9 Mar 2016

Orgasmic New Trend Sees Women Paying £147 To Have Their Vaginas Rubbed By Strangers

UK WOMEN are paying strangers to rub their vaginas in a bizarre new sex trend.
The Sun: The £147 treatment – called Orgasmic Meditation – is being taken up by women who hope to improve their sex lives and achieve better climaxes.
The masturbation classes sees strangers getting intimate with the female clients and giving them orgasms. 
The practice promises a “larger state of consciousness, improving intimacy in relationships and generally increasing your orgasm skills”.
Women strip from the waist down and a practitioner strokes her clitoris for 15 minutes, while watched by men and women.
First, the tutor describes the vagina in great detail - noting the colour, texture and shape.
The group stroking is known as a 'nest'.
Orgasmic Meditation was founded in 2001 by Nicole Daedone from San Francisco.
There are now 10,000 practioners – with 2,000 in the UK alone – and women paying for the practice includes pensioners in their eighties.
Nicole said: "The female orgasm is vital for every single woman on the planet."


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