31 Jan 2016

Zionist Jew Owned Western Media Ignores Putin’s Progress In Syria + Could Turkey Be Gambling On An Invasion?

By Mike Whitney: The UN-sponsored Syrian peace talks, which began on Friday in Geneva, will be boycotted by the main Syrian opposition group which has insisted that Russia stop bombing its positions while negotiations are conducted.
To appreciate how ridiculous these demands are, one would have to imagine a similar scenario taking place in the United States. Let’s say, for example, that Ammon Bundy, the crackpot leader of the armed militia that seized the federal wildlife refuge in eastern Oregon, demanded that the FBI and all other federal agents vamoose while the UN convened negotiations between his representatives and the Obama administration for the establishment of a transitional government that would remove Obama from power after 18 months while rewriting the constitution so it better reflected the far-right political and religious convictions of Bundy and his gaggle of ne’er-do-well followers.
Does that seem like a reasonable proposition to you?
This is the context in which the current “talks” are being held. Is it any wonder why Moscow doesn’t take this charade seriously? It’s a joke.
In what other country are armed militias allowed to occupy cities, kill civilians, destroy critical infrastructure, create total mayhem and threaten to overthrow the elected government?
None. And yet, the Obama team thinks this is a perfectly acceptable way for citizens and even non citizens (most of the ‘rebels’ are foreign nationals or jihadis) to act, provided their political objectives coincide with those of Washington. Which they do.

US College Campus Advocates For Due Process Come Out Swinging Against Misandric Radical Feminist Star Chambers

Looks like the time has finally come. After letting the [feminist] lunatics run the asylum for years the reasonable people are finally fighting back. Raging Golden Eagle.

Photis Lovingly Consoled Lucius After Triple-Murder Trial Farce

What could be worse than having a rape-hoaxer classmatewho falsely accused you! — receive her college diploma while toting her fake-rape mattress upon the stage at your college graduation ceremony? Less hurtful would be to metamorphose into an ass, a thick-hided cloven-hoofed ass, fully equipped with the equipment many women cherish. But how about being falsely accused of triple murder? You wouldn’t stand a chance at trial. Clothed in black, the mourning wife of one deceased man would bring their baby to the trial and cry for your blood. You’d be as good as sentenced to death, but they would torture you first with fire, wheel, and whips to get you to confess about your accomplice. Amid the supernatural horrors of campus rape tribunals and U.S. mass incarceration, turn to the light. Look to Photis! In Apuleius’s Golden Ass, Photis lovingly consoled Lucius after he endured a triple-murder trial farce.
Photis and Lucius developed a sultry sexual relationship that began with Photis stirring the pot in the kitchen.

Faith Based Assaults - Genital Cutting

By Richard Duncker: Although I will be considering legal, ethical and scientific concepts I am not a lawyer, ethicist or scientist but I am concerned with issues that affect us all as was Charles  Bradlaugh who was not afraid of controversy if it was where a rational argument should prevail. So I hope what I manage to do is to shed some light onto a very dark area with the help of those who do have that expertise.
The protection of children from the inappropriate activities of adults is something that society takes very seriously and quite rightly so.
Take for example – the Tattooing Of Minors Act. The act protects children under the age of eighteen from tattoos. A tattoo involves no loss of tissue but it is irreversible. The tattooing of a child is treated as a criminal offence with or without consent of the parents or the child. Another example relates to body piercing. There is no specific law, in England, regulating body piercing, but if it is carried out on the genitals of a child under sixteen or on the nipples of a girl it would be likely to be prosecuted as an indecent assault.

There are also several faith or culturally based practices which are likely to be treated as assaults in law one example would be the scarification permanent scarring of the face.

Mike Buchanan Debates MGM [Male Genital Mutilation] With Dr Simon Hochhauser, A Jewish Proponent, On BBC Radio

By Mike Buchanan [J4MB]: On Friday I debated MGM with Dr Simon Hochhauser, a Co-Chairman of Milah UK, on BBC 3 Counties Radio. The presenter was Jonathan Vernon-Smith, and the discussion lasted 20 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of mostly Jewish people calling into the show. I recommend you read the background under the file, before listening to the exchange.
Background: Jonathan Vernon-Smith is a highly-regarded presenter on my local BBC radio station, BBC 3 Counties Radio, based in Dunstable. His show presents a rare opportunity on BBC radio to talk about individual men’s issues at length. Milah UK milahuk.org/ is an organization set up to promote and protect the right of the Jewish community to mutilate the genitals of male babies, in accordance with religious beliefs.

Bad Mutha Fukkas & New Barbie Bimbos - The FKN Newz

"In America with elections coming along in November of this year the primaries are almost under way and the field seems to be being lead by Donald Trump for the republicans and maybe Hilary Clinton for the democrats. This could mean that America will elect a wealthy fascist right wing war mongering ass hole to be president of America or Donald Trump could win, lol." Deek Jackson

Stephanie Guthrie Is The Future + One Question For Buzzfeed Feminists

"Being foolish isn't a criminal offence although it is one that will get you into a lot of very dangerous deep water if you are tangling with feminists who essentially run social media, who are the dominating force in most social media." johntheother.

The Big-Oil Bailouts Begin

By Don Quijones: Despite a bounce this week, low oil prices continue to sow fear, uncertainty, and mayhem across the emerging market complex. On Wednesday, it was leaked that the IMF and World Bank would dispatch a team to oil and gas-dependent Azerbaijan to negotiate a possible $4 billion emergency loan package in what threatens to become the first of a series of global bailouts stemming from the tumbling oil price.
In Latin America’s largest economy, Brazil, the government has refused to rule out bailing out Petrobras, once the jewel of the nation’s crown but now a scandal-mired shadow of its former self, weighed down by $127 billion in debt, most of it denominated in dollars and euros.
If it is unable to sell the $15 billion in assets it has targeted by the end of this year – a big IF given how the prices of oil and gas assets have deteriorated – Petrobras might need some serious help from Brazil’s Treasury. According to Citi, that help could reach $21 billion – just enough to plug the company’s cash hole and fix the capital structure on a sustainable basis. That’s a big payment for a government that has on its hands a widening budget gap, a 4% economic contraction, and double-digit inflation.
Brazil is not the only Latin American economy entertaining a bailout of its national oil company. The government of Mexico just announced that it quietly injected 50 billion pesos ($2.7 billion) of public funds into the coffers of state-owned oil company Pemex.

Tumbling, Fumbling Ruble

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss whether or not the price is right for a ruble? A big mac? A salmon? A barrel of oil? A Deutsche Bank? A Clinton? In the second half, Max interviews Vladimir Rojanovsky, head of research at OK Broker Investment Company, about the ruble’s tumble and what that means for the Russian economy going forward.

30 Jan 2016

The West Is Reduced To Looting Itself

By Paul Craig Roberts: Myself, Michael Hudson, John Perkins, and a few others have reported the multi-pronged looting of peoples by Western economic institutions, principally the big New York Banks with the aid of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Third World countries were and are looted by being inticed into development plans for electrification or some such purpose. The gullible and trusting governments are told that they can make their countries rich by taking out foreign loans to implement a Western-presented development plan, with the result being sufficient tax revenues from economic development to service the foreign loan.
Seldom, if ever, does this happen. What happens is that the plan results in the country becoming indebted to the limit and beyond of its foreign currency earnings. When the country is unable to service the development loan, the creditors send the IMF to tell the indebted government that the IMF will protect the government’s credit rating by lending it the money to pay its bank creditors. However, the conditions are that the government take necessary austerity measures so that the government can repay the IMF. These measures are to curtail public services and the government sector, reduce public pensions, and sell national resources to foreigners. The money saved by reduced social benefits and raised by selling off the country’s assets to foreigners serves to repay the IMF.

Corbyn And The Holo-Hoax

By Gilad Atzmon: Six months ago, Jeremy Corbyn was unable to sing the national anthem. Two days ago he signed the holocaust book.  Our revolutionary leader is quick to adapt. 
Jewish News reported yesterday that the Labour leader has joined people from across the political spectrum in signing the Book of Commitment to remember the Holocaust.
Corbyn left a universal note inside the book: “To remember the Holocaust is a vital way of saying to all generations that the tragedy, brutality and loss must not be repeated, We must ensure all understand this and we can all play a role in preventing future tragedies." 
He could just say  "To remember the Holocaust is to say NO to Ziocon wars." But apparently he didn't. Source

A Russian Diplomat’s Take On The World

As the West’s mainstream media portrays Russia as a crazy rogue state, Moscow’s thoughtful critiques of world affairs are ignored, not fitting the propaganda theme. Such was the case when Foreign Minister Lavrov explained why there would be no more “business as usual” with the West, as Gilbert Doctorow describes.
By Gilbert Doctorow: On Jan. 26, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov held an important year-in-review press conference before an audience of about 150 journalists, including the BBC correspondent Steve Rosenberg and many other well-known representatives of mainstream Western media. The purpose of this annual event is to look back at issues faced by his Ministry over the past year and to give his appraisal of results achieved.  Lavrov’s opening remarks were concise, lasting perhaps 15 minutes, and the remaining two hours were turned over to the floor for questions. As the microphone was passed to journalists from many different countries, the discussion covered a great variety of subjects, including the likelihood of a new “re-set” with the United States, the negotiations over re-convening the Syrian peace talks in Geneva, British Prime Minister David Cameron’s comments on the findings of a U.K. public inquest into the Litvinenko murder, the possibilities for reestablishing diplomatic relations with Georgia, and prospects for resolving conflicting claims over the Southern Kurile islands so as to conclude a peace treaty with Japan.
To the best of my knowledge, not a single report of the event has yet appeared on major online American, French, British and German newspaper portals or television channels.

The Inspirational Jess Phillips MP

Because this is the Internet, I should probably point out that I am satirising Jess Phillips, and do not think that _anybody_ being murdered is trivial. 5hadowfax

The Ouroboros Of Feminism’s Psychology

By : Today, let’s talk about two very important things that you need to understand about feminism if you want to take feminism down. These two things are called feminist triumphalism and feminist subjectivism. They are closely related mental operations, and together they form a set of brackets or bookends which hold the entire feminist psychology together. 
Feminist triumphalism:
Feminist triumphalism is the idea that feminism is absolute, categorically and objectively “right” beyond all further discussion, for all time. Hence, feminism is triumphant and trumps any possible alternative standpoint. Feminist triumphalism is the moral bedrock from which all feminist thinking operates because the feminists are adamant that feminism has achieved an objective moral victory absolved from all further discussion. They will suggest that if you oppose feminism in any way, you are on the wrong side of history. Feminist triumphalism is their dogma, their fixed idea and the pivot point which their moral universe revolves around.
In their mind, you are morally bound to agree that feminism is RIGHT! It just IS. Feminism is right because it’s right and that settles it. And because feminism is right you must support it, and if you don’t, you are WRONG. You just ARE!

See The Patriarchy Fall

Uncuck The Right: Thanks to Alt Right ladies Natalie Szoke, Bheurile, and Bridget for providing their voices to this!

Clinton Emails: NATO Destroyed Libya To Prevent African Gold-Backed Currency

By CoNN (ANONHQ): Hillary’s emails truly are the gifts that keep on giving. While France led the proponents of the UN Security Council Resolution that would create a no-fly zone in Libya, it claimed that its primary concern was the protection of Libyan civilians (considering the current state of affairs alone, one must rethink the authenticity of this concern). As many “conspiracy theorists” will claim, one of the real reasons to go to Libya was Gaddafi’s planned gold dinar.
One of the 3,000 Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department on New Year’s Eve (where real news is sent to die quietly) has revealed evidence that NATO’s plot to overthrow Gaddafi was fueled by first their desire to quash the gold-backed African currency, and second the Libyan oil reserves.
The email in question was sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by her unofficial adviser Sydney Blumenthal titled “France’s client and Qaddafi’s gold.”
From Foreign Policy Journal:
“The email identifies French President Nicholas Sarkozy as leading the attack on Libya with five specific purposes in mind: to obtain Libyan oil, ensure French influence in the region, increase Sarkozy’s reputation domestically, assert French military power, and to prevent Gaddafi’s influence in what is consideredFrancophone Africa.’


About radical feminist Anita Sarkeesian's latest idiotic video. This time, she is waging a war on butts. Ceara McCord

Relief: US And UK Have Spied On Israeli Army For 18 Years

By Gilad Atzmon: For the last two decades some of us have insisted that the Jewish State is a prime threat to world peace. Apparently, we weren’t alone. The American and British military elite reached the same conclusion.
Now we learn that 18 years ago the U.S. and British intelligence services cracked Israel’s encryption for communication between fighter jets, drones and army bases and they have been spying on Israel ever since. The information was reported Friday by The Intercept and the German newspaper Der Spiegel based on documents revealed by whistle blower Edward Snowden.
Aware of its own danger to world peace, Israel said Friday it was disappointed but not surprised by the revelations. According to the reports, breaking Israel’s drone encryption allowed Britain and the United States to view images and videos broadcast to Israel Defense Force commands during drone operations in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and near the Jewish state’s northern border.

29 Jan 2016

Feminists Know Jack Shit About Feminism

Feminists love to make claims about things they can do 'and still be feminist'. What does feminist theory say about their choices? Janet Bloomfield

World War III - The New Axis Of Evil

The alliances and proxies of the Syrian Front explained.
The concept that humanity is teetering on the edge of third world war is no longer the domain of the lunatic fringe.
Those of you who have been paying attention know that in reality, the war is already underway. In this video we're going examine the profiles of the key players and the alliances they've formed, expose their motives, and present evidence of crimes that they've already committed.

Human Evolution And Culture

By : Culture has made human beings who they are. Leading human evolutionary biologist Joseph Henrich compellingly makes that point in his recent book, The Secret of Our Success: How Culture is Driving Human Evolution, Domesticating Our Species, and Making Us Smarter.
The answer to why humans are different is that we crossed the Rubicon. Cultural evolution became cumulative, and then both this accumulating body of information and its cultural products, like fire and food-sharing norms, developed as the central driving forces in human genetic evolution. … Having crossed the Rubicon, we can’t go back. The impact of this transition is underlined by the fact that, despite our long evolutionary history as foragers, we generally can’t survive by hunting and gathering when we have been stripped of that relevant culturally acquired knowledge. … So, yes, we are smart, but not because we stand on the shoulders of giants or are giants ourselves. We stand on the shoulders of a very large pyramid of hobbits. The hobbits do get a bit taller as the pyramid ascends, but it’s still the number of hobbits, not the height of particular hobbits, that’s allowing us to see farther.

World News Wrap Up..January 2016

"US treasury is at it again, or should I say Jew-S treasury? Slapping sanctions on Russia, joining the Jewish gang bashing Putin. It's no secret that the Jewish lobby pads the pockets of every hack on Capitol hill! ...The media is owned by Jews partial to AIPAC, ...they all know Trump is kosher approved by AIPAC. ...If Trump really wants to make America great again, he'd better drop the Jewsh script." Brother Nathanael

Fake Rape: Lancelot As Tool For The Amorous Girl’s Fantasy

The time was evening in Chrétien de Troyes’s late-twelfth-century Arthurian romance Lancelot. The knight Lancelot needed lodging. He met a beautiful girl, elegantly dressed and bejeweled, courteous and well-spoken. This is what she said:

Sir, my house
Is nearby, ready to receive you
If you decide to use it.
But in order to enjoy my home
You have to sleep with me.
My offer’s conditional and these
are my terms. [1]
Men, unless they are clever, often have to pay for sex. Men deserve reparations for the historical injustice of devaluing masculine sexuality, as well as pay for their erection labor. The girl offered not sexual reparations, but reverse prostitution. Lancelot had to sleep with her in order to obtain the lodging he desperately needed. You know how the story goes: men are marginalized persons who are always oppressed.
The manlet Lancelot accepted the girl’s offer even though he didn’t want to sleep with her. Under the new meaning of rape, the girl raped Lancelot, because he didn’t want to sleep with her, except that it’s not rape because rape of men doesn’t count.

Zika Outbreak Epicenter In Same Area Where GM (Genetically Modified) Mosquitoes Were Released In 2015

By Claire Bernish (ANTIMEDIA): The World Health Organization announced it will convene an Emergency Committee under International Health Regulations on Monday, February 1, concerning the Zika virusexplosivespread throughout the Americas. The virus reportedly has the potential to reach pandemic proportions — possibly around the globe. But understandingwhy this outbreak happened is vital to curbing it. As the WHO statement said:
“A causal relationship between Zika virus infection and birth malformations and neurological syndromes … is strongly suspected. [These links] have rapidly changed the risk profile of Zika, from a mild threat to one of alarming proportions.

New Documentary: Whistleblower Says USA's CDC Covered Up Vaccine-Autism Links

By Ben Swann (TRUTHINMEDIA): Vaccines are responsible for autism! The issue at hand here is a study that was performed at the CDC when the agency was complicit in a cover-up over a decade ago! Watch the documentary here. Background information and supporting documents included below:
For nearly two years, Truth In Media has explored the allegations of Dr. William Thompson, a CDC scientist who came forward in 2014, hired a whistleblower attorney, and claimed that important data regarding a study on vaccines and autism was eliminated.

I've Got A Brain Amy

I should have done this a long time ago. DoctorRandomercam

EU Refugee Crisis: Stop Illegal Wars, Don’t Blame The Victims

By Finian Cunningham: Europe is on a dangerous, slippery slope of increasing xenophobia and racism engendered by the influx of refugees. Denmark’s new confiscation law is a sign of the brooding, baleful climate. 
But the real answer to the problem is dealing with Europe’s support for Washington’s criminal wars.
In other words, citizens of Europe should be addressing the root cause of the problem, not reacting to the symptoms. We should be shaming the villains, not blaming the victims.
We should be demanding legal sanctions and prosecution of government leaders over what are gross violations of international law.
European governments stand accused of war crimes, yet we allow them to get away with mass murder. Then when we incur secondary problems such as the massive displacement of refugees from wars and conflicts – that our governments have fomented – we illogically and cravenly focus on blaming the victims of our governments’ criminality.
Part of the public shaming of the villains would involve holding those European members of the US-led NATO military alliance accountable to international law. Individual government and military leaders should be prosecuted for war crimes and crimes against peace. The inculpating evidence is out there. The fact that European governments have waged dubious overseas warswith impunity is the real shame and root of the problem.

NeoCunt + Basic Group Think + New World Order - WB7

28 Jan 2016

Who Gets To Pay For The Italian Banking Crisis?

By Don Quijones: Six years after Europe’s sovereign debt crisis began, the Eurozone’s third largest economy, Italy, has finally decided to do what just about every other country has done when facing a full-blown, almost out-of-control banking crisis: to set up a bad bank to hide its worst debt.
It was only a matter of time: in the last six years, Europe’s economies have been drowning in an ever-expanding vitrine of bad debt — and none more so than Italy, where non-performing loans have soared to more than 350 billion euros, a fourfold increase since the end of 2008. At 18%, Italy’s ratio of nonperforming loans is more than four times the European average (and Europe’s banks are in worse shape than America’s). It’s the equivalent of 21% of GDP in a country that boasts Europe’s second highest public debt-to-GDP ratio (130%), just behind Greece, and where the banks hold over 70% of the country’s debt.
To make matters even worse, if Brussels gets its way, Italy’s government will not be able to dip into future taxpayer funds to stop its debt-laden banks from dropping like flies. European law no longer allows that sort of thing.

Sanctions - Moscow

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are joined by Ben Aris of BNE.eu to discuss the latest from the Russian economy as it confronts a falling ruble, trade wars and self-imposed sanctions. They look on the bright side of these sanctions which has seen a renaissance in the Russian food scene and they examine accusations from a leading British commentator that Russia can never develop a Google . . . uh, despite having a Yandex, the biggest tech company in Europe. They also look at asset stripping banks in Russia to buy property in London and the reserve fund being used for precisely what it was accumulated to do.

Feminist Terminology 1: Gender

"We know that the university is the key arena of indoctrination of our youth today who then make careers in journalism, law, politics, business, policing, social work, media, civil service and the judiciary, where they carry utopian ideology and the immunity to logic into all the main facets of our society with pernicious effect." Professor Fiamengo discusses the first of five pernicious feminist terms: Gender

Man Defends Genital Integrity Of Five Sons

Every year in early spring intactivists converge on Washington DC for Genital Integrity Awareness Week. Busloads of students and tourists see and talk with intactivists. After seeing members of the Bloodstained Men and Their Friends protesting, a man on the street, Johnny Love shared his thoughts.

It’s Dangerous And Wrong To Tell All Children They’re ‘Gender Fluid’

'What started as a baffling skirmish on the wilder shores of victim culture has now turned into something more menacing'
By : Once upon a time, ‘binary’ was a mathematical term. Now it is an insult on a par with ‘racist’, ‘sexist’ or ‘homophobic’, to be deployed as a weapon in our culture wars. The enemy on this particular battleground is anyone who maintains that there are men and there are women, and that the difference between them is fundamental.
This ‘binary’ distinction is accepted as a given by the vast majority of the human race. No matter. It is now being categorised as a form of bigotry. Utterly bizarre? Scoff at your peril. It’s fast becoming an enforceable orthodoxy, with children and young people particularly in the frame for attitude reassignment.
Many didn’t know whether to be amused or bemused when the feminist ideologue Germaine Greer was attacked by other progressives for claiming that transgender men who became women after medical treatment were still men. What started as a baffling skirmish on the wilder shores of victim culture has now turned into something more menacing.
The Commons Women and Equalities Select Committee has produced a report saying transgender people are being failed.

Biological Determinism And Dogma

CS MGTOW: "What we are now seeing creep in to the main stream of popular science is a set of beliefs about the genders that is often unsupported by the available evidence and in many situations actually contradicted by evidence and real life observations when one studies both men and women closely.

These People Receive 300 Free Marijuana Joints From The US Government Each Month

By Lou Colagiovanni (ANTIMEDIA): Marijuana may be illegal in many parts of the United States, but that isn’t stopping a small group of citizens from receiving free marijuana for life from the U.S. government.
How is this possible? In 1978, under President Jimmy Carter, the U.S. began a program called the Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program. To be eligible for the program, one had to have had a serious, chronic health ailment. Those who qualified received marijuana from the U.S. government for life. The Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program came to an end in 1992 under President George H. W. Bush, but those who were enrolled before the program’s termination were grandfathered in, and as a result, are still receiving free marijuana.
At this time, only four Americans are still participating in the program. Barbara Douglas receives nine free ounces of marijuana per month to treat her Multiple Sclerosis. She has been enrolled since 1991. George McMahon receives eight free ounces of marijuana every month to treat his Nail-patella syndrome and has been enrolled since 1990. To treat glaucoma, Elvy Musikka has been receiving eight free ounces a month since 1988. Irvin Rosenfeld receives nine free ounces of marijuana per month to treat a rare bone disorder. He has been receiving marijuana since 1982.

Cameron, The Holo-Hoax And Forgetfulness

By Gilad Atzmon: The Jewish Chronicle reported today that David Cameron has marked holocaust Memorial Day by announcing that a new national shoah memorial will be built next to the Parliament.
For a second, I was delighted. I thought that at last our PM had decided to commemorate some of the holocausts the Empire inflicted on millions of innocent people around the globe. The Brits, I thought, should remember the Balfour Declaration and the disaster it forced on the Palestinian people. The holocaust memorial could allocate some space to commemorate the suffering of Indians whose country was divided by the late Empire with tragic consequences.  Such a memorial could also serve as a sincere apology for the criminal war we launched against Iraq: this war with no end in sight that has cost the lives of many millions of innocent civilians. And what about the indiscriminate murder of hundreds of thousands of German civilians in an orchestrated air raid campaign to wipe out German cities? Shouldn’t Britain commemorate this holocaust once and for all? 
Of course, I was totally wrong. Cameron had no intention of commemorating British wrongdoing. Instead, once again, it was the primacy of Jewish suffering to which our PM subscribed.

I Male Whore

By Smedley Butler: Hi, I'm a whore. I was born into this world whole, and the day after I was born my genitals were mutilated and I lost the first piece of myself... my cries and screams were ignored as I bled. My first experience in this world was pain... so I learned early how to push it down and ignore it like I was taught men are "supposed" to do. I was told that I have to initiate every romantic encounter, and that a woman will not ask me out, so I gathered my confidence and had to face potential rejection time and time again from "sluts" who are unaware that men have feelings too in the slim hope that one of them might be gracious enough to make me pay for their food and time by taking them out on a date... I was told I needed to be strong and brave, so I joined the Marines.... I made myself a whore, and I left more of my body parts in Iraq, like a man is "supposed" to do. I was told that I need to be a protector, I was told that a woman desires a "real man".... I am forever cursed with the burden of heavy lifting, or dealing with the intruder in the kitchen. I only became what I was told I should be.... Now my aggression that has protected you is considered to be unstable, My braveness that inspired you has become insanity. When I assert myself, I become a monster, a violator of freewill, and a gear in the patriarchal cog.

At 5'11'' and 150lbs, I am constantly reminded that I am skinny and small, and therefore weak.... the word that all men have been trained to fear.... My tears are considered weak... my feelings are disregarded.... My honor rendered moot. "Sluts" with large vaginal openings feel the need to remind me how much penis size matters, while failing to realize that sex is a puzzle with TWO pieces, not one.

Putin Calls Out Obama's Big Lie - Why Doesn't Anyone Else?

By Eric Zuesse: Russian President Vladimir Putin said that in an interview (part 1 and part 2) with Germany’s Das Bild, published on January 11th, but the press has ignored this very serious charge – an accusation of deception, bad faith, outright lying, on the part of the US President.
Here is the historical record:
On 17 September 2009, the White House issued «Remarks by the President on Strengthening Missile Defense in Europe». He said there: «This new ballistic missile defense program will best address the threat posed by Iran's ongoing ballistic missile defense program… Our clear and consistent focus has been the threat posed by Iran's ballistic missile program, and that continues to be our focus and the basis of the program that we're announcing today».
All the rest of Putin’s account is likewise entirely accurate.
US President Barack Obama lied, about a very important matter. The people calling him out on it should be more than just the Russian President. This is an issue – World War III – that affects the entire world.
There is no issue that’s more serious than this. But, where is the press on it?
Only one English-language site carried Bild’s English-language translation – the rabidly anti-Russian Business Insider, which was founded by the Wall Street fraudster, Henry Blodget.

27 Jan 2016

Freedom! 19,000 Iraqi Civilians Killed In Less Than Two Years

that works out to about 28 dead every day.
By Peter Van Buren: It is also an estimate, given that many areas of the country are not readily accessible, and because the death toll from the siege of Ramadi is not accounted for in the figures. More than 3.2 million Iraqis are internally displaced and/or homeless.
Iraq is now an ungoverned, failed state, a killing field on the scale of genocide.
At least 18,802 civilians were killed and 36,245 wounded in Iraq over the last 22 months, according to the UN’s Report on the Protection of Civilians in the Armed Conflict in Iraq. Another 3,206,736 Iraqis are internally displaced, including more than one million children. The study emphasizes that these are conservative estimates. The UN also is careful to note that the number of civilians killed by secondary effects of the violence, such as lack of access to food, water or medical care, is unknown. In many areas of Iraq schools are closed and basic infrastructure is not functioning.
All that is in addition to the more than one million people already killed during the American occupation period.
These horrors are directly caused by the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq and subsequent occupation. In addition to unleashing near-total chaos in the nation, the U.S. invasion led directly to the rise of Islamic State, which found the consuming violence fertile soil for growth. ISIS went on to see a new role to emerge, protector of the Sunni population, which was being slaughtered and impoverished by the Shiite majority empowered by the Americans and Iran.

UK’s Palestine Solidarity Campaign Blocks Call To Expel Israel From The UN!???

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: The following article by Stuart Littlewood is an opportunity to witness, once again, the degree of infiltration into the Palestinian Solidarity movement. As I have been arguing for years, the UK PSC subscribes to kosher agenda; it operates as a Zionist controlled opposition apparatus.
By Stuart Littlewood: At its Annual General Meeting last weekend the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) threw out a proposal to seek Israel’s expulsion from the United Nations.
Chairman Hugh Lanning is reported to have kicked off proceedings on a positive note saying: “Let us recommit to Palestine to make sure that we make a difference in the coming year.”
But the mask slipped when a motion was put for the PSC’s Executive Committee to
request the government of the United Kingdom, enforced by a petition and lobbying, to submit a motion to the Security Council recommending that the General Assembly expel Israel from the UN in compliance with the UN Charter, Article 6.
The motion failed76 in favour, 116 against.

Feminism v Egalitarianism: How Can We Cultivate A Safer Society?

By : Violence has its roots, and so does suffering. Both feminists and egalitarians have suggested ways to cultivate a safer society. Some people are surprised to learn that the practice of distributing compassion equally is an important way in which egalitarianism differs from feminism. This difference is tragically striking when it comes to the issue of child abuse.
Unlike egalitarian reasoning, feminist ideological assumptions lead to diminished compassion for the suffering of non-women, including men and children, because of how ideology subconsciously affects judgment. For example, egalitarianism seeks to overcome this problem while leading media feminists such as Jessica Valenti to insist on calling certain civil rights advocates “whiny” for challenging her on how she distributes compassion.
If one looks carefully at her stereotype of Men’s Rights Activists, the parallels with psychological profiles of adult victims of child abuse are uncanny. Moreover, the delight she takes in using sardonic feminist in-jokes reveals an entrenched boundary in her compassion.
Egalitarians find her patently feminist outlook toxically inhumane. What about the value of those lives burdened by child abuse? Would we not cultivate a safer society if we ensured that abused children’s developmental needs were better met? When victims of abuse get mad at feminists for denying their voices, look at who treats their points of view as worthless.
'The most common form of child abuse is Parental Alienation Syndrome.'

Dictionary Entry Citing ‘Rabid Feminist’ Doesn’t Just Reflect Prejudice, It Reinforces It - Rabid Feminist Emer O’Toole

By Mike Buchanan: Emer O’Toole is an Irish feministacademic, specialising in… oh, I can’t be bothered to find out, I’d sooner try to arrange the cats in the road where I live, in alphabetical order. She’s got her (doubtless ethically-sourced) knickers in a twist over the use of the term ‘rabid feminist’ by Oxford Dictionaries Online, so naturally she’s penned a Guardian article about it. The first paragraph:

Canadian anthropologist, Michael Oman-Reagan, tweeted Oxford Dictionaries last week to ask it why “rabid feminist” is its Oxford Dictionaries Online (ODO) usage example for the word “rabid”. Oxford Dictionaries responded by suggesting Oman-Regan may be a rabid feminist. It has since apologised for the “flippant” response and is reviewing the example sentence.
The ‘reviewing’ will, of course, be followed by the ‘removing’.
The ability to make a point, only to follow it with arguments of mind-numbing stupidity, is of course a characteristic of feminists. In this case, the initial point Ms O’Toole makes is a sound one.

Why Aren’t We Doing More To Stop Men Dying Of Cancer?

'Historically, there has been more focus on women,
even though the outcome is worse for men'

According to the Office for National Statistics, men don't just lead women in succumbing to nine of the top 10 killer diseases, including heart disease, stroke, pneumonia, diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver – you know, the really fun ones – we also die five years earlier than women, as part of a life expectancy gap that's swollen 400 per cent in 90 years.
It hasn't always been this way. Back in the early 1900s, men's lifespans lagged just one year behind their female counterparts, which means something relatively recent has gone wrong.
'Ironically, charities such as Cancer Research – which flags up these issues – still ban men and boys from some of their annual fundraisers.'