31 Mar 2016

Letter To UK Chief Medical Officer Requesting The 2015 Annual Report Focusses On Men’s Health

Posted by
Professor Dame Sally C Davies
Chief Medical Officer
Department of Health
79 Whitehall
Richmond House
London SW1A 2NS

27 March 2016
Dear Professor Dame Sally C Davies
 Annual Report – “Health of the 49%: Men
We welcome your 2014 Annual Report published in December 2015 entitled “Health of the 51%: Women” and its gendered approach to health.
We fully support the contents of the letter of 6 January 2016 issued by the Chief Executive of the Men’s Health Forum. We agree with the range of issues raised by the Men’s Health Forum within their letter.
We are writing to express our disappointment that you were unable to agree to Mr Tod’s reasonable proposal to take a similar approach in your 2015 Annual Report to raise awareness about health issues that particularly or predominantly affect men. We were also disappointed that you were unable to give any clear commitment, including naming a particular year, to producing any such Annual Report in the future.
A “Health of the 49%: Men” report would have the merits both of demonstrating consistency in your approach as well as directing professional focus to the many health issues that affect not only men but their families and wider community.

The Weekly Sabbos Goy Award Goes To Michael Gove

By Gilad Atzmon: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should watch this video and learn from this spineless British gentleman so they can improve their act before the next AIPAC gathering.

Women's Studies Must Be Eliminated

StudioBrule: Professor Fiamengo makes the bold claim that it is time to eliminate the Women's Studies department at every university. Academia is a place for academics and Women's Studies is an ideological movement not a legitimate academic pursuit.

Omar Accomplished His Job, Omar Is Free To Go

'BDS - an Israeli controlled opposition maneuver.'
By Gilad Atzmon: "The Nigger accomplished his job, the Nigger is free to go,*” is a common racist Israeli adage.  This is how the Israeli elite now treats Omar Barghouti. It is appalling, but not unusual.
Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri told Ynet yesterday “Omar Barghouti uses rights given to him by Israel to act against it around the world.”
Deri was one of four government ministers to participate in an afternoon question and answer at an anti-BDS conference in Jerusalem.
By law, Palestinians cannot return to Palestine. But Omar Barghouti accomplished the impossible.  “Omar Barghouti,” Deri said, “was born in Qatar and received resident status in 1994 after marrying an Israeli woman from Acre and claiming his life is in Israel.”
It seems Barghouti enjoyed liberties other Palestinians and even Israeli citizens can only dream of.

Just A Minute

By : The World Food Program (WFP) is a branch of the United Nations. It ostensibly exists to distribute food to those in need to address hunger and food security. Their mandate would suggest that they would be compelled by the UN and the world community to distribute food in a non-discriminatory way – but this is not so. The WFP routinely discriminates in the manner in which it distributes food. The WFP is so proud of this they announce it its website. Even many MRAs may be shocked to discover that the WFP only distributes food to women:

“It is our methodology to distribute only to women to ensure that food gets to women and children in Haiti,” she said. “Every time we have not had adequate security escorts, we have had riots at food sites.”
The news article headline on the WFP website proudly announces that they prioritize food distribution to women, but the text of the article makes it clear that only women will have food distributed to them. The kindest possible interpretation of the headline is that staff at the WFP don’t understand the meaning of the world ‘prioritize’ since this is clearly not consistent with the text of the news article.

Why MGM [Soft Name Circumcision] Is The Same As FGM

Peter Lloyd AKA The Suffragent MailOnline journalist and 'Stand by Your Manhood' author Peter Lloyd explains why boy ritual genital mutilation MGM aka circumcision is the same violation as FGM - despite feminist assertions to the contrary.

‘Angry Lesbians’

By : Tim Patten has written a sharp rebuke to those radicalized lesbian feminists (RLFs) who have continued to infect the discourse on gender politics with, what are essentially, manifestations of their vitriolic self-loathing and rationalizations for their own dangerously maladjusted psyches. He has done so without generalizing about lesbians or drawing rash conclusions about them and their place in the world. That is quite an achievement.
In many ways, RLFs have been protected by the deranged extremism of their actions and words. It ‘s hard to take anyone who parades their genitalia as a form of politicized performance art seriously. Sometimes I wonder if choral scream-singing lamentations about God only knows what is just a clever ruse to misguide bemused onlookers into thinking that RLFs are nothing more than a bunch of shrill but harmless crazies who couldn’t possibly organize themselves into a well-connected entity that wields any real power and influence.
That’s certainly what their NAFALT enablers want people to think, but they know better – and so do MHRAs. Readers are already very familiar with the bilious anti-male bigotry of Bindle and Jeffreys and have long been aware of the immense power and influence they wield.

Charting America’s Decent Into Peasantry

By Michael Krieger: Earlier today, I published a post titled Americans Have Been Turned Into Peasants – It’s Time to Fight Back. In the hours since, I came across an article in the Washington Post which offers some additional details and graphics on the subject. 
Here are a few excerpts from the piece titled, 2015 Was a Terrible Year for the Common Working Man:
By at least one measure, inequality among working men has grown for decades. But, in 2015, it accelerated: The wage gap among men saw its largest single-year increase on record.
Top earners — men who made more than 95 percent of their peers — saw wages last year rise by 9.9 percent, according to an analysis of federal data. Men in the middle — with earnings higher than half their peers — saw a much-smaller 2.6 percent increase.

30 Mar 2016

Americans Have Been Turned Into Peasants - It’s Time To Fight Back

America used to be the land of opportunity and optimism. Now opportunity is seen as the preserve of the elite: two-thirds of Americans believe the economy is rigged in favour of vested interests. And optimism has turned to anger. Voters’ fury fuels the insurgencies of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders and weakens insiders like Hillary Clinton.

The campaigns have found plenty of things to blame, from free-trade deals to the recklessness of Wall Street. But one problem with American capitalism has been overlooked: a corrosive lack of competition. The naughty secret of American firms is that life at home is much easier: their returns on equity are 40% higher in the United States than they are abroad. Aggregate domestic profits are at near-record levels relative to GDP. America is meant to be a temple of free enterprise. It isn’t.

Distracted Purpose

By : We call them entertainment, we call them passions, we call them bad habits, we call them addictions. What we don’t call them, are distractions. I’ve had many arguments regarding them, but I’ve never pointed the finger at the cause of the problem. But what IS, the problem?
First, I want to make it clear that I’m not attempting to silver bullet anything.
I’ve spent a large part of my life trying to reduce stress in my life; I can’t stand the shit. I’d gotten so far as to conclude, that stress and money are intimately entwined, increasing one always meant a reduction of the other; nothing else mattered outside of that paradigm. For this, I developed a deep-seated hatred for money. People like to throw around the cliche, “money can’t buy you happiness,” but what is happiness? Happiness is nothing more than a lack of misery, which translates to a lack of stress. By that reasoning, you could say that I hate happiness. You’d be right, but for the wrong reasons.
I am a coward, and I am a pacifist, and for this, I’ve never been competitive. I am also extremely introverted, so I’ve never purposely been the center of attention; my boogeyman is an embarrassment. Finally, I’ve spent my life surrounded by impoverished people, leaving me with a dim view of whiny poor people; own your poverty for fuck sake. To be blunt, I’ve spent my decades people watching.

Good News, Manspreaders: Women Find You More Attractive Than Men Who Keep Their Legs To Themselves

Spread the word: the much-maligned act of 'manspreading' could be key to dating success.
When looking to impress prospective partners, new research has suggested that appearing larger and stretching out can place you in a position of dominance and make you seem like an alpha male.
Tanya Vacharkulksemsuk, a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, conducted a study by using speed dating videos and a smartphone app similar to Tinder. She found that those who presented themselves with arms spread wide, knees pushed apart and puffed-out chests tended to see more 'matches' than those who appeared reserved.
• Ten dating mistakes that men always make

Mechanics Of Manspreading

Dr. Kelly Starrett: In a world of industrial design that clearly doesn't respect a Gentleman's physiology, Man-spreading should be seen for what it really is, the body-struggle for life and death. It's a personal, yet very public battle for survival in a world that wasn't built with humble lumberjack-warrior-poet in mind. Man-spreading isn't just some trendy symptom of male obliviousness. It's not some Orwellian conspiracy to take over a man's resting Junk habitus. On the contrary, Man-spreading is an emergent, almost miraculous solution to the dystopia of public transportation seating. We should celebrate Man-Spreading and teach it to our children, and our children's children. Man-spreading is the body's calling card of everyday Heroes. It's the people's posture, and it's here to stay.

Helicopter Money In The Days Of Digital Capitalism

Max and Stacy discuss billions from heaven as more economists, banksters and pundits plead for helicopter money. They also look at three charts which show the 'fundamentals' are not, in fact, improving; only the illusion is getting bigger. In the second half, Max talks to Michael Betancourt about his new book, The Critique of Digital Capitalism in which all is about flow, not real trade and where wages are considered a cut into profits - so online ‘work’ no longer receives wages.

"Made Out Of Sand" - A Dramatic Look Inside A Newly Built Chinese Apartment

While real estate is all about "location, location, location," it appears there are sometimes more prescient factors that any prospective buyer should pay attention to. Amid yet another government-fueled housing bubble, it seems in their haste to fulfil a rapacious demand for property in which to gamble their hard-grafted assets, Chinese construction companies have cut a few corners. As the following stunning video shows, a "newly constructed apartment" crumbles before the owners' eyes as the 'concrete' walls turn to sand...
LiveLeak exposes, in the following video, just how poor the standards can be of so-called “new” properties. LiveLeak footage shows two men in a supposedly “new apartment building” in China where the concrete walls crumble like sand.

The Dangers of Modern Feminism

By : That’s it. I’ve reached the boiling point. I do not care how many friends I lose, or how many feathers I ruffle over this, but I am making it one of my sole missions in life to illustrate exactly what modern day feminism has become, and to learn and do everything I can to prevent its infection of the intelligent minds of my generation and beyond. What was originally a just and noble cause has slowly, venomously turned into an ideology that at its core is hell bent on systematically destroying the reality of a free and open society.
First of all, feminism prescribes to the belief that male-hood and masculinity in general, is some kind of problem that must be eradicated. Men are oppressors of women, now and throughout history, and that is the so-called Patriarchy. I encourage you to think long and hard about what this means. Not with your feelings, or perceived victim-hood, but with your rational thinking mind. What is this doing to the public perception of men? How is this changing the dynamic of healthy discussion and daily dialog? And what could the ultimate goal be?
I witnessed a friend the other day absolutely ostracized by several of his peers on social media because he had the audacity to criticize the perceived motives behind a disagreement that was presumptuously based on gender.

29 Mar 2016

A Questionable Case Of A False Rape Claim

By Toy Soldiers: The Mirror, a British tabloid paper, ran a piece about a false rape case against a 12-year-old. Given the paper’s nature and history, I am hesitant to trust everything about the story, yet I do think it is worth writing about. According to the article:

A devastated mum has told how her 12-year-old son was accused of rape, arrested in his pyjamas and chucked in an adult police cell overnight – only for his accuser to admit 14 months later the sex was consensual.
The schoolboy had his life turned upside down and was thrown out of school with the false accusation hanging over his head after strict bail conditions meant he was prohibited from being around any females aged under 16.
The mum of the youngster – who we cannot name for legal reasons – told The New Day her innocent boy’s life has been “flipped upside down” and revealed the horrifying extent to which she was let down by police and social services.
The situation began when the 12-year-old spent the night over a friend’s house. The 13-girl-year old who accused him was also there. The pair had consensual sex and it was apparently the boy’s first time. Several days later, the police showed up at the boy’s house and arrested him on suspicion of rape against the girl. This is where the case gets weird:

A Knock At Midnight

"Males are dying before their time, youths don't marry, but party instead. White women abort their babies and white suicides are soaring, the faith of their fathers has been cast off, blasphemies lay on their lips and churches are turned into taverns and bars." Brother Nathanael

Interview Of Sage Gerard, Founder Of KSU Men

Full Interview of Sage Gerard at the "Male Students In Peril" conference at Kennesaw State University

It’s Time To Consign Male Genital Mutilation To The Dustbin Of History

By Mike Buchanan [J4MB]: Men and boys and those who love them are adversely affected in many areas by the empathy gender gap, a direct consequence of gynocentrism. Wikipedia’s entry on the term starts with this:

Gynocentrism n. (Greek, γυνή, ‘female’ – Latin centrum, ‘centred’) refers to a dominant or exclusive focus on women in theory or practice; or to the advocacy of this. Anything can be considered gynocentric (adj.) when it is concerned exclusively with a female (or specifically a feminist) point of view.
Gynocentrism accounts for the widespread societal concern about non-therapeutic circumcision of female minors (Female Genital Mutilation, ‘FGM’), which is rare in the UK, and the relative disinterest in the equivalent for male minors (Male Genital Mutilation, ‘MGM’), which is common in the UK.
Relentless feminist narratives in the mainstream media have succeeded in persuading the public of a number of myths about FGM and MGM, including:

  1.    FGM is carried out at the behest of men, with the aim of reducing women’s pleasure during sex, helping men to ‘control’ women. The plain truth is that wherever FGM is carried out, it is carried out at the behest of women, and almost invariably by women. This helps explain why there has never been a successful prosecution for FGM in the UK – the police target men, not women.

Teach A Woman To Be Accountable In 5 Steps

Say Goodbye to Crazy

Israeli Company Hacking iPhone For FBI

"Japan will load weapons grade plutonium on to a ship as early as this weekend to send to the United States in what will be the largest such shipment since 1992. 331kg of plutonium, enough to make about 50 nuclear weapons will be loaded in Tokyo onto the Pacific Egret, an armed British ship."

On Spiritual Exercises Part 3: Training For Death - MGTOW

"Learning how to die." Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW. The third and final installment in which we cover the core and fundamental point of philosophy as it was practiced in antiquity; training for death.

A Historical And Medical Critique Of Male Ritual Genital Mutilation AKA Circumcision - Dr. Christopher Guest

SPEAKER: Dr. Christopher Guest, M.D., F.R.C.P.C. "I am a strong opponent of circumcision!" - Male circumcision is a complex issue. Are health care providers providing current, evidence-based information which takes into account their professional ethical responsibilities? - Recorded on March 9th as Presentation 1 (of 2) at the "Feminist & Medical Critiques of Circumcision." Dr. Christopher Guest presents a medical critique discussing the historical origins, worldwide trends in circumcision, and an examination of the medical claims in support of circumcision.

28 Mar 2016

Battle For #Palmyra Victory Over #ISIS - Tribute Video

SyrianGirlpartisan: A tribute to the soldiers who fought against ISIS in Palmyra Syria. Thank you for your bravery and your sacrifice, and thank you to Russia and our allies for coming to our defense. If we continue to stand together we will never fall! спасибо за помощь!
ألف تحية للجنود الذين قاتلوا ضد داعش في تدمر. شكرا لكم على شجاعتكم وتضحياتكم، وشكرا لروسيا وحلفائنا على حضورهم لمشاركتنا هذا النصر وإذا واصلنا بالوقوف معا فاننا لن تسقط أبدا.

Criminal Banksters Control US Government & Push For War

By Greg Hunter: Former Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, contends it is no accident why bankers do not get jail time for constantly committing fraud by stealing documents and committing fraudulent, criminal insider trading and market manipulations. Dr. Roberts explains, “Look at Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.  They claim they stole documents, and we are determined to destroy them.  One of them is hiding out in Russia, and one of them is hiding out in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. 
This again shows the immunity of the banks.  They are not held accountable because they are in control.  Who controls the Fed?  Who controls the Treasury?  Where do all the Treasury Secretaries come from?  They come from the big New York banks.  Look at the financial regulatory agencies that are supposed to be regulating the banks.  They are filled with executives from the banks.  The banks control the government. There isn’t a government, there’s the banks. . . . We have the entire economic policy in the United States concentrating on saving five banks.  We had 10 million people who lost their homes, and nothing was done for them, but five banks are saved.”


Joshua - Arise As One. Produced by '91Beats.
This one is in solidarity. For all those holding and building the vision beyond Babylon. For all those at the sharp end of colonialism 2016, migrants, mothers, sisters, black and brown bodies, Tiocfaidh ár lá. GlobalFaction

Storytime With Cenk, Part Two

"Dark times for women indeed. The baby mills were runnin day and night and between the fornicatin, impregnatin, gestatin and lactatin, why there was barely time for those poor creatures to even get dinner on the table for a man who owned them like the chattels they were under the law." Karen Straughan.

#IBelieveWomen Because Magic + Feminist Professor Promotes Murder + Ghomeshi Accusers Are Liars

Anne Of France & Lessons For Daughters In History Of Anti-Meninism

Anne of France, who came to be known as “Madame La Grande,” was the oldest and favorite daughter of King Louis XI. Just before his death, he appointed her and her husband regent of the succeeding King Charles VIII, her younger brother. Anne dominated both her husband and her younger brother. As regent for King Charles, she was effectively ruler of France from 1483 to 1491. When King Charles begin ruling France himself, Anne then shifted to ruling her husband’s Duchy of Bourbon. She was a very powerful and highly privileged woman.[1]
Anne of France provided lessons not just for her daughter, but for all women. She taught the values and morals of a strong, independent woman with enormous political ambition:

Conscious always of her royal heritage, having served as virtual king of France for eight years, and in a moment when she faced her own mortality, Anne of France looked to her royal forebears when she decided to set down her own life-lessons for her daughter.

Top Journalist Admits: We All Lie For The CIA

Anyone so gullible as to think the Western media tells the truth should listen to this German journalist.
By Arjun Walia: Recently, Dr. Ulfakatte went on public television stating that he was forced to publish the works of intelligence agents under his own name, also adding that noncompliance with these orders would result in him losing his job.
He recently made an appearance on RT news to share these facts:
I’ve been a journalist for about 25 years, and I was educated to lie, to betray, and not to tell the truth to the public.
But seeing right now within the last months how the German and American media tries to bring war to the people in Europe, to bring war to Russia — this is a point of no return and I’m going to stand up and say it is not right what I have done in the past, to manipulate people, to make propaganda against Russia, and it is not right what my colleagues do and have done in the past because they are bribed to betray the people, not only in Germany, all over Europe.
It’s important to keep in mind that Dr. Ulfakatte is not the only person making these claims;

Philip Davies MP Debunks Feminists’ Lies On Prison Sentencing

Conservative backbencher Philip Davies has accused politicians of indulging in "politically correct nonsense" for saying that women are treated more unfairly than men in sentencing policies.

With Castrated Father, Perceval Taught To Be Woman-Pleaser

The myth of the Holy Grail became central to European culture mainly through Chrétien de Troyes’s late-twelfth-century French romance Perceval, The Story of the Grail. Perceval’s father was castrated and his two older brothers killed in violence against men. Perceval’s mother taught Percival to be, like the fatherless knight Boucicaut, a woman-server. Do you want to know the wisdom of the Archpriest of Talavera? Ask! Generations of students have been taught to remain silent. To discover the Holy Grail is to break the spell of gynocentrism.[1]
In the traditional understanding of chivalry, a good knight focused on performing at night in bed with his wife. Perceval’s mother, reflecting deeply rooted medieval anti-meninism, valued her husband for his skills in violence against men.

27 Mar 2016

Jewish Identity V Humanism

Rich Forer Interviewed By Gilad Atzmon
By Gilad Atzmon: I have known Rich Forer for a few years, we have met several times and shared a platform more than once. Rich is the author of Breakthrough: Transforming Fear Into Compassion - A New Perspective on the Israel-Palestine Conflict?  Rich’s opposition to Zionism is universal and humanist in nature.
Recently, an interview with Rich was published by the Jewish Pro-Palestinian outlet, Mondoweiss.  I was impressed with many of Rich’s statements but thought that some of his ideas should be challenged. I believe that those who are interested in criticism of ID politics, Jewish culture and power may find this dialogue enlightening.
Gilad Atzmon:  I’d like to congratulate you for your recent interview with Katie Miranda [below]. I have no doubt that your heart is in the right place and I welcome your criticism of Jewish Identity. But I also have some fundamental doubts about your thesis.
In the interview with Miranda you present a binary opposition between the ‘human’ and the ‘Jew.’

Brexit Meltdown At The Bank Of England + Monsanto Losing Its Grip?

But it’s supposed to be independent
from national politics.
By Don Quijones: Project Fear — the massive PR campaign aimed at sowing and watering the seeds of dread about the potential consequences of a YES vote in the upcoming referendum on a British exit from the EU — is in full bloom. In the event of a wrong answer, all manner of biblical disasters can be expected to befall the nation, the British public is constantly being warned.
The country’s national income will shrink, hundreds of thousands if not millions of jobs will vanish, the City of London’s core industry — financial engineering — will migrate across the channel, the currency will collapse, house prices will plummet, European firms will stop selling products to Brits, the U.S. government will impose massive tariffs on British imports, and even Britain’s already dismal climate will get worse.
Project Fear’s shrillest shills include the British government and institutions of State, the UK’s most powerful business lobby group The Confederation of British Industry, the City of London Corporation (and all the too-big-to-fail financial institutions whose interests it faithfully serves), the European Union, the International Monetary Fund, and the world’s biggest fund manager BlackRock.

Realism Of judgment & Punishment In Popular 14th-Century Vision

In France about 1372, the knight Geoffrey de la Tour Landry wrote a book to instruct his young daughters how to govern themselves, and to keep themselves from evil.” To get material for his book, Geoffrey had two priests and two clerics read to him “the Bible, stories of kings, chronicles of France and England, and many other strange histories.”[1] Those readings probably included a popular, realistic story of a hermit’s vision of judgment and punishment.
The context of the hermit’s vision is a knight and his deceased wife. The knight loved his wife greatly. They were married only a short time before she died. The knight sought comfort from his uncle, a hermit. The knight wanted to know whether his wife was damned or saved. His uncle the hermit went into his chapel, prayed for a long time, and fell asleep. Then the hermit had a vision:
he saw the wife’s soul before Saint Michael the Archangel, with the Fiend on the other side. She was standing in a balance, her good deeds beside her. On the other side of the scale was the devil with all her evil deeds

MGTOW - Creating A League Of Your Own

By Deidre: As a woman who lives in a strong feminist culture, I’ve been intrigued by the movement, ‘MGTOW.’  
What does MGTOW really stand for, and how might ‘men going their own way,’ impact the world around them? Well, first, most movements have a central mission statement, if you will…something that sets the movement apart from other movements, congruent thoughts coming together and finding acceptance as part of a group, if you will. MGTOW is unique because it tells men that they no longer need to compromise their values to please the feminist agendas, and can finally feel that pursuing their own quest in life won’t label them selfish assholes. The irony with feminism is that it instructs women to ‘go their own way,’ but get their men to follow their ways, too. 
Not all feminists, but many (most?) find satisfaction in controlling men, they think that is a victory for humankind, and sadly, that has become its mission statement of sorts. Because for many (most?) feminists, they believe that feminism was necessary to enlighten everyone to the oppressive, Patriarchal regime that had been in place, throughout history.
Perception is everything, as they say.

China Warns Officials: Allow Social Unrest, Lose Your Job

To be sure, there are always going to be financial and geopolitical landmines and every once in awhile we - and by “we” we’re referring to the market, or the country, or humanity, or whatever collective you want to choose - are going to step on one on the way to ushering in a black swan event.
But when we look out across markets and across the political landscape it’s difficult to escape the feeling that there are more black swans waiting in the wings - so to speak - than usual. There’s the threat of a dirty bomb being detonated in a crowded Western European urban center for instance. Or the chance that Turkey ends up “accidentally” killing a Russian or Iranian soldier while shelling the Azaz corridor. And how about the possibility that China tries to save its economy by chancing a 30% devaluation of the yuan and inadvertently plunges the world into a crisis far worse than 2008?

The interesting thing to note about the third crisis event listed above is that an economic implosion in China may spawn a black swan far larger than that which would emanate from a crisis in the country’s banking sector and/or a deeper devaluation of the RMB.

Special Snowflake Syndrome - Everyday Feminism

"Jewish Power" & World Citizen Solutions

Ken O'Keefe: "The ability to think for ourselves is the first thing they strip from us. They basically get us to regurgitate a bunch of trivial pursuit questions on command and if you do that well enough then you get to go to university and you get to regurgitate slightly more complex trivial pursuit questions and if you do that on command well enough and you jump through this hoop and that back flip and so on then you get the job and you make the money and then you live the so-called American dream."

Special Canadian Law For Women Bails Them Out Of Depraved Acts Of Evil

MHRA Sheila Gunn Reid reports on a Canadian Supreme Court ruling that has found a woman who killed two babies not guilty of second degree murder but guilty of the lesser charge of infanticide. As a result of this ruling, Sheila looks into the privileged treatment women receive under our laws and asks, where's that male privilege we keep hearing about?

“Why Support Democracy In Syria But Not Saudi Arabia?” Mehdi Hasan Of Al Jazeera Asked The Saudi Ambassador

At 9:15 Mehdi Hasan begins the line of questioning where he asked. Why Support Democracy in Syria but Not Saudi Arabia?”
Al Jazeera: Nearly a year into the Saudi-led coalition's airstrikes in Yemen, what does the kingdom hope to gain? In this week’s wide-ranging Headliner interview, Mehdi Hasan speaks to Abdallah al-Mouallimi, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the UN, about the country’s involvement in Yemen and Syria, ISIL, JSIL and the kingdom’s human rights record.

Visualizing Why Manufacturing Jobs Aren't Coming Back

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto
Robot market growing at 15%, with 1.3 million new industrial robot installations by 2018
By: The market for industrial robot installations has been on a skyward trend since 2009, and it is not expected to slow down any time soon. 
According to the World Robotics 2015 report, the market for industrial robots was approximated at $32 billion in 2014, and in the coming years it is expected to continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of at least 15%.
That means between 2015 and 2018, it’s anticipated that 1.3 million industrial robots will be installed worldwide. This will bring the stock of operational robots up to just over 2.3 million, mostly working in the automotive and electronics sectors.
For how long can the global robot population continue to grow?

26 Mar 2016

Despair Fatigue + The Truth About Markets

Max and Stacy ask not what corporations can do for you, they, instead, ask what you can do for your corporations. They look at how multinationals and giant corporations like Pfizer and AT&T ‘lobby’ politicians to increase costs to consumers and restrict competition. In the second half, Max and Stacy continue their talk with anthropologist and LSE professor, David Graeber, about his latest article, Despair Fatigue.

Radical Feminist Canadian State Funded Broadcaster CBC Ignores Court Decision, Continues To Publish Anti-Male Lies

"How is it that the national media that I pay for with my tax dollars, funded by my government is treating these people as if they're heroic or noble or anything other than criminals?" Canada's state funded national broadcaster - the CBC is publishing known lies, and lionizing known fraudsters. johntheother

Gay, Neo-Con-Artist And Islamophobe

By Gilad Atzmon: Milo Yiannopoulos doesn’t like Islam or Muslims. He doesn’t want them in Europe.
Like the Hasbra merchants, Yiannopoulos performs at zero capacity in historical thinking. Like the Zionists, for Yiannopoulos the ‘problem’ starts when he identifies himself as a victim. “As a gay man I am terrified by the mass immigration of Muslims into Europe,” he declares.
I wonder, is he also troubled as a gay man that our Western governments have been throwing bombs on Muslims that have killed millions of innocent people?

Does The United States Still Exist?

An address delivered to the Libertarian Party of Florida on March 23, 2016 in Destin, Florida
Paul Craig Roberts: To answer the question that is the title, we have to know of what the US consists. Is it an ethnic group, a collection of buildings and resources, a land mass with boundaries, or is it the Constitution. Clearly what differentiates the US from other countries is the US Constitution. The Constitution defines us as a people. Without the Constitution we would be a different country. Therefore, to lose the Constitution is to lose the country.
Does the Constitution still exist? Let us examine the document and come to a conclusion.
The Constitution consists of a description of a republic with three independent branches, legislative, executive, and judicial, each with its own powers, and the Bill of Rights incorporated as constitutional amendments. The Bill of Rights describes the civil liberties of citizens that cannot be violated by the government.
'By any historical definition,
the United States today is a tyranny.'

TERROR WAR ON YOU - The Fucking News

"Rampant consumerism and the desire for more shit we don't need paid for with money we don't have borrowed from bankers who created it out of thin air as if by magic continues! The arms trade still successfully using criminal franchises of nationality with fear mongering about security to extort money from their poorly educated populations making them the biggest business on earth. Sex drugs and rock and roll still criminalised demonised and vilified as immoral by death cult insect spiritual leaders and their hoards of child raping thugs. A few very, very wealthys own the entire planet and all its valuable resources as 99% of the population live in fear, poverty and confusion about what the fuck is really going on." Says Deek Jackson

Liberty Of The Non-Feminist Sector: Free Because It’s Yours!

By : If you are a non-feminist man or woman, feminism has stolen plenty of things from you. Among these are non-feminist life, non-feminist liberty, and the non-feminist pursuit of non-feminist happiness. Why they will even steal your non-feminist soul if you let them get away with it! 
Please understand that you owe feminism no answers. That is a deep concept, probably deeper than you realize. It is your inalienable right under any condition to say “I am not a feminist,” then turn around and walk away. And it is their eternal responsibility to say “okay”, and leave you the hell alone to Go Your Own Way in peace. Eternally.
All right, so you are a non-feminist man or woman, and that is good. However, you are something even more important: you are an INDIVIDUAL. Yes, a non-feminist individual, but an individual first and foremost, a unique and precious snowflake unlike any other. Yes, I said it.

Dr. Martin Harris Of London, “Known Genital Mutilator”

By : Dr. Martin Harris [left] of London, England has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at neonatalcutting.org.
His website is circumcisionlondon.co.uk.
I have good news and bad news about Dr. Harris’ website. The good news is that his website is rife with bad punctuation and grammar – good because no infants are harmed by bad punctuation. The bad news is what he does to unconsenting infants: risky and unnecessary surgery and sexual assault.
More bad news – he does this in people’s homes as well!
Under the heading “Circumcision Continuity” Dr. Harris lists what he thinks were historic opponents of circumcision – Greece, Rome, Soviets, Nazis – I guess implying that current intactivists are like Nazis.
Dr. Harris says complications of circumcisions are rare, but that is false. All circumcisions result in scarring and deformation of the penis, with many other possible complications, including death.
Because Dr. Harris has incomplete risk information about circumcision, you can read that here at neonatalcutting.org.

Fem-Mini-Myths: Are All Men Are Rapists? + Is Gender Socially Constructed?

FemMyth Buster:
All Men Are Rapists debunked in under 2 mins with room to spare!!!

The Male Warrior Hypothesis

"The idea that men are the more violent gender is a pervasive one even among men many of whom proudly identify with the image of the brute unthinking nether ape ready and willing to assault maim and kill others at the behest of his honour, his wife, tribe government or god. The male warrior hypothesis represents another sterling example of when dogma comes before the data and ideas are advanced before all the facts are in." Says CS MGTOW.

25 Mar 2016

The Adam Johnson Case. We Don’t Send 17-Year-Old Boys To Jail For Kissing 15-Year-Old Girls

Media pundits are doing their virtue signalling and journalists are scrambling to the moral high ground as another male celebrity bites the dust. Footballer Adam Johnson was sentenced yesterday to 6 years in prison, branded as a morally bankrupt paedophile and added to the sex offenders' register. I would like to explore what Johnson has actually done wrong.
I am prepared to accept that his “victim” was a fairly innocent schoolgirl. The sort of crush she had on the Sunderland star does not survive long after a real boyfriend comes along. However, to describe her as a child is to conflate categories and ignore realities. She is on the threshold of adulthood, at that vulnerable stage where you are sexually, but not emotionally, mature. In a year's time, she could get married in Scotland, and in many countries, including Denmark and France, she has reached the age of consent.
Once we acknowledge that she is not actually a child, is ‘grooming’ really the correct term to use? Building up a relationship of trust before embarking on some sort of sexual activity used to be called ‘courting’.