra Zionist Jew George Soros Conjures Hitler In Attack On 'Ascendant Populists', Warns "Democracy Is Now In Crisis"

Authored by George Soros: Well before Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, I sent a holiday greeting to my friends that read: “These times are not business as usual. Wishing you the best in a troubled world.” Now I feel the need to share this message with the rest of the world. But before I do, I must tell you who I am and what I stand for.
I am an 86-year-old Hungarian Jew who became a US citizen after the end of World War II. I learned at an early age how important it is what kind of political regime prevails. The formative experience of my life was the occupation of Hungary by Hitler’s Germany in 1944. I probably would have perished had my father not understood the gravity of the situation. He arranged false identities for his family and for many other Jews; with his help, most survived.
In 1947, I escaped from Hungary, by then under [Jewish] Communist rule, to England.

Syria Names Foreign Secret Agents Trapped in Aleppo

Nizar Abboud: US, Israeli, Turkish, Qatari and Saudi secret service officers are trapped in Eastern Aleppo, Al-Jafari says. He mentions names and nationalities.

28 Dec 2016

International Men's Day March

TheLondonGroup: On Saturday 19th November 2016 in London, UK, an International Men's Day march took place. The march started at the Royal Courts of Justice and proceeded to Parliament Square. The event was supported by a number of men's rights organisations including Justice for Men and Boys, Family Lives Matter, Suffragents and Mankind. The purpose of the march was to protest against the discrimination of men and boys by the UK government. The primary issue protested against was the secret Family Court system that stops fathers from seeing their children. However, many other issues involving the discrimination of men and boys, by the state, were also protested against.

BBC Admits Its Viral ‘Women Write Better Code’ Story Was Fake News

The non peer-reviewed paper and the BBC’s cherry-picking of its findings was almost instantly and comprehensively debunked online. Some key facts to note are as follows:

  • There are obvious issues in attempting to identify someone’s gender online
  • There are far more male users on GitHub then one could argue that men are in fact far better at coding because far more are actually doing it and many women are missing in action. Perhaps the small number of women who get involved are marginally better on average, but they would still be vastly outnumbered by men who are equally or more capable.
  • The media have cherry-picked data from the study which also showed clear bias towards those openly identifying themselves as female in many areas.
Whatever the case, there’s no way that such a dubious and non-peer reviewed study should be used to write such divisive headlines. It’s simply fake news and one of the usually daily attempts by the BBC to start a gender war and portray women as victims who’d all make the world a far better place were it not for those pesky sexist men.

Father's Rights Veteran Angelo Agathangelou - ICMI 2016

HoneyBadgerRadio: We have a quick and efficient word with Father's Rights veteran Angelo Agathangelou.

India’s Prime Minister Has Singlehandedly Crushed The Economy With His Reckless Cash Ban

By Michael Krieger: Today’s piece should be seen as a bit of a followup to yesterday’s post, India’s Demonetization Debacle Highlights the Dangers of Monetary Monopoly. While yesterday’s piece was more philosophical/strategic in nature, today’s zeroes in on some of the devastating real world impacts of Narendra Modi’s insane and inhumane cash ban. It’s hard to overstate the damage this policy has done to India’s economy. Modi is quickly solidifying his place as one of monetary history’s biggest idiots.
First, let’s take a look at the destructive impact the move has had on India’s massive small businesses community. The Washington Post reports:

 Over the past two years, this suburb of New Delhi mushroomed into a flourishing enclave of small cellphone manufacturers, attracting tens of thousands of workers from the countryside. Noida, known as the “handset hub,” was touted as a showcase for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pet “Make in India” initiative.
Then on Nov. 8, Modi’s government took a step that has jolted the bustling industrial quarter. It scrapped high-denomination currency,

Erdogan Says He Has "Confirmed Evidence" Israel And US Support ISIS

By Tyler Durden: One year after this website demonstrated that Turkey was cooperating with the Islamic State, in the very least trading cash in exchange for crude oil sold to various Turkish outposts (a trade which was subsequently ended by the Russian air force), Turkey has flipped the tables and on Tuesday Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he has uncovered evidence that US-led coalition forces have helped support terrorists in Syria - including Isis.
"They give support to terrorist groups including ISIS" Erdogan said during a speech in Ankara on Tuesday, adding that US coalition forces "give support to terrorist groups including Daesh, YPG, PYD. It's very clear. We have confirmed evidence, with pictures, photos and videos."
Which, incidentally, should also not come a surprise in light of the May 2015 declassified Pentagon report, which claimed that ISIS was created as a Pentagon tool to overthrow Syria's president Assad.
Nevertheless, the "pot calling the kettle black" comes at a sensitive time for both the US and Turkey, which are both pivoting aggressively, one internally from Obama to Trump, while the other is shifting its foreign geopolitical allegiance from the US to Russia, which may also explain today's outburst by Erdogan.

Risk & Reward

Max and Stacy advise the audience to check to see whether their hedge fund manager has bought a Ferrari for Christmas. If they did, it may be time to find a new fund manager. In the second half, Max interviews retired counterintelligence officer ‘Eddie Z’ about economic espionage and allegedly hacked elections.

Black Father Killed On Christmas Day By His HoodRat Baby Momma New Thug Boyfriend

"My grandmother always told me, dealing with black women you'll end up in hell or in jail and in this case, it was a two for one." Said Tommy.

27 Dec 2016

UBS Banksters Whistleblower Being Jewed: ‘Revealing Such A Secret Takes Your Life Away’

RT: French whistleblower Stephanie Gibaud lifted the lid on tax evasion schemes used by UBS bank back in 2008. But the case is still ongoing - and she's still feeling the consequences.

Did Obama Orchestrate UNSC Anti Settlement Resolution?

Gilad Atzmon: Along his presidential campaign, President-Elect Donald Trump promised to 'make America great again.' For some peculiar reason, the Israelis already know that they have him in their pocket. Is it true? Is this really Trump's vision of American greatness, keeping America a subservient Israeli colony? Soon enough we will be able to answer this question. - All we have for the time being is some sporadic tweets.

Barack Backhands Bibi

Submitted by Patrick Buchanan: Did the community organizer from Harvard Law just deliver some personal payback to the IDF commando? So it would seem.
By abstaining on that Security Council resolution declaring Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem illegal and invalid, raged Bibi Netanyahu, President Obama “failed to protect Israel in this gang-up at the UN, and colluded with it.”
Obama’s people, charged Bibi, “initiated this resolution, stood behind it, coordinated on the wording and demanded that it be passed.”

White House aide Ben Rhodes calls the charges “falsehoods.”
Hence, we have an Israeli leader all but castigating an American president as a backstabber and betrayer, while the White House calls Bibi a liar.
This is not an unserious matter.
“By standing with the sworn enemies of Israel to enable the passage of this destructive, one-sided anti-Israel rant and tirade,” writes the Washington Times, “Mr. Obama shows his colors.”
But unfortunately for Israel, the blow was delivered by friends as well as “sworn enemies.”

India’s Demonetization Debacle Highlights The Dangers Of Monetary Monopoly

By Michael Krieger: As longtime readers know, I believe we are at the beginning stages of what will be historical paradigm level change across the planet. We sit on the precipice of the self-destruction of almost all the dominant institutions we’ve been accustomed to throughout our lifetimes. To borrow a bit of played out and painfully clichéd Silicon Valley lingo, everything is on the table for “disruption.”
Naturally, this doesn’t necessarily mean the paradigm that follows the current one will be materially better, but I am personally optimistic about what will emerge following a period of considerable confusion, hardship and conflict. In order to tilt the scales toward a positive outcome, those of us who wish to usher in a world characterized  by human freedom, decentralization, self-government and kindness, need to recognize the most likely avenues we have to get there. Technology is obviously extremely important, as a recent move by Whisper Systems to thwart censorship demonstrates.
As Wired reported last week: 
Any subversive software developer knows its app has truly caught on when repressive regimes around the world start to block it.

Nobody Cares Because Penis: Homeless Man Back On The Streets Of Norwich Following Prison Sentence

A 27-year-old rough sleeper is calling for police to take a different approach towards beggars in the city.
By Luke Powell: Charlie Jennings spent five weeks in prison last month after he was caught begging for money in the centre of Norwich.
But having since been released, the former tree surgeon is back to where he started – sleeping rough on the streets with no money.
He is now calling for authorities in the city to find a different way of tackling the issue.
“I want the police to be a bit more understanding of our situation,” Mr Jennings said.
“If you’re homeless, you don’t really have anywhere else to go. And prison hasn’t helped me in any way whatsoever. I think it just seemed like an easier option for them [the police] at the time.
“But what did they expect the outcome to be when I was released? They can’t expect change if no one is going to help.”

Fight Night - Unite For Africa

GlobalFaction: The ‘I Heart Africa’ Foundation is a small dedicated team who raise money at minimal expense and deliver with maximum impact directly to the most impoverished African communities. The foundation provides an opportunity for people to give directly and see their money put to work immediately. All of the ‘I Heart Africa’ initiatives are devised the help struggling communities attain independence and live in a dignified manner with adequate healthcare and living standards. Visit our go fund me page to act now.

My Grandson Is Eight Days Old

He’s one of the fortunate ones – his genitals won’t be mutilated today.
By Mike Buchanan: Eight days ago I became a grandfather for the first time, and my wonderful grandson is progressing well. What a country we live in, where – if his parents were Jewish – his genitals would have been illegally mutilated today, a lifelong reminder for him of a religion he may never choose to follow. A country which does not enforce the Offences Against the Person Act 1861, and fails to prosecute the money-grabbing butchers who continue to perform this obscene 3,000+ year old procedure, which it has long been known causes much physical and psychological harm.

Post-Christmas Chaos Strikes America's Malls: SWAT, Gunfire, & Mass Brawls From Texas To New Jersey

By Tyler Durden: Two days ago, we reported that heading into Christmas, countless "mall brawls" had broken out across America's as last minute holiday shoppers were filmed fighting with each other in shopping malls in New Jersey, Alabama, Georgia and other states for those last minute "holiday cheer" purchases. The videos made for for a very Unmerry Christmas.
Now, in the spirit of holiday symmetry, following the one day lull on Christmas Day, the brawls returned on the day after Christmas, with fights, disturbances and false reports of gunfire causing chaotic scenes and shutting down several malls across the United States on Monday, as shoppers scrambled for the best deals in the typically busy post-Christmas shopping day.

The first calls from the The Mills at Jersey Gardens came in just after nightfall Monday. Witnesses said they thought they had heard shots fired. That, along with a fight, led to what Elizabeth police Officer Greg Jones described as a "chaotic panic and everybody running all at once."  Eight to 10 people suffered minor injuries during a melee in the food court at the Jersey Gardens malls the mayor there said on Twitter.

26 Dec 2016

Assad: West Is Telling Russia That Syrian Army Went Too Far In Defeating Terrorists

In an interview to RT, the Syrian President warned against taking statements by western governments at face value, as in Aleppo, they seemed to care more about saving terrorists than civilians. He also slammed the lackluster reaction to ISIS’s onslaught on Palmyra.

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

Whitney Dahlin: How to be a good girlfriend

Merry Christmas - The Voice of Europe

Jon Gunnarsson, Lucian Vâlsan and James Huff going through the news concerning sexual politics on the Old Continent. - As we approach the end of the current year, 2016 is the year that keeps on delivering. - British Anti-Feminist MP and ICMI16 speaker Philip Davies was voted to be in the House of Commons "Women and equalities committee" much to the dismay of Feminists and also several purple poodles who pretend to work for men's rights. Also Philip Davies took a sound stance against the misandrist Istanbul Convention that may indeed still pass in Britain, though with much more opposition than in other places.

6oodfella's Seen Some More Shit

6oodfella: Merry Christmas, everyone. If you've seen any shit, please let me know on Twitter: @6ame

J4MB Confront Rabbi Daniel Berkowitz Of London, “Known Genital Mutilator”

By : Rabbi Daniel Berkowitz has been placed on the Known Genital Mutilators directory at neonatalcutting.org.
Recently confronted by Mike Buchanan of J4MB at his “practice,” Berkowitz is speechless when told mutilating baby boys is criminal:

Father Christmas Isn't Sexist - So Stop Playing Gender Politics With Your Kid's Toys

f 2015 was the year when everything – from air conditioning to smiling – was sexist, then in 2016 the Western World somehow regressed further, by endlessly obsessing about gender. 

From U2 frontman Bono ludicrously winning the Woman Of The Year award, to Oxford University adopting the gender-neutral pronoun Ze, you couldn’t escape gender if you flapped your arms and flew to the moon.

So it should come as no surprise that the gender politicians are merrily intent on spoiling Christmas, with absurd claims that if Father Christmas doles out 'gender specific' toys to children in grottos, it makes him sexist.

25 Dec 2016

Mike Buchanan's Christmas Message And 2016 Review

2016 was a remarkable year for those with an interest in the human rights of men and boys. The following link will take you to a 14-page document: https://j4mb.files.wordpress.com/2016... The first four pages consist of a transcript of my Christmas speech, while the remaining pages constitute a review of 2016, through blog pieces we've published over the year. There are hyperlinks so you can directly access the original blog pieces, videos etc.

The FKN Newz 2016 - Best Bits

South Carolina, USA Making Moves To Block Porn And Charge To Remove Said Block...

Raging Golden Eagle: Yes this is a very stupid idea. But every single time I've ever uttered the phrase "nobody would ever be that stupid," I've been promptly proven wrong.

Barry Wright Presents A Screening Of ‘The Red Pill’ In Norwich, 18 January

Special guests Cassie Jaye, Erin Pizzey, Paul Elam, DrRandomerCam (hopefully) and myself. Let’s do what we can to help defray his costs.
By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Barry Wright is a remarkable man, who lives in Norwich. He’s arranged for a screening of The Red Pill in Norwich on the evening of 18 January, tickets are free to those who order from EventBrite through the associated crowdfunder site, here. Click on the link in the section, ‘Where, when, and how much to see it?’
Barry is facing a very considerable bill for hosting the event, because he’s underwriting the travel (including air travel) costs and hotel accommodation costs for the ‘special guests’ – Cassie Jaye, Erin Pizzey, Paul Elam, DrRandomerCam (hopefully) and myself. We’ll be attending the screening, and appearing in the Q&A session. Barry is also underwriting other costs associated with the event.
Barry is not a rich man, however, so he’s just launched the crowdfunder. It has a target of £7,500, which I happen to know would not cover all his costs, even if it’s reached. So I would ask the good supporters of J4MB, and others interested in promoting The Red Pill, to donate what they can afford to Barry’s crowdfunder, to help mitigate his outlay. Thank you.

Trumpmas + Merry Christmas - William Banzai7

Coping Ugly - The Male Experience

"Awareness is a bitter pill to swallow, once it starts to gather momentum it's a hard truth to reconcile, always screaming at you in your quieter moments, but this awareness of your environment and the motivations behind others behaviour can lead to subconscious and established patterns of thinking and behaviour getting in the way of this new found awareness and in turn it creates a toxic mindset, a toxic environment and behaviours, so instead of facing reality we deflect, we self justify, or employ substitution rather than accepting the truths staring us in the face." Said Spetsnaz.

Boosting Lena Dunham With Her Abortion

By : As an MRA, MGTOW and feminist booster, I read with dismay that, even as feminists are ejecting white women from their midst, actress and Hillary shill Lena Dunham has expressed regret that, unlike her mother and friends, feminist Lena herself has never had the pleasure of abortion.
Even as one might wish that Lena’s mother had been more consistent in procuring abortions for herself, as a feminist booster I feel compelled to do everything I can to aid Lena in achieving the nirvana of baby killing.
Lena, since you are coming from a feminist framework, I will try to relate the requirements and processes of obtaining an abortion in terms you are familiar with.
First off, Lena, even though, to feminists, gender is an arbitrary “social construct” – “human systems of social interaction organised around shared ideasit turns out that this is not really true when it comes to abortions. The choice to end parenthood via abortion is an unchecked privilege given to women only, and denied to men. When it comes to abortion, being born a girl and growing up to be a person with a vagina and uterus is not optional. No womb, no abortion. For the sake of brevity, from this point forward I will refer to these womb-havers as being “women” or “a woman”.

24 Dec 2016

Russia's Putin Epically Trolls Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton & Democratic Establishment

Luke Rudkowski covers the latest news from Russian President Vladimir Putin's year end press conference where he did not hold anything back against Hillary Clinton, the democratic establishment and current U.S president Barack Obama. He of course mentioned President Elect Donald Trump and showed his support for him.

This Is How The U.S. Government Destroys The Lives Of Patriotic Whistleblowers

By Michael Krieger: We live in a time and within a culture where the best among us are thrown in jail, demonized or destroyed, while the worst are celebrated, promoted and enriched. Nothing more clearly crystalizes this sad state of affairs than the U.S. government’s ruthless war on whistleblowers expose who severe constitutional violations by those in power. This war knows no political affiliation, and has be waged with equal vigor by the administrations of George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama.
Earlier this morning, I read one of the most enlightening articles on the subject to-date. It was published back in May, and should be read by every single American citizen. We need to admit to ourselves what we have become before we can make changes.
What follows are excerpts from the Guardian piece, How the Pentagon Punished NSA Whistleblowers, but you should really take the time to read the entire thing.

Philip Davies Has Joined The Women And Equalities Committee, After No MPs Objected To His Appointment

Conservative Philip Davies has joined the Women and Equalities Committee after no MPs objected to his appointment in the Commons.

YEP: The Shipley MP has previously caused controversy over his campaigning for Parliament to recognise International Men's Day, his attacks on "militant feminists" and most recently by delivering a 77-minute speech against proposals designed to help end violence against women.
Mr Davies was last week accused of attempting to filibuster an SNP-sponsored draft law requiring the Government to ratify the Istanbul Convention, which later cleared its first Commons hurdle.
He argued it was "sexist" to say the focus should only be on violence against women, adding the Bill was "pointless and wrong because not all victims are female and not all offenders are male".
The motion confirming the appointment of Mr Davies was grouped with three other motions, with no objections raised in the chamber when they were read out.

'We Are All In Trump World now'

Max and Stacy review the year that was Donald Trump as markets rally the most since Herbert Hoover in 1928 but is a 1929 like crash in the cards. In the second half, Max interviews Karl Denninger of Market-Ticker.org about whether or not Trump is, indeed, ‘draining the swamp?’ Or is he repopulating it with bigger, more terrifying swamp creatures?

The Red Pill Latest

By William Collins aka mra-uk: Lamentably, The Red Pill has not been shortlisted for an Academy Award. 145 documentaries qualified for consideration, but TRP was not one of the 15 chosen. Cassie Jaye writes,

Although upsetting, I’m at peace with this. One reason is because I can only assume there would have been an enormous amount of backlash if the film did get shortlisted. Most likely The Academy would have been getting threatening messages urging them to pull The Red Pill from the lineup, or petitions would have been started to protest the Oscars, etc. Although these types of petitions have given the film more publicity in the long run, they also perpetuate many hateful lies about the film which can be difficult to correct and set straight. Another reason I’m at peace with The Red Pill not making the Oscar Shortlist is because this film was not created with the intention of winning awards, the film was created to elevate the discussion around gender politics. Qualifying The Red Pill movie for the Oscars meant that the film was seen by hundreds of Oscar jury members. I’m certain the film inspired many conversations amongst those Oscar members, and for that, I am grateful that the film was in the running!

MTV's "Hey, White Guys" Parody

Watch original video: http://bit.ly/2hauo7v

Don't Be Transexual

johntheother: Of transsexuals who complete their hormone therapy and surgery - 40% kill themselves. So - clearly - the choice to follow that path is a bad choice.

Evil Quotes From The Talmud + Celebrities Expose Jewish Agenda In Hollywood

A book of hate it is
as its content speaks for itself.

Truth Bombs About Feminism, Male Creativity & Generation Snowflake - Camille Paglia

Author, art professor, feminist, and cultural critic Camille Paglia offers a scathing critique of feminism, explains why there are more male creative geniuses, and laments Generation Snowflake.


The Finntronaut
"Have you no consideration for the raping and pillaging of the continent of Hawaii?
Do you lack a comprehension that as a white man your privilege surpasses all others, won't you agree?
Oh, you're Asian
Well, it's all the same, but also makes all the difference
How Asian exactly are you?
Could you please give me your name so that later I can unleash social justice hell upon you?