16 Mar 2016

#FeministaJonesTutorials Vol. 1: "Male Disposability"

"FeministaJones accused me [Obsidian] of being an 'Afro MRA', as if I've joined with a group of white misogynists and as I like to flip the script on that sort of thing I'm going to take this opportunity to educate her and everybody else about what the men's rights movement is all about and why I as a black man am involved in it. I'm going make me a series of tutorials about the various issues to educate and enlighten the public, Miss Jones and people of her ilk so they won't be so ignorant in the things that they say." Obsidian.

Wikipedia Entry On "Male Disposability"

"The Myth Of Male Power", by Warren Farrell

Warren Farrell Bio On Wikipedia

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