30 Apr 2016

Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation Interview With Brother K

Male infant ritual genital mutilation, also known by the soft name Circumcision, is barbaric. One guy fighting for infant boys rights is Brother K from bloodstainedmen.com. In a chance meeting while I was at the Alamo on a recent US road trip these wonderful people (yes, women were there donning the bloodstained pants) showed the way by exercising their freedom of speech an a powerful yet humane way. I left the encounter richer for many reasons. I hope that people that disagree with this protest, or believe that circumcision is a non issue, still see the humanity that lies in their hearts. Bloodstains may be ooh aah controversial, but have you seen the torture tables that boys are strapped to, and heard their cries? By Six Minutes

Feminists Don't Want Whores To Get Free Rent In Canada

"There are women willing to exchange sexual favours or just their sexual presence, ...for prancing around naked some of the time or wearing skimpy lingerie and that grown adults are willing to offer housing in exchange for this or grown women are willing to prance around naked or offer sexual favours or sexual access in exchange for housing for not money, but stuff. That's apparently outrageous and appalling and I'm not sure why." Said John The Other.

Zio-US-Created System In Iraq Collapsing: Protesters Storm Parliament, State Of Emergency Declared - Live Webcast

Less than two years ago, the US Jewish Neo-Con-Artists set up another puppet government in the mid-east this time in the state of Iraq when following substantial US Jewish-neo-con-artist pressure, on August 14, 2014 then prime minister al-Maliki agreed to stepped down and be replaced with Haider al-Abadi. Today, the regime is in chaos and the system set up in Iraq by the US is collapsing when protesters loyal to popular Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr breached the heavily fortified Green Zone, home to government buildings and foreign embassiesm and stormed the Iraqi parliament, forcing MPs to flee and resulting in a state of emergency being declared for all of Baghdad.

UK Labour Party In Grip Of Zionist Inquisition

By Stuart Littlewood: The orchestrated smear campaign against pro-Palestine sympathisers sent me reaching for my pen. But Gilad Atzmon too was eyeing the Labour Party’s crazed witch hunt for “antisemites” with misgiving and had already declared, in his usual robust way, that Labour under Jeremy Corbyn was not so much a party as a piece of Zionist-occupied territory.
Writing in his blog about Corbyn and McDonnell’s servile commitment to expel anyone whose remarks might be interpreted by Zionist mafioso as hateful or simply upsetting to Jews, Atzmon concludes: “Corbyn’s Labour is now unequivocally a spineless club of Sabbos Goyim” [which I take to mean non-Jewish dogsbodies who do menial jobs that Jews are forbidden to do for religious reasons].
“The Labour party’s policies,” says Atzmon, “are now compatible with Jewish culture: intolerant to the core and concerned primarily with the imaginary suffering of one people only. These people are not the working class, they are probably the most privileged ethnic group in Britain.  Corbyn’s Labour is a Zionist Occupied Territory…  It proves my theses that the Left is not a friend to Palestine, the oppressed or the workless people.

Putting Pussies On The Podium

By : If you live in a large [US] city, you may have heard of the Tuba Christmas concert. As the name implies, the production involves Christmas carols played exclusively on Tubas, or related instruments, such as Sousaphones or Euphoniums. The first such concert was held in New York in 1974 and has spread to cities large and small across America.
While attending one such concert on Christmas Eve in Dallas, I noticed a huge gender imbalance in the musicians. Of the 200 or so players, not more than 1 to 2% were females.
Well, I’m sure there are perfectly good physiological reasons why women don’t play the Tuba (it’s heavy to lug around, it requires a lot of lung power), so it’s not surprising that there are so few female Tuba players.
So why is there no push to encourage more women to play the Tuba?  Where’s the outrage? If 50% of the population is female, then shouldn’t that be reflected in the demographics of Tuba players?  Why are there no female-only programs for Tuba players so they can master the instrument free of any intimidating male influence?

Guess Who's Funding Anti-Russian Protests In Armenia?

New Armenia Protests, Same Jewish Neo-Con-Artist US-Backed Mobs
By Tony Cartalucci: Another day, another protest in Armenia. And if we were to simply believe the Western media regarding this ‘other protest,’ we might get the impression that the Armenian people are upset with Russian policy and “Putinism.” In reality, the protests are led by the same verified US-proxies exposed at the height of the “Electric Yerevan” protests mid-2015 which sought to undermine and overthrow the current government of Armenia in favor of a pro-Western political front more to Wall Street, London, and Brussels’ liking.
The International Business Times in their article, “Armenia-Russia Ties Under Question Amid Fighting, Anti-Moscow Protests,” would report regarding the recent protests that:

At a recent thousand-strong demonstration in the capital of Armenia, Davit Sanasaryan took out a couple of eggs and threw them at the Russian Embassy.

Jewish Neo-Con-Artist Lobbied For US Apocalypse In Mosul In The Guise Of Bombing ISIS

The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants. Albert Camus, 1913-1960 
By Felicity Arbuthnot: On May 1st, 2003, George W. Bush stood in a dinky little flying suit on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln and in a super stage managed appearance told the lie of the century:

Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the Battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed. And now our coalition is engaged in securing and reconstructing that country. 
The illegal occupation and decimation of Iraq continued until December 2011. In June 2014 they returned to bomb again in the guise of combating ISIS. As the thirteenth anniversary of Bush’s ridiculous appearance with a vast “Mission Accomplished” banner behind him, Iraq is largely in ruins, Iraqis have fled the murderous “liberation” and its aftermath in millions, and there are over three million internally displaced.

Inside Tel Aviv’s Jewish “Death To The Arabs” Rally

By Dan Cohen and David Sheen: Thousands converged on Tel Aviv’s city hall this week to register their support for an Israeli soldier who was filmed last month executing a Palestinian youth as he lay on the ground, wounded and immobile, in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron.
From across the country, Israelis descended upon Rabin Square, Tel Aviv’s premier venue for large public protests, to express their indignation over the army’s charges of manslaughter against the soldier, 19-year-old Sergeant Elor Azarya.

29 Apr 2016

Labour Has A Jewish Problem; It Is Dominated By Zionist Oligarchs

By Gilad Atzmon: Jeremy Corbyn, the man who just a few months ago was a ‘hope for a change,’ is a wimp. For months, the man has unconditionally surrendered to the Jewish lobby. He has systematically betrayed each of his professed core principles. Not surprisingly, the legendary ‘Left Icon’ has even betrayed his friends.
Leftists tend to call each other comrade; they shove the word ‘comradeship’ into every political statement. Apparently, they are unable  to grasp what comradeship is all about.  Corbyn’s ‘comradeship’ was on display when he failed to stand up for the heroic Ken Livingstone who told the well-established and undeniable truth about Hitler’s support of Zionism and the Havara Agreement. Corbyn just ran away with his tail between his legs. 
For some time, I have thought the Left a dysfunctional masturbatory concept. But Corbyn was exciting, he seemed to support the oppressed. For decades he was the patron of the dysfunctional Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (PSC).

UK's Largest Ever Protest Against Male Genital Mutilation

The UK's largest ever protest against Male Genital Mutilation took place on 22nd March 2016. The event happened outside the Thornhill Clinic, one of the countries busiest circumcision clinics. The protest was hosted by Men Do Complain and Justice for men and Boys.



Today I wanted to talk a little bit about feminism, why it doesn't own the concept of gender equality, and why it is an inherently flawed ideology. And while we're at it, we'll debunk the gender pay gap as well.

Feminists’ Patriarchal Worldview Inspired MGTOW

By : The roots of radical feminism, as well as women’s and gender studies initiatives, can be seen in a 1970s BBC documentary, Angry Wimmin, which offers insights on the origins of the women’s movement.
Among those featured is Sheila Jeffreys, an influential lesbian activist,[i] who speaks frankly about the movement’s mission as a dedicated war on men (Feminist Patriarchy Theory[ii]). Over time, the radicalism espoused by Jeffreys and others has had an insidious effect, promulgating widespread distrust of male virtues.

Sinkholes Of Big-Oil Debt

Max and Stacy discuss the dark side to fantasy math and sinkholes of big-oil debt. In the second half Max interviews Federico Ast of CrowdJury.org about a judicial system for the internet era.

What Do The Swiss Know That We Don't? + iPhone Ruse: US FedGov Now Demands Backdoor To All Devices

Their president(s) are mere figureheads, they resoundingly rejected the minimum wage yet workers are among the highest-paid in the world, they still value protection of personal banking information despite the US onslaught, and they hold strong to the principle of armed neutrality and non-intervention in world affairs. Why do the Swiss, despite their problems, seem to "get it" where we in the US do not? Today's guest, Global Gold's Claudio Grass, helps us understand.

Night Of The Living Dead

"Resistance bears a knife, tyranny rides a tank. Resistance bears a pen, tyranny flies a jet." Said Brother Nathanael.


Ignorance About Men’s Issues At ‘The Spectator’ And ‘The Oldie’

By Mike Buchanan: I recently started subscribing to The Spectator, a weekly publication, and always enjoy reading it, even if its grasp of gender politics is utterly woeful. Julie Burchill and Germaine Greer are among its occasional contributors, maybe there’s a connection. But I was shocked recently by a recent piece in the column penned by Charles Moore (59), a highly respected journalist and former editor of The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, and The Spectator. He’s also the official biographer of Margaret Thatcher, and the first two volumes of a projected three-volume biography have been published to well-deserved critical acclaim.
Charles Moore must surely be an exceptionally well-informed man, yet in a recent column he speculated that male circumcision might one day be refered to as ‘Male Genital mutilation’. Along with the head of a British charity concerned with the subject, I wrote a letter to the paper. Needless to say, neither was published. 
All of which brings me to The Oldie, a monthly publication. I’m not a subscriber, but I receive second-hand copies from a person living near me.

28 Apr 2016

Dr. Mohammad Hossain Howlader Of London, “Known Genital Mutilator”

By : Dr. Mohammad Hossain Howlader has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at neonatalcutting.org.
From his website londonsurgicalcentre.com, “About Us:”
About the London Surgical Centre 
The London Surgical Centre (LSC) is a clinical services provider based in London. The LSC is a specialist provider in circumcisions for males, and also small surgical operations. We pride ourselves on providing safe surgical procedures for all our patients.
This service is led by a consultant surgeon Mr. (Dr.) Mohammad Hossain Howlader, he is often known simply as Dr Mohammad or Dr Mohammad Hossain or Dr Howlader etc.

“Why Our Children Should Hate Us” - Read The Lance Simmens Article Banned By The Huffington Post

By Michael Krieger: Although Lance Simmens has been intimately involved in public life for several decades, you’ve probably never heard of him. As such, a little introduction is needed.
As mentioned, Lance Simmens’ career was spent in public policy. Specifically, he worked for two U.S. Presidents as well as a couple of senators and governors. Since retirement, he’s been a prolific writer, publishing 180 articles at the Huffington Post over the past 8 years. As such, it came as a great shock to him to discover that one of his recent articles was removed by the Huffington Post shortly after publication. Here’s Lance Simmens describing the ordeal in a recent interview:

Athens, Greece: Anarchists Attack Drug Mafia Protecting Cops At Exarcheia Police Station

Perseus999: The full text analysis explaining the reasons for the attack can be found in Greek and English below of the anarchist attack against Exarchia police station that took place on Sunday 28 April 2016.

The Ghomeshi Verdict

Professor Fiamengo discusses the Ghomeshi Verdict, Critical Legal Theory and it's impact on the presumption of innocence.

You Are Not Cis Gendered

"There are no genders. You can conform to what people expect of you or you can not conform. Gender is make-believe. I am physically male and how I act is my choice." johntheother.

The Transgender Red Pill: Who Cares?

By : Critics – rather dull, uneducated critics – of the men’s human rights movement have expressed delight that the Wachowski brothers, who made the trilogy of Matrix films, are now the Wachowski sisters. You can find a couple of these critics’ stunningly uninformed articles at Flavorwire and even the Guardian if you want a good shaking-my-head laugh at their poverty of understanding.
The Guardian author  claimed that It’s certainly satisfying to imagine the horror of MRAs discovering that their beloved Matrix was created by two transgender women.”
The Flavorwire author  collapses the transgender sisters into one woman:

It’s with some amount of glee that I inform redpiller1985 and those like him that it’s too late for MRAs to push back against the “infection” of “transsexualism.” You see, The Matrix, holiest of men’s rights literature, was co-created by a transgender woman.

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech + Letter From Oxford

By Paul Craig Roberts
: Readers and foreign news organizations are asking me the meaning of Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech. On the surface, his speech is contradictory. Trump says he will rebuild US military might so that America will always be first. Yet Trump emphasizes that “we want to live peacefully and in friendship with Russia and China.”
In a multi-polar world, there is no first country.
Perhaps the “America first” bit is just an effort to ward off neoconservative attacks on his policy of peace. Perhaps Trump means that the US is going to continue to be the top dog, but that the US is going to cease using muscle to make others do what Washington wants.
Trump says that he will put together a fresh team of foreign policy experts, assuming the US has any. Most Americans are full of themselves, and after two decades of neoconservative hubris, finding a fresh team won’t be easy.

Gilad And All That Jazz

"Gilad Atzmon is one of the best players in the world of saxaphone and is also opposed to Zionism, the most controversial Jew in Israel. A man with a nice presence, carries a tinge of shame, despite his boldness. He is complex and interesting. Gilad was born in a pro-Zionist family, and subsequently served in the first war in Lebanon exposed before turning his life to make him resign from the dramatic work in the army, carrying a saxophone and goes to London to announce the extreme hostility to Israel.

Misandric Harvard Is As Misandric Harvard Does

"Harvard forces its all male clubs to accept women in the name of combating sexual assault. Meanwhile an all female single sex ride sharing service designed to combat sexual assault set to open with great fan fair. ...Lol at anyone expecting reasonable consistent rules at an obscenely over priced glorified day care, that's Har-vard." Said Russell Lindquist.

Equality, European Style

The European Council On Tolerance And Reconciliation (Chairman: War Criminal Tony Blair) Wishes To Eliminate Anti-Feminism, By Making It Illegal In The EU 
By William Collins aka mra-uk: Below is a brief on two pieces of potential legislation coming our way from Europe. Enjoy. (You won’t).
As an added bonus, Appendix B, at the end of the post, is a brief description of the bureaucratic structure of the European Union (EU).
The Istanbul Convention.
The Istanbul Convention is essentially a further deepening of VAWG policies. It does not explicitly make anti-feminism illegal (for that, see the second part of this post) but it does make many aspects of feminism obligatory in law. It is a collection of guidelines complete with taxpayer-funded compliance inspectors which embodies radical feminist ideals, and will infringe on, if not remove entirely, many of the individual human rights of male European citizens. Bluntly put, it is anti-male fascism.

27 Apr 2016

Retarded Feminists Of Rutgers University

"The glass window effect." [5:30] Showcasing the cream of the crop at Rutgers University - feminist intellectuals engaging in some thought provoking conversation about everyone's favourite topic - feminism!

How Much Are Those Who Mutilate Baby Boys’ Genitals Earning For Their Crimes?

By Mike Buchanan: One area we’ve rarely touched on is the financial incentives for the criminals who mutilate boys’ genitals for financial gain, leaving aside for now the potential for making further money by selling foreskins to a number of commercial organisations. Let’s consider two doctors / mohels (Jewish ritual circumcisers) on the AVfM Known Genital Mutilators directory: 
Dr Martin Harris practises at a clinic in Golders Green, and charges £395.00 for the procedure – his website was recently archived, here. The original website (http://circumcisionlondon.co.uk) is no longer available to view. Now, why might that be?
Dr Howard Cohen works at a centre in Surrey, and while his website is currently still ‘live’, for the sake of posterity we’ve archived it – here.

The Many Shades Of Traditionalism - MGTOW

"The irrational obsession with the emotion of hope. Hope allows us as a collective to disregard what we see right in front of us, it allows us to ignore millions of years of evolution, it allows us to forget the survival pressures faced by pre history and modern humans. ...The MGTOW message is certainly not negative, it simply refuses to indulge in the wasteful irrational and destructive emotion of hope in the face of contrarian evidence." Said CS MGTOW.

A Torrid Week For The Transatlantic Corporatocracy

The carefully woven fabric is unraveling. 
By Don Quijones: A new survey conducted by YouGov for the Bertelsmann Foundation showed that only 17% of Germans believe the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a good thing, down from 55% two years ago.
In the United States, only 18% support the deal compared to 53% in 2014.
Such low popularity ratings are an incredible feat for a trade agreement that until last year the public had barely even heard of, purposefully, even as it had been on the negotiation table for years, while the governments associated with it had expected to pass it with flying colors.
During his visit to Germany at the weekend, President Barack Obama tried to breathe life back into the deal, insisting that “the majority of people still favor trade” and “still recognize, on balance, that it’s a good idea.” While that may be so, TTIP, like the other alphabet-soup trade agreements, is not really about promoting trade; it’s about reconfiguring the legal apparatus and superstructures that govern national, regional, and global commerce, business and society, for the benefit of the world’s largest multinational corporations.

Feminists Experience Culture Shock, Cry Sexism

To all feminist expats: If you have a problem with the country you CHOSE to move to, then just pack up your shit and go back home. I can guarantee you nobody will be sad to see you go. Raging Golden Eagle

Entropy: The Problem With Evolution By Dumb Luck

'Politics imitates Broken Science'
By : Maxx’s (2016) article ‘Alpha’ ain’t born… is an important interpretation that is consistent with the workings of human nature. But it is at odds with the mainstream’s genocentric, Neo-Darwinian life-science paradigm. If we are to properly understand human motivations and psychology, then Darwinism, in all its manifestations, needs to be dumped in favour of a more realistic paradigm. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that Darwinism’s principle failure is at its foundations, and there is little point trying to fix it.
(Armchair theorists, as science-hobbyists who have no investment in real science beyond what they read in Sunday magazines or watch on television, will indignantly stamp their feet with their predictable “because Darwin” objections. This article is not directed at them. I suggest that they find a different hobby where they cannot hurt anyone… maybe a computer game or stamp-collecting.)

Mike Buchanan And Dr Simon Hochhauser Debate MGM

Implausibly, Dr Hochhauser claimed to be unaware that the purpose of MGM is to reduce the sexual pleasure felt by adult males. We frequently recommend people read William Collins’s article on MGM http://www.stgeorgewest.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/male-genital-mutilation.html. He cites what Moses Maimonides, a leading Jewish intellectual and physician, wrote in 1135:
“With regard to circumcision, one of the reasons for it is, in my opinion, the wish to bring about a decrease in sexual intercourse and a weakening of the organ in question, so that this activity be diminished and the organ be in as quiet a state as possible.

Censored, Surveilled, Watch-Listed, & Jailed: The Absurd Citizenry Of The American Police State

“You had to live - did live, from habit that became instinct - in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized.” George Orwell, 1984 
Submitted by John Whitehead: In past ages, those who dared to speak out against tyranny - viewed as an act of treason - were blinded, castrated, disfigured, mutilated, rendered mute by having their tongues cut out of their heads, and ultimately crucified.
In the American police state, the price to be paid for speaking truth to power (also increasingly viewed as an act of treason) is surveillance, censorship, jail and ultimately death.
It’s a diabolically ingenious tactic for muzzling, disarming and ultimately eliminating one’s critics or potential adversaries.
However, where many Americans go wrong is in assuming that you have to be doing something illegal or challenging the government’s authority in order to be flagged as a suspicious character, labeled an enemy of the state and locked up like a dangerous criminal.

The Long [MHRM] Haul

"Whatever happens, effort is going to be in the seat of the winning car. You will need a navigator though. 
...We'll make it fun, we'll sing songs and shit."
Here ya go then: https://www.change.org/p/universities...

26 Apr 2016

Russia Rejects Kerry's New Attempts To Shield The Terrorists

By Moon Of Alabama: The U.S. admits that the upcoming Aleppo offensive by the Syrian government and its allies is designed to hit al-Qaeda and associated terrorist forces and not primarily the "moderate" unicorns the U.S. propaganda blushes about. But the openly U.S. supported forces will also be hit as they are very much integrated with al-Qaeda. The U.S. has for long considered al-Qaeda a secret ally in its attempt to destroy the Syrian state. The French magazine L'Orient Le Jour sees the U.S. relation with al-Qaeda in Syria as part of the attrition strategy the U.S. is waging against Syria (and Russia). 
Secretary of State Kerry tried to convince the Russian that al-Qaeda should not be attacked during the cessation of hostilities. But the Russian's did not agree. Al Qaeda is a UN recognized international terrorist organization which, under UNSC resolutions, must be fought.

In Israel, An Ugly Tide Sweeps Over Palestinians

By Jonathan Cook: In Israel’s evermore tribal politics, there is no such thing as a “good" Arab – and the worst failing in a Jew is to be unmasked as an “Arab lover". Or so was the message last week from Isaac Herzog, head of Israel’s so-called peace camp.
The shock waves of popular anger at the recent indictment of an Israeli army medic, Elor Azaria, on a charge of “negligent homicide" are being felt across Israel’s political landscape.
Most Israeli Jews bitterly resent the soldier being put on trial, even though Azaria was caught on camera firing a bullet into the head of a badly injured Palestinian, Abdel Fattah Al Sharif.
In the current climate, Mr Herzog and his opposition party Zionist Union have found themselves highly uncomfortable at having in their midst a single non-Jewish legislator.
Zuheir Bahloul, an accommodating figure who made his name as a sportscaster before entering politics, belongs to the minority of 1.7 million Palestinian citizens, one in five of the population.

Corbyn's Labour Is Not A Party, More Like Occupied Territory

By Gilad Atzmon: John McAuliffe is the latest victim of Labour’s current philo-Semitic purge. According to the Jewish Chronicle,  McAuliffe wrote that: “The Holocaust has been the most useful political tool of the Zionist government in Israel to establish a financial racket in the West, whereby Israel receives an unlimited sum for the duration of its existence.”  McAuliffe merely states the facts. 
Everybody knows that ‘there is no business like shoah business,’ as Israeli politician Abba Eban put it in the 1950’s. But denying the truth and killing the messenger is now standard procedure in Corbyn’s Labour.
 Like a proper Lefty, McAuliffe bent the truth a bit to fit it neatly into the party ‘narrative’. McAuliffe said that ”The Zionist government of Israel is incompatible with Judaism and Jewish history.” This is a popular statement, but it is wrong. Leftists tend to draw an imaginary demarcation line between the ‘Jew’ and the ‘Zionist.’  No such line exists. Zionism is, by far, the most popular Jewish political ideology. And Zionism in its current state is compatible with Judaism and Jewish culture: Israeli barbarism is light in comparison with some genocidal Old Testament verses and Talmudic teachings. And aggressive Zionistlobbying is consistent with the Book of Esther.

Milo Yiannopoulos, Steven Crowder And Christina Hoff Sommers At UMass

Steven, Based Mom and Milo went out to UMass for The Triggering, a three way talk about political correctness going too far. SJWs in the crowd spend the better part of an hour and a half proving us right. Probably Milo's most outragous show to date.


JRAB dedicates this heart felt song to his newly born son Phoenix Marley
APPARENT taken from latest project 'Hells Kitchen'

Game Of Crones: Reign Of The Drama Queens

By : Imagine you are a parent working two or three jobs to pay for your daughter’s tuition and college expenses. When she announces she is not going to major in gender studies, you breathe a sigh of relief. Then she says she’s decided to major in theater arts! Geez, why not just drop out and take a vow of poverty.
Well, four years from now all those unemployed or underemployed theater majors may get a break…assuming they are women or a reasonable facsimile thereof.
You see, the 2020-2021 American theater season has been proposed as a Jubilee year. As you may recall from Sunday school, the Jubilee is an old biblical term in which the slate is wiped clean, e.g., slaves are freed, and debts are forgiven. The theatrical Jubilee concept comes with a twist: it’s about extinguishing men, not debt; purportedly it stands foursquare for the manumission of women, as well as other aggrieved groups.
For the record, here’s the manifesto from Howl Round, a website which pertains to all things theatrical:
We can envision a near future in which all American Theatre seasons are overflowing with works written and directed by women.

Feminist Questions, MGTOW Answers

My Response to an inquiry from a feminist on Youtube. johntheother

ANZAC Day - With Ken Oathcarn

Ken Oathcarn with a Public Service Announcement on how to exercise your freedom of speech this ANZAC Day. - I know this video is almost guaranteed to offend *some* people out there but hopefully one thing will be clear to most of you, and that is that this is a critique of *our* own society today, and not of the men and women who served their country honourably.

World War III Has Begun

By Paul Craig Roberts: The Third World War is currently being fought. How long before it moves into its hot stage? 
Washington is currently conducting economic and propaganda warfare against four members of the five bloc group of countries known as BRICS—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Brazil and South Africa are being destabilized with fabricated political scandals. Both countries are rife with Washington-financed politicians and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Washington concocts a scandal, sends its political agents into action demanding action against the government and its NGOs into the streets in protests.
Washington tried this against China with the orchestrated Hong Kong “student protest.” Washington hoped that the protest would spread into China, but the scheme failed. Washington tried this against Russia with the orchestrated protests against Putin’s reelection and failed again.
'If Russia and China do not disengage from the Western system and exile their neoliberal economists, they will have to go to war in order to defend their sovereignty.'

25 Apr 2016

"A Total Game Changer" - Over-Population To De-Population

Submitted by Chris Hamilton: Strangely, the world is suffering from two seemingly opposite trends...overpopulation and depopulation in concert.  The overpopulation is due to the increased longevity of elderly lifespans vs. depopulation of young populations due to collapsing birthrates.  The depopulation is among most under 25yr old populations (except Africa) and among many under 45yr old populations. 
So, the old are living decades longer than a generation ago but their adult children are having far fewer children.  The economics of this is a complete game changer and is unlike any time previously in the history of mankind.  None of the models ever accounted for a shrinking young population absent income, savings, or job opportunity vs. massive growth in the old with a vast majority reliant on government programs in their generally underfunded retirements (apart from a minority of retirees who are wildly "overfunded").  There are literally hundreds of reasons for the longer lifespans and lower birthrates...but that's for another day.  This is simply a look at what is and what is likely to be absent a goal-seeked happy ending.

Chivalry: A Learned Deathwish

'Most will eventually take refuge in the fanciful
idea that Jason Cisneros died a hero.'
By : Just after midnight last Friday, April 22, 2016, and a scant 4 or 5 miles from where I am sitting, 19-year-old Jason Cisneros stopped by his best friend Ivania’s apartment to see her. When he arrived, he heard a commotion near where he parked.
He sent a text to Ivania inside, saying, “’I’m outside. There’s a lady honking, and this guy wants to hit her. He wants to kill her.”
Jason then approached the woman’s car to intervene. Just a moment later, he lay dying on the street, with two gunshot wounds.
The news coverage on this, what little it will get, will paint a simple picture. A brave young man heard a woman in distress — a woman he did not even know — and lost his life trying to protect her.
Of course, the real story is not nearly so simple. What made this young man walk into the line of fire? Was it heroics? Why didn’t he just call the police? Why did he feel the pull toward intervening in the troubles of a female stranger?

The Status Quo Has Failed And Is Beyond Reform

By Charles Hugh Smith: The truth is the usual menu of reforms can’t stop this failure, so we have to prepare ourselves for the radical transformations ahead.
That the status quo - the current pyramid of wealth and power dominated by the few at the top - has failed is self-evident, but we can't bear to talk about it. This is not just the result of a corporate media that serves up a steady spew of pro-status quo propaganda--it is also the result of self-censorship and denial. 
Why do we avoid talking about the failure of the status quo? We know it is beyond reform, and we're afraid: afraid that the promises of financial security cannot be kept, afraid of our own precariousness and fragility, and afraid of what will replace the status quo, for we all know Nature abhors a vacuum, and when the status quo crumbles, something else will take its place.
We all prefer the comforting promises of vast central states. No wonder so many Russians pine for the glory days of the Soviet Union, warts and all.
But the central bank/state model has failed, and history can't be reversed. The failure is not rooted in superficial issues such as which political party is in power, or which regulations are enforced; the failure is structural. The very foundation of the status quo has rotted away, and brushing on another coat of reformist paint will not save our societal house from collapse.

The Raped Women Project

"Brainwashed Ultra Zionist Jewish Israeli Cult members organised the raped women project to punish escaping members." Feminism LOL: Not only do false accusations happen, they are organised events. Be smart. Don't just #Believe.

Male Genital Mutilation - Richard Duncker 'Men Do Complain'

Mike Buchanan: There was a media frenzy following a case in which Mrs Justice Robers ruled that two young boys could not be circumcised as their Muslim father wished, when their non-Muslim mother wouldn't give consent.

God’s Chosen Drivers

By Gilad Atzmon: My Canadian friend Richard Guillemette sent me the following a few days ago. I think that this is an extraordinary description of the Jewish condition where racial supremacy is celebrated through tribalism, narcism and aggression:
“In essence it goes a lit bit like this. You travel all over the world Gilad. You see and meet all kind of people,different ethnicities, different ideologies, different cultures etc. let's say you rent a car in each one and you have a car accident in every country. You then deduce that the reason this is happening is because nobody knows how to drive. Your solution is then to return to London and fight to abolish driving for everybody but you. You might allow some of your close friend to drive also. This problem can never be resolved and you have to live in constant fear every time you go somewhere and have to rent a car.
You know that you are right because God has chosen you as the best driver in the world.”

Bacchis Gives Necklace To Colophon So He Could Sleep With Plangon

: Prominent women writers of the European Middle Ages had loving concern for men. So too did some women in ancient Greece. About 2350 years ago on the Greek island of Samos, a beautiful young woman named Bacchis showed that she had the inner beauty of generosity and sympathy for men.
Bacchis, a courtesan, had as a lover a young man named Colophon. They had a torrid, wild love affair. Nonetheless, Colophon also fell in love with the extremely beautiful, notorious courtesan Plangon of Miletus.[1] Plangon first told Colophon that to have her he would have to give up Bacchis. But Colophon, like the big-hearted Ovid, sought to have more than one lover.
Plangon then concocted a scheme to pry Colophon from Bacchis.

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Cato The Elder Understood Pythionice’s Public Prominence

Anyone who doesn’t consider Eros the most important god
is either stupid, or lacks experience of what is good
and fails to realize who the most significant god for mortals is.

In ancient Greece, the largest tomb monument on the Sacred Way into Athens didn’t belong to any of the great Athenian political leaders, who were all men. The largest tomb monument honored Pythionice. She was a beautiful prostitute who helped to realize the progressive, democratic welfare program of the wise law-maker Solon. Comparing the formal status of women and men has promoted the false cult of patriarchy. Women like Pythionice have always been the most powerful persons in urbanized human societies.
Pythionice was a pioneer of democratic welfare reform. Prostitutes throughout history have favored serving the men who would pay the most money for sex. Pythionice, however, burned with the democratic spirit kindled in fifth-century Athens.