28 Jan 2016

Biological Determinism And Dogma

CS MGTOW: "What we are now seeing creep in to the main stream of popular science is a set of beliefs about the genders that is often unsupported by the available evidence and in many situations actually contradicted by evidence and real life observations when one studies both men and women closely.

These scientists and academics take factual differences based on the brains of men and women, point to real structural or biochemical differences and then make a statement as to the impact of said difference in relationship to the gender, even when the supposed ability rarely manifests itself in the gender in question. It's a symptom of the popular mane stream narrative about the supposed superiority of the human female and attempts to explain these supposedly superior traits biologically. We are in an age it seems that inaccurate observations about males and females can be asserted without challenge as long as they serve to flatter the sensibilities of women." 


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