29 Feb 2016

Tommy Sotomayor's "Rumble In the Jungle" w/Tonya TKO!

"Aint nothing going on but the rent, ...got to have a J O B if you want to be with me, ...now what's going on? ...I'm in the business of telling black women about themselves, ...I am the voice of the everyday brother." Obsidian

The Special Place In Feminist Hell, Discovered

By : I’ve written before about the parallels between feminist-speak and religious language, so feminist Madeline Albright’s declaration that there is a special place in Hell for women who do not support other women” (as in, women who don’t vote for Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton) was not a shock to me in that sense, but I was flummoxed by the début of this new class of mortal sin: the sin of self-gender betrayal. Sure, Jesus seemed to prefer male apostles in his inner circle but in my extensive study of scripture and Hell this particular sin had somehow escaped my notice.
Loyalty to God, humanity, the faithful, and kin are all familiar to me but loyalty to one’s gender as a divine decree? Not even in the darkest passages of the 3,237 cantos of Patriarchy (hot chicks be upon them) does one find such an edict for men to stay loyal to men as a class – as teammates, sure, but there are dudes on the other team we owe no gender-specific allegiance to beyond sportsmanship.
My harrowing of feminists knows no limits, not even the harrowing of hell, so to investigate this revelation, on late Friday afternoon I descended into hell for a quick day and a half refresher tour, and now that I’ve risen at Sunday morning daybreak, I can report with astonishment that, since the time of Dante, feminists have completely rearranged the furniture in the Inferno.
1: Not All Brimstone Lakes Are Like That
Preparing for Feminist Hell took some forethought.

Roger Waters On Why More Artists Don’t Speak Out Against Terrorist Israel: They’re Terrified

Artistic Expression Stifled By Fears of Zionist Power
By Richard Edmondson: Have you ever wondered why more musical artists don’t speak out on the occupation of Palestine? This is actually a question put recently by a journalist to someone who could be considered an expert on the matter–Roger Waters.
His answer? To state it bluntly, They’re scared shitless.”
More than a quarter of a century ago, black South Africans were waging a struggle against apartheid–and there was no shortage of western musicians expressing open solidarity with them–not only with words, but even in their music. In 1980, British rocker Peter Gabriel made an overnight folk hero out of anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko, while in 1985 musician Steven Van Zandt enlisted a host of famous entertainers in his musical production, “Sun City: Artists United Against Apartheid.” Those who participated in the project included Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Lou Reed and many others (click here for the full list). All expressed the same thing: they would honor a boycott and refuse to perform in South Africa.
The message these artists helped to transmit was that while South Africans were fighting a ruthless and brutal government, a good portion of the world was with them. By contrast, the Palestinians, with the exception of Waters and a few others, have had to go it alone.

Journalists As Judge And Jury

Feminism LOL: A crime is not news until it has been reported to police. Toronto Star, Jesse Brown, and Kevin Donovan need to be held to account for the Ghomeshi "trial". - Journalists must not be allowed to take the place of the justice system where there are rules and a chance at defence.

Girl Revived Naked, Sleeping Yvain With Non-Consensual Full Body Massage

: Yvain became insane with grief when his wife rejected him. He fell to sleeping naked in the woods. One day, a girl passing by in the woods saw him. She didn’t merely gaze at him (that’s a violent, dominating act according to some literary scholars). She stared at him. Moreover, she didn’t just sexually assault him. She responded to the naked, sleeping Yvain with a complex, ambiguous mix of emotions and motives represented in subtle, highly literary poetry.

In a traveling party of two girls and their lady, only one girl saw Yvain sleeping naked in the woods. She didn’t immediately turn away or notify her companions. His body powerfully attracted her:

As soon as she saw the naked
Man, {she} dismounted and ran
and stared at him hard, trying
To find something about him
From which she might know his name.
Looking at a person’s face is typical means of recognition. Her focus was to “find something about him”:

The Empire Will Strike Back

By Robert Gore: The populist revolt fueling non-mainstream political movements in both Europe and the US flows from a single source: you can not fool all the people all the time. The central lie of our time is that governments can and should forcibly assume control of individuals’ lives, in the name of vague and always shifting greater goods. The Command and Control Futility Principle holds that governments and central banks can control one, but not all variables in a multi-variable system. The number of variables global governments and central banks have arrogated to their purported control has grown beyond measure. Breakdowns are visible everywhere, and as those failures exact their ever-increasing toll on the masses, the masses are pushing back.
The last financial crisis was a watershed. Capitalism’s rough justice was obviously, and gallingly, not allowed to play out. Favored financial institutions didn’t face the consequences—insolvency and bankruptcy—of their promotion of various bubbles and their leveraged business models. They were bailed out with taxpayer funds. Especially galling was that they knew they were going to be bailed out.

Thug Bunk

"The right kind of person getting upset for the politically correct reasons. You're not telling that one offendee that they need to accept the merriment of the other 99 people, you're telling those 99 people that they are wrong to be laughing and that this whole show needs to be shut down, because of that one cunt in the audience who doesn't like the word CUNT!" DoctorRandomercam. I knew you'd slip up sooner or later, Big Think. You must have known I'd come for you.

Justice Is Not For Women

What use is the law or the courts when you have Gawker?  johntheother.

Monk, Naval Chaplain & Financial Journalist Review Gesta Romanorum

By : Like benighted elites today, leading nineteenth-century English public figures lacked appropriate respect for medieval Latin literature. Gesta Romanorum, a Latin story-collection probably compiled in England late in the thirteenth century, was one of the most popular texts in the Middle Ages. Yet modern scholars have largely ignored it. Charles Swan, who served as chaplain on a British naval warship, translated nearly fully Gesta Romanorum for the first time from Latin into English in 1824.[1] Wynnard Hooper, who went on to a career as an eminent financial journalist, revised and corrected Swan’s translation in 1877. Both Swan and Hooper treated Gesta Romanorum with comical bias.
Swan’s alternate title for Gesta Romanorum suggests the interest of a naval chaplain in entertaining sailors on a long voyage. Swan was no crude boathand. He received an elite education at Catharine Hall, Cambridge, and acquired the title of Reverend. In 1823, nine of his sermons accompanied with learned references and notes were published with a flowery prefatory dedication to  “George, Lord Bishop of Lincoln.”[2] Swan’s sermons emphasized “moral preaching.” Swan’s alternate title for Gesta Romanorum likewise indicated moral instruction, along with literary learning and an imagined casual setting:

Blair, Immigration, And The Betrayal Of British Workers

By Gilad Atzmon: According to The Daily Mail, PM Tony Blair conspired to flood Britain with immigrants in order to impose a multicultural society on the Brits. Yesterday, the paper published a chapter from Tom Bower's explosive new biography of Tony Blair. The paper’s subtitle reads: Conman Blair's cynical conspiracy to deceive the British people and let in 2 million migrants against the rules.”
According to Bower, Blair secretly instructed ministers to waive tens of thousands of asylum seekers into the UK, by reclassifying them as ‘economic migrants.’ Blair planned to “change the face of Britain for ever with mass immigration.”  He ordered his Labour government never to discuss in public the supposed advantages of the unprecedented influx.
If Tom Bower’s account is correct then the criticism leveled by right wing ideologists and so-called ‘bigots’ against Labour and the left is valid. The Labour government that purported to care for the lower classes, implemented radical measures designed to destroy the cohesion of the working people and dismantle their political power.  Thanks to Blair and his Labour government, the British working classes have been reduced to a workless under-class!

Why Is Male Infertility So Under-Researched?

The medical advice for infertile men is 50-years old and counting. You can bet that science wouldn't have neglected the area of research if the sufferers were women.
By Neil Lyndon: “No major subject in all of medical science is more neglected than male infertility,” said the scholar. “Treatment hasn’t advanced in 50 years. It still consists largely of general health advice – wear loose pants, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t be overweight.”
This man and I were chatting at a gathering for a book launch. He is one of the very few academics in the West who is researching a subject solely concerned with men. His special interest is in how individual men are affected psychologically by finding themselves involuntarily childless in middle-age when they might naturally have expected to become fathers. Intrigued by the sound of that topic, I added that I knew of no studies on the psychological effects on men finding that they were infertile. He then came out with the two statements at the top of this article. 
I was so dumbfounded that I decided to investigate. Can it be true that such an obviously important field of medical research is broadly neglected?

28 Feb 2016

ICMI 2016 In London Just Ahead

The second International Conference on Men’s Issues, this time in London, is now just a few months away. 20 speakers from around the world will participate in the three-day event. - That will be the topic today as Paul Elam launches a series of hangouts leading up to the conference. Today, he will be joined by conference host Mike Buchanan of Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them).

“She Wants You To Be Her Prisoner”

She wants you to be her prisoner.
She wants to have your body
For herself, not even your heart
To be free.” “Surely,”
he answered,
“I agree. I’ve no objections.
I want to be her prisoner.” [1]
: So said the knight Yvain in the late-twelfth-century Arthurian romance Yvain: The Knight with the Lion. Yvain had killed the lady’s husband in a foolish bid for knightly glory. He then fell madly in love with the grieving lady.
At great risk to himself, Yvain sought out a meeting with the lady. He surrendered himself completely to her:

“Lady! Rather than beg
For your mercy, I’ll thank you for anything
You wish to do with me.
Nothing you do could displease me.”
“Really? And what if I kill you?”
“Lady! Your will be done.
You’ll never hear me complain.”
The repeated, exclamatory address “Lady!” emphasizes Yvain’s desperate desire to serve the lady.

The Inner Circle's "Rom Wills Explains Female Fuckery!"

The Inner Circle's comment, as follows: "How many likes can I give to a post like this? What you and Rom stated is dead on, a bullseye on the mark. Because we have lived in a society that has been puritanical in nature for so long, speaking about such issues is shunned upon, especially in the black community. As you mentioned earlier, a lot of us were fed a ton of BS growing up that was based on fairy tales and the cultures of generations' past; Steve Harvey waxing poetically about a man 'needing to earn a woman's time' by courting her for months on end is a prime example of that.

If Men Behaved Like These Silly, Self-Important Wimmin There Would Be An Outcry

The Women’s Leadership Association (Empower Yourself, Empower Others) has just emailed me to inform me that my 2016 membership with The International Women's Leadership Association has been approved! And I didn’t even know that I had applied. It is truly wonderful. Beth Johnston, the Executive Director of the IWLA, tells me that I have been considered for this honour based on my outstanding leadership skills, commitment to my profession (what’s that I wonder?) and contributions to my community.
Well who would have known? And there was me thinking that the feminists hated me! Now all I have to do, they tell me, is to make one click to register to take my place among other remarkable women. “You have earned it and you deserve it!” Beth assures me.
Well fancy that! The thing is that the IWLA recognises women from around the world - from aspiring professionals to the most accomplished! I wonder which I am - aspiring or accomplished?!
It doesn’t matter does it? Inclusion in The IWLA is a privilege shared by thousands of women throughout the world. And that should be good enough for all of us. The message is clear, isn’t it?

Comedy Festival Discriminates Against Straight Men

So once again, discrimination is deemed OK as long as it isn't against a "protected group". Raging Golden Eagle

How Society Controls You, Faux PUA Sasha Daygame

Luke Rudkowski interviews pick up artist Sasha Daygame about how society conforms and controls our minds from actually achieving true happiness and love. We go over the stereotypes of PUA and how we can be our worst enemies with limiting beliefs.

A Commentary On The Shared Parenting Myth

By : There continues to be a growing trend toward shared parenting time arrangements throughout the United States, and New Jersey is no different. The theory behind shared parenting is that the children benefit from the ongoing, consistent contact with both parents. Sounds good. However, depending on the age of the children, this is very hard to implement and very hard to manage. Even in traditional homes where two parents live together with their children, keeping the house rules clear and what the household expectations are is very hard. Imagine this in two different homes, where the parents are often at complete odds with each other. Who sets the rules? What if the rules are not followed? How confusing is it for the child?

Is Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation [Soft Name Circumcision] Legal? Does It Matter?

By : Does the law protect the right of every adult, child, or infant to bodily integrity?
There is mounting evidence that this is so, and has been argued by Mike Buchanan of Justice for Men and Boys, and now also by Peter Adler’s “Is Circumcision Legal?
To answer the question, I’ll discuss Adler’s work and also discuss aspects of the well-known Chase Heronimus lawsuit to prevent the forced circumcision of 4 yr. old Chase against his mother’s will.
First, an excerpt from “Is Circumcision Legal?,” italics mine:

Origins of circumcision
Almost all mammals have foreskins. The male and female genitalia, which are identical in early gestation, have evolved to function together during sexual intercourse over sixty-five to one hundred million years.
Male and female circumcisions have been practiced for thousands of
years, usually for religious, cultural, and personal reasons. Male
circumcision has been performed as a religious ritual, a painful obligatory rite of passage, to mark or brand slaves and members of religious or tribal groups, and to suppress sexuality.

27 Feb 2016

Democracy Suicide Ft Boris Johnson And Alex Jones

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss democracies committing suicide (as John Adams had warned) and the ominous BoJo Hair Formation taking place in sterling as the pound plunges on Mayor of London Boris Johnson announcing his support for the Leave campaign in the EU referendum. In the second half, Max interviews alternative media star Alex Jones about his first-of-its-kind interview with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and what role the mainstream media has played in Trump’s rise by refusing to cover certain stories important to Americans outside the Beltway.

Cut Off From PA Aid, Relatives Of Slain In Gaza Face Destitution

By Isra Saleh el-Namey: Hanadi al-Qayid looked tired.
The 45-year-old lost two of her children when fighter jets shelled her home in the central Gaza Strip city of Deir al-Balah during Israel’s assault in the summer of 2014.
Now she attends a regular sit-in demonstration outside a branch of the Palestinian Authority office responsible for the welfare of the families of the dead and wounded. Relatives of the martyrs, are they are known, gather weekly in Gaza City to protest the decision to suspend the payment of allowances to families of the those slain by Israel in 2014.
“Officials tend to say that it is a great honor for them to serve the families of martyrs. But we have become beggars due to these offensive practices,” al-Qayid told The Electronic Intifada.
Walaa, 15, and Ahmad, 12, were not the first of al-Qayid’s children to lose their lives to the Israeli military. In 2003, their oldest brother, Mahmoud, was shot and killed by the army and as if that wasn’t enough, her husband, Said, suffered a heart attack five months ago and had to undergo urgent surgery to save his life, surgery the family needed to borrow money to pay for.
“I’ve found myself alone in consecutive ordeals,” she said, another reason her anger at the PA is so acute.

Meyer Lansky’s Lawyer Still Runs Las Vegas

Commentary by Dr. Patrick Slattery: You just cannot make this stuff up. This article from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency is a fluff piece about Oscar Goodman and his wife Carolyn. Oscar Goodman was Las Vegas mayor from 1999-2011, and when he bumped into the three-term limit he got his wife elected. She is now in her second term. 

What is remarkable is that the article below reveals that the Goodmans moved to Las Vegas so that Oscar could work as the lawyer for Murder Incorporated’s Meyer Lansky, the most notorious Jewish mobster of the Twentieth Century. Moreover, it mentions that he was introduced to the gang by none other than the late Jewish Senator Arlen Specter, who at the time was a Philadelphia prosecutor and asked Goodman to take two mobsters accused of murder out to dinner. The article makes no effort to justify or rationalize this bizarre request. Maybe the Jewish author just assumes that the Jewish readers will understand that Goodman was being a mensch.
If you are wondering why it is okay for Specter, Goodman, and his wife to be so chummy with Jewish murderers and mob bosses, don’t expect the article to explain, because it doesn’t. But it does mention that Mrs. Goodman has been deeply involved in the Las Vegas Jewish community for over 50 years and would like to “make aliyah” if it weren’t for the fact her children live in Nevada. And most of all, her husband, Meyer Lansky’s lawyer, “is really a very good Jew and very religious and very loyal to it.” And that’s want really matters, isn’t it.

Western Peoples Are Being Re-Enserfed

By Paul Craig Roberts: Following the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, free farmers were defenceless in the face of Viking, Magyar, and Saracen raiders. The need for protection led to the enserfment of free people who accepted the suzerainty of those able to provide walled defenses and armed fighters to ward off attacks. As time passed, the attacks ceased but the feudal arrangements persisted, and the system became exploitative.
Today jobs offshoring and the financialization of the economy are again enserfing the people, but the cause is debt, not armed invaders.  
Today’s rentier class, unlike the one that emerged from feudalism, has never provided any service in exchange for the debt peonage that it has imposed.

Partitioning Syria - Will Russia Back Off

All the Middle East in this piece from Iran to Lebanon. Morris.

Radical Feminist Big Red Has A Sister!!

The London group at Speakers corner, 21st February 2016.

Dear Male Feminists

26 Feb 2016

CONFIRMED - The U.S. Military Asks Tech Companies To Tweak Their Algorithms To Promote Certain Content

By Michael Krieger: You probably had no idea, but representatives from Silicon Valley, Hollywood and the U.S. government came together earlier this week to privately discuss how they could jointly fight ISIS propaganda online. Never mind the fact that ISIS is the child of reckless and inhumane preemptive wars of aggression perpetrated by the U.S. government. Such introspection naturally never crosses the mind of government bureaucrats ostensibly attempting to understand the epic disasters they created in the first place.
So who attended the meeting? We don’t know for sure because the plebes aren’t entitled to know such things. Fortunately, we have become privy to some information thanks to Buzzfeed News. Here’s what we learned:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — They flew in from New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles to hole up in a windowless D.C. conference room for nearly five hours on Wednesday — representatives of the country’s top tech and entertainment companies brainstorming with U.S. counterterrorism officials to tackle one tough question: how to stop the spread of ISIS online.

Shitlord Of The Patriarchy

I look inside the mind of a social justice warrior. Gollum was a feminist before it was cool. The struggle is endless. Evan Delshaw

The Siege Of Weinsberg

By : I wish to share a story based on true events, for which we need to travel back a bit in time, to the month of December 1140, to be correct.
The fortress of Weinsberg was probably built in the early 11th century; it lay and still does lie on top of a hill in Germany. In the weeks leading up to the event I wish to share, the fortress ended besieged due to a power struggle between the royal houses of Welfen and Staufern. The Weinsberg castle belonged to the Welfen, and King Konrad III was eager to carry away a victory and claim the fortress.
On the 21st of December that year, this victory finally arrived after an open field battle was won by King Konrad’s army against the troops of Welf VI, who had arrived to help the desperate folk in the castle. Alas, his defeat doomed all hope for those within the fortress walls, and capitulation was decided to be the last option.
King Konrad accepted and graciously granted that the women were to be given free passage to escape from further harm, yet he also made it clear that all the men remaining in the fortress would face execution. The women were given the right to carry with them whatever possessions they could fit on their backs, and so it came to be that King Konrad and his men were to witness a highly unusual sight.

Israel’s Evil Bastards & Their Bulldozers Escape Our Attention

By Barbara Erickson: Last autumn, when word came that the unpaved road to al-Hadidiya would be repaired, villagers in this Jordan Valley herding community looked forward to a winter of less hardship.
Now, even when the rains arrived and turned the track into muck, supplies could get through, children could walk to school and the sick could reach clinics.
“I can’t tell you how happy we all were,” said Khadijeh Bsharat, a widow with 11 children, who was interviewed by the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem. “We said to each other that life would be better, and we would be able to get from place to place in summer and winter.”
Residents began working on the road, leveling ruts and spreading gravel over the surface. Although Israeli army officials had issued a stop work order on 15 November, an attorney had won an injunction, and the work, supported by aid from donors, went forward.
Nevertheless, Israeli bulldozers arrived before dawn on 25 November and began to destroy what had been accomplished, piling gravel in heaps.

Is This The Land Of The Free?

By Gilad Atzmon:
All I see is collective capitulation!!
During yesterday Republican debate, Wolf Blitzer began a round of questions on foreign policy by addressing the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis. He quoted Trump as having previously said, “Let me be sort of a neutral guy. I don’t want to say whose fault it is. I don’t think it helps.”
Blitzer then asked Trump, “How do you remain neutral when the U.S. considers Israel to be America’s closest ally in the Middle East?”

Extinction Is Rule, Survival Is Exception

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss extinction as the rule, survival as the exception as investors seek cockroaches and dump the massive herd of unicorns. They look at the role of Chianti in the role of the ongoing demise of the oldest bank in the world - a cockroach that became a unicorn thanks to Deutsche Bank and Nomura’s ersatz collateral. In the second half, Max interviews venture capitalists and entrepreneur, Brock Pierce of Blockchain Capital, about the latest in the bitcoin and blockchain space.

Prof. Jim Fetzer Tells Us Things That The Presstitutes Do Not

Introduction by Paul Craig Roberts: In this video Professor Jim Fetzer examines 9/11, Boston Marathon Bombing, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, and the Paris attack. It is a very challenging presentation that reflects exhaustive investigation.
Anthony Hilder: A variety of False Flags with proof by Professor Jim Fetzer. Sandy Hook, Charlie Hebdo, 9/11. Pictures and documentation in this presentation.

Unwin's Conclusion: A Step-By-Step Guide To The End Of Civilization - MGTOW

"Basically men built civilization just to get laid." An analysis of how civilisations collapse as accounted for by the theories of J.D. Unwin. So long, farewell, and thanks for all the fish! Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW

How To Reinforce Sexism

Calling out is a good way to promote the behavior you oppose. johntheother

25 Feb 2016

Israel Is On the Brink Of A Tyranny Of The Majority

By discrediting and disenfranchising Palestinian parliament members, Israel’s democracy is being exposed as a facade

By Jonathan Cook: February 25, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - Benjamin Netanyahu’s government in Tel Aviv is drafting legislation that ought to resolve in observers’ minds the question of whether Israel is the democracy it proudly claims to be. The bill empowers a three-quarters majority of the Israeli parliament to oust a sitting MP.

It breathes new life into the phrase “tyranny of the majority”. But in this case, the majority will be Jewish MPs oppressing their Palestinian colleagues.

Mr Netanyahu has presented the bill as a necessary response to the recent actions of three MPs from the Balad faction of the Joint List, a coalition of parties representing the often-overlooked fifth of Israel’s citizens who are Palestinian.

Feminist Terminology 4: Structural Violence

Professor Fiamengo discusses the fourth of five pernicious feminist terms: Structural Violence.

One Ring To Rule Them All, One Ring To Find Them, One Ring To Bring Them All And In The Darkness Bind Them

Assange explains how Zionist shill Washington coerces the world and keeps its citizens under a blanket of deception and disinformation.
Afshin Rattansi with the world's most wanted publisher - the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange. He has just co-authored a book - the WikiLeaks Files, and it paints a picture of systemic US torture and killing as well as the destruction of the lives and livelihoods of billions of people right around the world.

Drunk Sex: A Treatise In Three Parts - Part One

"Drunk sex, a lot of feminists are now saying, is rapeLaci Green for example said if she's too drunk to drive she is too drunk to consent, but this concept has a large number of pitfalls and flaws you have to work through if you're gonna turn it from a general principal to an actual enforceable law or a very social convention." Said Josh O'Brien.

2016 Refugee Level Is Eight Times The Rate Witnessed During Same Period Last Year

Although everyone watching has been convinced that Europe’s disastrous economy and related debt crisis would be the spark to unravel the European Union project, it appears history has its own plans.
While EU technocrats have demonstrated an uncanny ability to scheme, threaten, kick the can and lie their way around the debt crisis, the migrant crisis will prove to be a much graver threat to the project. Strikingly, all it took was a few weeks of unrelenting migrants crossing into EU borders to put an end what is essentially the only achievement of the European Union - the Schengen system of borderless travel.
Without that, what is the EU really? A collection of nation-states forced by bureaucrats to pretend they are part of an artificial fantasy superstate called Europe? An amalgamation of debt serfs and technocratic overlords? See what I’m getting at?

Preparing Our Kids For The Future - The Dissident Dad

– Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience 
The Dissident Dad: I don’t think we can stand around any longer and just send our kids off to school and hope it will all work out. Globalization and tremendous advancements in technology have led to fundamental changes, which in my opinion, have left traditional public schooling in the dark ages.
Assembly line education is simply not working out for young people any longer, and ironically, many of these kids are so ignorant they actually think their problem is that they need even more education.”

Campus Thought - "Gender"

Queen's University student's thoughts on gender as a social construct. What are your thoughts?

PRE TSD Or Kosher Psychosis

The Daily Mail reports: Jewish teacher who claimed he was attacked by ISIS jihadists is arrested by French police who allege he LIED about the assault
  • Tzion Saadon, 45, claimed he was attacked by ISIS jihadists in November
  • He said he had been beaten up by three men claiming to represent ISIS
  • But police today said he had been arrested for allegedly making up the story
  • In January, another teacher was sent for psychiatric tests after admitting he lied about an attack in his classroom  
The teacher, who worked at the Yavne Jewish school in the southern city, claimed two knives were used to slash him in the arms, legs and stomach.
However, there were no independent witnesses, and forensic examinations later suggested Saadoun had caused the knifes lashes himself.
After a three month investigation, police have now decided to charge him with lying to police and disrupting an inquiry.
'A growing manifestation of kosher psychosis.'

24 Feb 2016

Norway Warns Sweden Will Collapse, PM Will Defy Geneva Convention To Protect Border

As you might have heard, Sweden has a refugee problem.  
We’ve spent quite a bit of time documenting the country’s trials and travails over the course of the last 12 months during which time Sweden has taken on more than 160,000 asylum seekers.
Last month, on the heels of reports from Germany that men of “Arab and North African” origin assaulted women in central Cologne during New Year’s Eve celebrations, Swedish media alleged that police orchestrated a massive coverup designed to keep a string of similar attacks that allegedly occurred at a youth festival in Stockholm’s Kungsträdgården last August from seeing the light of day.
Meanwhile, a 22-year-old refugee center worker was stabbed to death by a Somali migrant at a shelter for asylum seekers and at the Stockholm train station, “gangs” of Moroccan migrant children reportedly spend their days attacking security personnel and accosting women. 
Sweden plans to deport some 80,000 of the refugees this year but according to Norwegian PM Erna Solberg, it may be too little too late to keep the country from collapsing. So concerned is Solberg that she's now crafted an emergency law that will allow Norway to refuse asylum seekers at the border in the eventit all breaks down in Sweden.

Kamal Aljafari Has Built A City

By Eve Mykytyn: Recollection - Aljafari’s mesmerizing film, is the dream of a cameraman, recapturing the city he loves. The dream veers from transcendental to nightmarish as the beautiful old buildings morph into concrete monstrosities.
Carts become wildly veering cars, and plows become bulldozers.

Palestinian Film Makers Need Your Support

By Gilad Atzmon: A DISTURBED EARTH is a documentary that follows a Palestinian man and his daughter as they embark on a journey back to his home village that was destroyed decades earlier. Travelling through refugee camps, family gatherings and militarised borders, they uncover a story long buried beneath a dangerous landscape.
To support the making of A Disturbed Earth:
The Story
A Disturbed Earth is a documentary about a small Galilean village invaded by Jewish Zionist militias during the olive harvest of 1948. Outnumbered and outgunned, the people were unable to protect their village from invasion. Over seventy men were lined up in front of an ancient limestone wall blindfolded and gunned down, their families as witness. The survivors were forced to seek refuge over the border in Lebanon where many still live today in refugee camps.
A Disturbed Earth reverses the journey back to the village. Fouad now lives in Australia. He is a father, grandfather, poet and survivor of the massacre. Accompanied by his filmmaker daughter and a small crew Fouad travels across three continents through refugee camps and militarised borders.

Gravity The Bear + Let Them Eat Twinkies - WB7

One Woman’s Thoughts On “Equity” Feminism

After Paul’s controversial video on Christina Hoff Sommers, some of the predictable dissents were quite hostile. One AVFM commenter, William Baker, is now insisting that Paul should step down and surrender control to activists who would view Sommers as an ally. His screed inspired the following response by new AVFM contributor, Donna White. Eds.
By : Imagine telling Paul Elam (founder of A Voice for Men), a man who has dedicated his fucking life to the rights of men and boys to “step down” from his podium because he has the balls to go against the ever so popular “Based Mom,” Christina Hoff Sommers and her “equity feminism.”
Will men ever learn? What the fuck is the point in me and other women standing in solidarity with men if they are foolish enough to keep falling hook line and sinker for the charms of some women?
Let me explain exactly what equity feminism is. Equity feminism is a less obvious “toned down” form of radical feminism. It doesn’t address and has no desire to truly recognize the extent of men’s issues.
Christina Hoff Sommers has rightly identified some of the problems with third wave feminism and has also brilliantly exposed where feminism got it wrong but she isn’t exposing or critiquing feminism for the benefit of men, she’s doing it for the benefit of women.

Why Israel Gets Away With Murder

"Ever wonder why Israel gets away with murder? I mean literally. Whether it's burning babies in the occupied West Bank or shooting Palestinian teens, Israel's crimes go unpunished! Why? It's because international Jewry gives to Israel what no other country has, unchecked criminality. You see international Jewry controls central banks that transfer billions in aid to nuclear armed Israel." Brother Nathanael.

Breaking Down What Really Happened In Syria, Ken O'Keefe

Luke Rudkowski interviews former marine and outspoken activist Ken O'keefe about the important situation that developed in Syria with global implications. The two go over there research on the topic and share their insights on what led to this geopolitical nightmare and what will proceed it.

UK Anti BDS Bill Is A Spectacle Of Jewish Power

Gilad Atzmon: Jews should beware of the dangers entangled with Jewish Power for Jews and the society
Press TV: A group of politicians, union leaders and celebrities have slammed the British government for what they call shielding Israel from criticism. The UK authorities have threatened to take legal action against the councils who want to join boycotts against Israel. ...Those who are protesting the government say new Cabinet Office guidelines would effectively force councils and other public bodies to invest in Israel’s occupation and in arms companies.

Cash King Gives Out To Card Queen

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss investors going bananas for gold and a new study proving chemical free agriculture may be better for profit, yield and our future. In the second half, Max interviews Willem Middelkoop, author of the Big Reset, about a dollar collapse, gold repatriation and the next phase of the financial crisis.

23 Feb 2016

“We Need To Out Bernie Sanders As A Jew”

By Gilad Atzmon: The headline above is not an anti Semitic rant delivered by a militant Jew hater. It was yesterday’s headline in the ultra kosher Jewish Forward.  
The Forward, once a Jewish socialist magazine, gave a spectacular demonstration of Jewish insularity. The Magazine is troubled by the fact that “Sanders has downplayed his Jewish heritage almost to the point of renunciation.”  In his victory speech in the New Hampshire primary Sanders said, “I am the son of a Polish immigrant.” According to the Forward, Sanders did not identify as “the son of a Jewish immigrant” or, even more simply, as a Jew. I guess that the Forward believes that Sanders can’t just be an assimilated American. They demand that he adhere to his Jewish roots and ‘his’ people. But why? Why are the Jews are so fearful of the American dream? Is not being a socialist in America Jewish enough for the Jews at Forward?  
In The Wandering Who I elaborated extensively on the notion of Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder. I argued that while some people are truly tormented by a past event, Jewish culture facilitates a unique mental condition in which the Jewish subject is tormented by a phantasmic event set in the future. Jews are indoctrinated to think at least one holocaust ahead. And The Jewish Forward has provided exactly such a scenario.