31 May 2016

Jewish Power - The Power To Silence Criticism Of Jewish Power

By Gilad Atzmon: A British-Palestinian schoolgirl has been expelled from a public speaking competition after a video of her moving entry went viral last week.
Following complaints by Jewish blogger Edgar Davidson to the Speakers Trust, the charity have now decided “unanimously” against sending Leanne Mohamad through to the final rounds of the competition.
Julie Holness, CEO of the Speakers Trust, said that Ms Mohamad had breached “two fundamental rules that are made explicit during the training..There are two fundamental rules that are made explicit during the training: the speech must have a positive and uplifting message - in fact this is one of the core terms of the agreement with the Jack Petchey Foundation [and] a speaker should never inflame or offend the audience or insult others and this, by definition, means that propaganda is ruled out absolutely from the outset".
According to CEO Julie Holness we shouldn't criticise Israel because some Jews may get offended and the message may not be positive enough. In Britain 2016 we train children to speak freely and profoundly while saying nothing.

Message To Feminists Challenge

"When feminists yell insults in your face for wanting to attend a lecture, when feminists dismiss the high male suicide rate, when feminists decry the pain and horror felt by mothers who have to live with only 50% access to their kids, that is equal access to the separated fathers instead of 100% custody, when feminists claim that men opressed women throughout history and deny the truth that men have supported protected and provided for women and children in humanities struggle for survival that caricterised our shared history, treat them fairly, treat them like any other hate group."

Original Understanding Of Chivalry Retained In Ancient Poetry

Chivalry is now understood as men holding doors open for women, men being ready to fight on behalf of women, and men putting women first into lifeboats while men drown. That oppressive idea of chivalry arose in medieval Europe. Modern benighted medieval scholars have celebrated it. They have helped to create a culture in which gender equality means anti-men gender bigotry. We must recover the original understanding of chivalry.

Thracian filly, why so sharply
shy away with sidelong glances,
thinking I’ve no expertise?

Let me tell you, I could harness you tight
and make you sweat and pant and come
by both ways to the end of the road.

But for now you graze the meadow,
frisk and play, for want of any
skillful horseman to ride you. [1]

The Real History Of MGTOW

The reaction from the group of men who identify as Men Going Their Own Way, or MGTOW, was swift, critical and on point.
Now, you might think that the divide between MGTOW and pro-marriage advocates is a relatively new one, born in the internet by a collection of men who made a choice to rebel against the institution of marriage and opened a real-time, public dialogue about it.

US Ominous New Trends

Max and Stacy discuss the new ominous trends linked to the fact that no ‘Mr Smiths’ have gone to Washington in decades. With corruption paying so well, monopolies and big box store businesses over run the previously job-producing regions of America. In the second half Max interviews Professor Robert McChesney about the media’s role in the US election so far - from $3 billion in free air time for Donald Trump to refusing to cover Bernie Sanders until late in the game. They also discuss ‘the defining moment’ as robots begin to replace more and more jobs and how this relates to the voters choosing Trump.

On Modernity Part 4: Rousseau's Politics - MGTOW

Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW: An evaluation of the political philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Lock Up The Men, Evict The Women And Children

By Chris Hedges: Matthew Desmond’s book, “Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City,” like Barbara Ehrenreich’s “Nickel and Dimed,” is a heartbreaking snapshot of the rapacious exploitation and misery we inflict on the most vulnerable, especially children. It is a picture of a world where industries have been created to fleece the poor, and destroy neighborhoods and ultimately lives. It portrays a judicial system that has broken down, a dysfunctional social service system and the license in neoliberal America to carry out unchecked greed, no matter what the cost.
“Her face had that look,” Desmond wrote. “The movers and the deputies knew it well. It was the look of someone realizing that her family would be homeless in a matter of hours. It was something like denial giving way to the surrealism of the scene: the speed and the violence of it all; sheriffs leaning against your wall, hands resting on holsters; all these strangers, these sweating men, piling your things outside, drinking water from your sink poured into your cups, using your bathroom. It was the look of being undone by a wave of questions. What do I need for tonight, for this week? Who should I call? Where is the medication? Where will we go? It was the face of a mother who climbs out of the cellar to find the tornado has leveled the house.”

Are All Women Gold-Diggers?

By : From JW Productions comes a movie with a deliberately provocative question in the title… Are all men pedophiles? [1] This seems like an odd title, given that they acknowledge in the film the existence of female pedophiles. But if they want to take advantage of some dominant cultural narrative, well, we can play that game too… indeed,  it might be quite fun. JW Productions [2] provides a brief outline on their website:

For the first time in history the tables have turned on men. In the past “Witch-Hunt” was associated with women but now it is associated with men.
In an effort to protect our children society has started to isolate men. This documentary explores the pedophilia hysteria and how all men are viewed as potential pedophiles. How did society come to such a conclusion and what are the political and social consequences?
Witch-hunts serve little purpose in the course of reason, and focusing only on the perversions of men doesn’t help anyone. The perversions of women also deserve scrutiny and, for balance, I’d like to ask… are all women gold-diggers?

30 May 2016

Centuries Of Oppression

By William Collins aka MRA-UK: Apparently I’m a deluded conspiracy nutjob. So Alex Proud believes. It’s a little disappointing. After several years immersing myself in oceans of data before forming my opinions, based on at least a modicum of factual knowledge, I had thought perhaps common politeness might be appropriate. There was a time when journalists were well informed and would pride themselves on confronting received opinion. Recall Orwell’s “journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations”. But Mr Proud is not such a journalist. So why do I draw your attention to his unimportant little hit piece in The Telegraph? I do not. I will say nothing of it. It is such an embarrassing display of ignorance. I draw your attention to the on-line survey which follows it. The results on 30th May at 14:15, seven days after the initial publication, were as follows,

There Has Been A Coup In Brazil

By Paul Craig Roberts: In Brazil the country’s largest newspaper has published a transcript of a secret recording leaked to the newspaper. The words recorded are the plot by the rich Brazilian elite, involving both the Zio-US-corrupted Brazilian military and Supreme Court, to remove the democratically elected president of Brazil under false charges in order to stop the investigations of the corrupt elites who inhabit Brazil’s senate and bring to an end Brazil’s membership in BRICS. The Russian-Chinese attempt to organize an economic bloc independent of Washington has now lost 20% of its membership.
Democracy has been overthrown in Brazil as in Ukraine, Honduras-indeed, everywhere the dirty evil hand of Washington falls, including the US itself.
Glenn Greenwald reports on the extraordinary leak of the 75-minute recording of the conversations between Brazilian elites laying out the plot to frame the President of Brazil in order to protect themselves. https://theintercept.com/2016/05/23/new-political-earthquake-in-brazil-is-it-now-time-for-media-outlets-to-call-this-a-coup/
The Government of President Dilma Rousseff was dealing with the corrupt Brazilian elite in a legal, not a revolutionary, way. This was a strategic error, as neither the Brazilian elites nor their backers in Washington care a hoot about legality. For them power is the only effective force.
They used their power to remove Rousseff from the presidency, demonstrating to Brazilians that their votes are powerless to determine the government.

The Truth About Syria - A Manufactured War Against An Independent Country

The people of the world should ask Western leaders and their allies: Why are you prolonging this war? Why do you continue funding and enabling the terrorists? Isn’t five years of civil war enough? Is overthrowing the Syrian government really worth so much suffering and death
By In late April, President Barack Obama announced that 250 U.S. special operations troops are being deployed to Syria. Unlike the Russian and Iranian forces aiding anti-terrorism efforts in the country, the U.S. military personnel have entered Syria against the wishes of the internationally recognized government.
In terms of international law, the United States has invaded Syria, a sovereign country and United Nations member state. This is the not the first time, though — Arizona Sen. John Mccain crossed into Syria without a visa to meet with anti-government fighters in 2013.
While the new U.S. boots on the ground have officially been dispatched for the purpose of fighting Daesh (an Arabic acronym for the organization known in the West as ISIS or ISIL), they will most likely be working to achieve one of the Pentagon’s longstanding foreign policy goals: violently overthrowing the Syrian government. 
As the terrorism of Daesh and other extremists grows more intense, and as millions of Syrians have become refugees, the heavy costs of the U.S. government’s “regime change” operation in Syria should come into question.

Terrorist Israel Lost Its Latest Chance For A Peace Process

By Last Friday, after weeks of political maneuvering, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin 'baby butcher of Gaza' Netanyahu appointed Avigdor Lieberman to be his defense minister. A longtime political hard-liner who has filled various cabinet positions for more than a decade, Lieberman made his career with coarse talk: Israel, he said, should “cut off the head” of a disloyal Arab citizen, or take “a lesson from Putin” on how to deal with terror. His appointment served as a climax to parallel dramas: a public dispute between Netanyahu’s most conservative ministers and the Israel Defense Forces, which Lieberman’s appointment will inflame, and a secret peace initiative prompted by Tony Blair, involving players from the opposition leader, Isaac Herzog, to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, which the appointment effectively scuttles.

Feminist Thinks All Men Are Rapists

Blaire White: "Meet a man who has worse gender issues than I have
and I'm a tranny."

Misogyny? Sit Down Shut Up

johntheother: What to do when your assertion that you are a person of worth meets feminist doctrine that unapologetic men are rapist scum.

Study: 50% Of Twitter Misogyny Posted By Women. UK MPs Launch “Reclaim The Internet” Campaign

By : The title says it all. Both the BBC and the Daily Wire report that think tank Demos undertook a three-week study and found that half of apparently misogynist posts were posted by women.
From the original report:

  • Women are as almost as likely as men to use the terms ‘slut’ and
    ‘whore’ on Twitter. Not only are women using these words, they are directing them at each other, both casually and offensively; women are increasingly more inclined to engage in discourses using the same language that has been, and continues to be, used as derogatory against them.

MRA Feminist Peg Tyre, Pulitzer Winner: a Boy’s and Men’s gendered lens

Tim Patten: MRA Feminist Peg Tyre, Pulitzer Prize Winner: a Boy’s and Men’s Gendered Lens. From the New Male Studies malestudies.org/ (not to be confused with Men's Studies, a feminist college program.)

Jewish Paedophilia: Kiryas Joel And The Rest Of America

By Eve Mykytyn: Kiryas Joel is a Hasidic enclave within Monroe, NY with its own schools, emergency medical and other governmental services. A recent book by Louis Grumet with John Caher, “The Curious Case of Kiryas Joel: The Rise of a Village Theocracy and the Battle to Defend the Separation of Church and State”, details the machinations behind the extraordinary carve out of a school district for a religious group.
Monroe contains incorporated and unincorporated land. Hasidic Jews have bought land and settled in the unincorporated part of Monroe, and since 2013, they have been fighting to join the rest of Monroe and become a part of the Kiryas Joel school district.

29 May 2016

Evolving Legal And Sexuam Market Place

Golden Eagle-Owl, Alexander MGTOW and CS MGTOW, LIVE!

Janice Fiamengo On Feminism's Effect On Men

By : Professor Fiamengo has a new project in the making and needs your help with stories.
In addition to an extensive discussion about the project, Lucian Vâlsan and prof. Fiamengo goes into other politically incorrect topics including, but not limited to, the issue of transgender children, Donald Trump, privilege checking, and ideology.
Worth a watch as this is a discussion between two individuals who spend a tremendous amount of time studying the vanguard of our philosophical opponents.

Golders Green Protest Against MGM

A short video (4:17) taken during the recent Golders Green protest.
We plan to protest regularly in Golders Green and Luton – and elsewhere – in the months and years following the London conference, until such time as males in the UK enjoy the same state protection against genital mutilation as that enjoyed by females.

As Our Past Wars Are Glorified This Memorial Day Weekend, Give Some Thought To Our Prospects Against The Russians And Chinese In World War III

'The world is being led to destruction by nothing more than the greed of the US military-security complex.'
By Paul Craig Roberts: The Saker reports that Russia is preparing for World War III, not because Russia intends to initiate aggression but because Russia is alarmed by the hubris and arrogance of the West, by the demonization of Russia, by provocative military actions by the West, by American interference in the Russian province of Chechnya and in former Russian provinces of Ukraine and Georgia, and by the absence of any restraint from Western Europe on Washington’s ability to foment war. http://thesaker.is/how-russia-is-preparing-for-wwiii/
Like Steven Starr, Stephen Cohen, myself, and a small number of others, the Saker understands the reckless irresponsibility of convincing Russia that the United States intends to attack her.

Exposing The Dirty War On Syria

We talk to Dr. Tim Anderson of the University of Sydney about his new book, The Dirty War on Syria: Washington, Regime Change and Resistance.” From the Houla hoax to the chemical weapons false flag, Dr. Anderson rips the mask from the lies that have clouded the mainstream narrative of the Syrian war.

Maram Susli AKA Syrian Girl On Facebook Censorship, Syria's White Helmets, US Elections..

Maram Susli on Facebook censorship, Syria white helmets, US elections...
The second hour, Refugees, identity politics, Nicole Arbour, and drugs.

How Russia is preparing for WWIII

Authored by The Saker: I have recently posted a piece in which I tried to debunk a few popular myths about modern warfare. Judging by many comments which I received in response to this post, I have to say that the myths in question are still alive and well and that I clearly failed to convince many readers. What I propose to do today, is to look at what Russia is really doing in response to the growing threat from the West. But first, I have to set the context or, more accurately, re-set the context in which Russia is operating. Let’s begin by looking at the AngloZionist policies towards Russia.
The West’s actions:
First on this list is, obviously, the conquest by NATO of all of Eastern Europe. I speak of conquest because that is exactly what it is, but a conquest achieved according to the rules of 21st century warfare which I define as “80% informational, 15% economic and 5% military”. Yes, I know, the good folks of Eastern Europe were just dreaming of being subjugated by the US/NATO/EU/etc – but so what? Anyone who has read Sun Tzu will immediately recognize that this deep desire to be ‘incorporated’ into the AngloZionist “Borg” is nothing else but the result of a crushed self-identity, a deep-seated inferiority complex and, thus, a surrender which did not even have to be induced by military means.

Women Are Misogynists!

TJ discusses a May 2014 study from the United Kingdom; Misogyny On Twitter. The study found that “women are as almost as likely as men to use the terms ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ on Twitter.”

"Don't Listen To The Ruling Elite, The World Economy Is In Real Trouble"

...Says Former Morgan Stanley Chief Asia Economist.
Andy Xie says the world's elite that are attending the G7, G20, Davos and other wasteful meetings are wrong to try to pin the blame for the turmoil on people’s psychology; all signs point to a prolonged period of global stagnation and instability.
Before the current G7 meetings waste of time, The G20 working group meeting in Shanghai didn’t come up with any constructive proposals for reviving the global economy and, instead, complained that the recent market turmoil didn’t reflect the “underlying fundamentals of the global economy”. The oil price has declined by 70 per cent since June 2014, while the Brazilian real has halved, and the Russian rouble is down by 60 per cent. The global economy is on the cusp of another recession, and these important people blamed it all on some sort of psychological problem of the people.
Over the past two decades, the global economy has been blessed with the entry and participation of 800 million hard-working Chinese, plus the information revolution. The pie should have increased enough in size to make most people happier. Yet, the opposite has happened. The world has gone from one crisis to another. People are complaining everywhere. This is due to mismanagement by the very people who attend the G20 meetings, the Davos boondoggle, and so many other global meetings that waste taxpayers’ money and put inept leaders in the limelight.

IQ Tests

28 May 2016

How Much Did Washington Pay The Stupid And Corrupt Swedish Government To Give Up Neutrality And Make Its Population A Nuclear Target?

By Stop NATO: This is a press statement from the organisation Stop NATO in Norway, regarding Sweden’s recent decision to sign a Host Country Agreement with NATO: 'Sweden Dumps Neutrality, Signs Major Agreement with NATO'
A sad day for Sweden. A sad day for the Nordic countries. A sad day for peace.
On May 25th Riksdagen (the Swedish National Assembly) sacrificed the Swedish neutrality policy by joining the  NATO Host Country Agreement. This happened almost without any public debate. Popular protests and 41 300 signatures have been swept aside by Riksdagen.
The Agreement makes Sweden a possible host country for aggressive NATO exercises during peacetime. In addition, the Swedish government may allow NATO to invade the country if a crisis or a conflict should occur. Inevitably, Sweden will become directly involved in NATO’s armament proliferation and their aggressive provocations against Russia. Large-scale fleet exercises in the Baltic Sea will further increase the danger of confrontation and war.
This is not only a tragedy for Sweden; it increases the arms race and the danger of war throughout Europe. The fact that Sweden has been staying out of military alliances until now, has been a stabilizing factor throughout Northern Europe. The Swedish submission to NATO may spell the end to peace in the Nordic region.

Ireland Latest EU State To Defend BDS

By Kevin Squires: In another blow to the Israeli campaign to criminalize Palestine solidarity activism, the Irish government has affirmed that the global boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement represents a “legitimate” means of protest “intended to pressure Israel into ending the occupation.  
In the Irish parliament on Thursday, foreign minister Charles Flanagan stated that “while the government does not itself support such a policy,” the BDS movement holds a “legitimate political viewpoint” and that the government does “not agree with attempts to demonize those who advocate this policy.”
Second blow in a week
This is the second major setback Israel has suffered this week to its campaign to delegitimize and criminalize the global movement within the European Union and other Western states.
Ireland is the third EU government to make such a statement in recent months.
Earlier this week, Dutch foreign minister Bert Koenders said that “statements or meetings concerning BDS are protected by freedom of expression and freedom of assembly, as enshrined in the Dutch constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights.”

Right Price For Surrender

Max and Stacy discuss the declaration of war in North Yorkshire and yet without a prime minister vowing the defend the island, no matter the cost. In the second half Max interviews financial analyst, Rick Ackerman, about bonds, gold and pensions.

Visit Australia!

thejuicemedia: The Strayan government released this ad today promoting tourism, and it's surprisingly honest and informative.

Spend Your Life On Planet Earth

Deek Jackson

The Quantum Entanglement Of Marriage And Cereal

This video was riddled with alternative title options.
Salted Clagnuts and Drool.
Genderfluid Timelord.
Chicken in the Shape of a Dollar Sign.
The Entire Fucking Pie.
Disreputable Ladies are not Excrement but Strumpets and Rouses
The Blunted Cutlery of Damocles.

Dr. Leon Levitt Of Perth, AU “Known Genital Mutilator”

By : Dr. Leon Levitt [right] of the Perth Circumcision Clinic has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at neonatalcutting.org.
From his website perthcircumcisionclinic.com:
The Perth Circumcision Clinic provides a professional, quality medical service to families who wish their sons to be circumcised. The Clinic was set up by Dr Leon Levitt, an experienced Western Australian General Practitioner Obstetrician with over 25 years experience in circumcisions in neonates (boys under the age of 6 weeks). 
He has performed over 6000 circumcisions in the clinic setting. The Clinic has been operating within Dr Levitt’s medical practice throughout this time, and in 2011 began operations as a separate entity. This August the Clinic will relocate to a new medical practice in Wembley called Baby Steps Health Centre.
Highest medical & nursing standards

Two Years In Jail For Disagreeing That Jenner Is A Woman

Welcome to Canada!

Paedophilia And Jewish Tribal Loyalty

By Gilad Atzmon: The Holocaust Memorial Trust and the BOD have yet to disassociate themselves from Lord Janner and his alleged history of multiple child sex abuse.  Seems that tribal loyalty is so firmly entrenched that it far surpasses ethics or compassion.
Now there is yet another case of tribal loyalty that is inconsistent with British values and law.  This time a Jewish children’s summer camp is the chosen locale. 
The Jewish Chronicle reports today the “owner of a (Jewish) children's summer camp, who is accused of failing to act when naked images of three- and four-year-old girls were found on his business partner's phone, has chosen not to give evidence.”
The prosecution claims that Tal Landsman, the owner of the Jewish camp, “willfully exposed children to harm by not immediately reporting his best friend Ben Lewis to the authorities.”
Landsman and Lewis were co-founders of LL Camps in Bushey, Hertfordshire. The camp was closed down in August 2015 after an employee who had seen the images reported Lewis to the police.
Demonstrating tribal loyalty, one Ilan Ben-Zion, a trainee clinical psychologist, described Mr. Landsman to the court as "extremely bright, vibrant, enthusiastic and determined".
Tribal loyalty ended once the Goyim became involved. The JC reports: “the jury of seven men and five women had heard from a member staff, Sandra Vicente, that the sight of the images on Lewis's phone had "polluted" her brain.”

27 May 2016

These Idiots Need Feminism Because

Ceara McCord: Bah bah buuuuuuuum. More idiots who need feminism. Enjoy. :)

China Warns The World: America Is The "Greatest Threat To Peace & Stability"

It is no secret that the relationship between the United States and China has been strained for quite some time. Earlier this month when the US sailed its guided missile destroyer the USS William P. Lawrence within 12 nautical miles of Chinese-occupied Fiery Cross Reef, it ended in China scrambling of two fighter jets and three warships to shadow the destroyer and convince it to leave the area.
The US admitted that it sailed the USS William P. Lawrence by the disputed island in order to "challenge excessive maritime claims" made by China. In turn, China had this to say about the US effort: "This action by the U.S. side threatened China's sovereignty and security interests, endangered the staff and facilities on the reef, and damaged regional peace and stability."
As the US meddles in the South China Sea disputes, China has been increasingly vocal about its displeasure, and that came out very directly in recent comments made on Thursday. 
The United Nations is getting ready to rule on a maritime dispute between China and the Philippines, and in discussing that potential ruling Yang Yujun, spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense (MND) said at a briefing that US involvement in these types of disputes is the greatest threat to the region.



Women Overvalue Themselves

Professor Fiamengo wonders whether women are right to undervalue themselves since they are accustomed to men doing most of the hard work.

Zio-Neo-Con-Artists 9/11 Disinformation: Saudi Arabia Attacked America

By Paul Craig Roberts: The forever changing 9/11 story is entering a new phase. Blame is being transferred from Osama bin Laden to the Saudi Arabian government.
There are 28 pages classified secret of a congressional inquiry into 9/11 that allegedly found Saudi financial support for the alleged 9/11 hijackers. Neither the George W. Bush nor the Obama regimes would release the classified pages. Only a few members of Congress have been permited to read it, and they are not permitted to speak about it. Nevertheless, Congress now has before it the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act which, if passed, permits families of victims of the 9/11 attacks to sue the Saudi Arabian government for damages. In other words, although Congress has no information except rumor with which to support the bill, Congress is going ahead. Obama says if Congress passes the bill, he will veto it.
The refusal to declassify the evidence against the Saudis and the veto threat have put many commentators in high dudgeon.
What is going on here?

One possible answer is that the public’s confidence in the 9/11 story is eroding as a result of growing expert opinion that challenges the official line. In order to redirect the public’s skepticism, a red herring is being pulled across the trail.
The Saudi angle satisfies the belief that some sort of government coverup is involved but redirects the suspicion from Washington to the Saudis.

The Next Anti-MGM Protest: Home Office

By Mike Buchanan: [Note added 27 May: This post is being republished as a reminder. It’s a scandal that the police / CPS are failing to bring prosecutions against those who perpetrate the crime of MGM, often making considerable money in the process. The police report into the Home Office. The Home Secretary is Theresa May MP, who once infamously sported a ‘This is what a feminist looks like’ T-shirt. Please show your support for male babies, infants, and children, by supporting us next Wednesday. Thank you. ]
Many proponents of MGM support it partly on the grounds of alleged potential or real health benefits, to men and/or their sexual partners. Does science support that position? For the answer, we refer you to a paper co-authored by Brian D Earp, a scientist and ethicist at the University of Oxford – here.
Two more anti-MGM protests will take place before the London Conference. One of the speakers at the conference will be the American researcher Tim Hammond, who’ll be giving a new talk on the Global Survey of Circumcision Harm.
Our first anti-MGM protest was outside the Conservative party conference (October 2015), the second in Parliament Square on International Men’s Day (November 2015).

Good Reasons To Marry + Women-Are-Evil Is Another Pussy Pass

johntheother said. "It's a business contract between two people in which the advantages and the liabilities are unequal depending on the sex. If you're male and you gat married to a female, well you have a huge liability and hazard and a penalty on exit and very little advantage.
If you're female and you get married, you have a huge advantage, very little penalty, no substantial penalty on exit, in fact a big monetary payout on exit when you violate the terms of that contract and you can make the other person keep paying. Well that's a shit deal, only a stupid person would participate in that if it wasn't wrapped up in all this mumbo-jumbo romance and woo woo that we wrap marriage in to trick people into doing it."

Washington’s Sanctions Against Russia Wreck Not Russia But Washington’s European Vassals

By Finian Cunningham: From ministerial offices to barricades on the streets, Europe is in open revolt against anti-Russian sanctions which have cost workers and businesses millions of jobs and earnings. Granted, the contentious issues are wider than anti-Russian sanctions. However, the latter are entwined with growing popular discontent across the EU.
Germany’s vice chancellor Sigmar Gabriel is among the latest high-profile politicians to have come out against the sanctions stand-off between the European Union and Russia.

At stake is not just a crisis in the economy, of which the anti-Russian sanctions are symptomatic. It is further manifesting in a political crisis that is challenging the very legitimacy of EU governments and the bloc’s institutional existence. The issue is not so much about merely trying to normalize EU-Russian relations. But rather more about preserving the EU from an existential public backlash against anti-democratic and discredited authorities.

26 May 2016

Pensions Going Bankrupt

The ugliest word in the English language, which, nevertheless, many Americans will no longer have to encounter. In the second half, Max interviews Constantin Gurdgiev, Professor of Finance at Middlebury Institute of International Studies, about the debt situation in Europe and the Irish water fiasco.

Remembrance Day: Why I'll Wear A Dandelion Instead Of A Red Poppy

And when he saw them marching up Whitehall
I remember what old Arthur said
He said the donkeys are all wearing poppies
So I shall wear dandelions instead

The Betrayal Of Our Boys: They’re Falling Behind Girls In Almost Every Way

...And, says Sarah Vine, the feminisation of society, especially our schools, is to blame 
By Sarah Vine: The numbers are unequivocal. In every respect, today's girls seem to have the advantage over boys.
Boys are less likely to go to university. If they do get there, they are statistically much more likely to drop out. And all but the most high-flying have fewer job prospects when they leave.
The stark evidence comes in a report published by the Higher Education Policy Institute.
Boys To Men: The Underachievement Of Young Men in Higher Education and How To Start Tackling It, tells us that girls have 35 per cent more chance of entering higher education - a staggering figure that translates into almost 100,000 more young women than men applying to university this year.
But it gets worse. The poorer you are, the more dire the situation. Among pupils on free school meals, girls are 51 per cent more likely than boys to continue their studies after school.

Regarding The PragerU And Brad Wilcox Fail

"Stable intact nuclear families have long been the foundation for whatever peace prosperity and advancement our society has enjoyed. We can easily see the results of those families being undermined in our prison system, on our streets in the form of gangs in teen pregnancy substance abuse truancy and delinquency." Said Paul Elam.

Peter Lloyd Talks About Muirfield Golf Club Ban On Female Members

"There are countless women's groups out there, ...There are countless examples of groups that are exclusive of men nobody seems to be bothered by this so if were going to have the discussion let's be consistent about it, if we're not going to have male only groups then we can't have female only groups." Said Peter Lloyd AKA The Suffragent.

Complaining About Women Who Complain About Women Who Complain

Paul Elam said. "I stumbled on a video of a group of female psychotherapists and councillors attempting to answer that question. ...It was to say the least an interesting discussion and today I'm going to talk about what they got right, what they got wrong and what they never even thought of."

#Message To A Feminist

If you believe in gender equality,
Equal = same
Gender equality = same gender
Which gender do you want everyone to be?
Are you prepared to think the consequences through, instead of the foolhardy "suck it and see"?

Take Back The Light

By : One day I may write a novel about the personal events leading me to the moment I first realized men were incarcerated in a world of misandry - a story about my struggle to free myself from the shackles of a toxic feminism that vilifies masculinity. 
I can even now hear the voices in my head—the voices of the characters I may create for my novel. There are times when my wife is asleep, that I go for walks at night and wait for the shadows to release their whispers so I could eavesdrop on their conversations as they spiral into substantiation—becoming real, becoming men, having personalities for my story.
While wandering beneath the stars, I’d listen to whispers modulated by the sound of the moon’s light slicing through pines, rebounding off the river’s surface, illuminating the weeping willows from beneath—beckoning them to lighten up. Their voices, a symphony—the wind, their melody; the river, their rhythm; the wildlife, their chorus—while fireflies and stars dissolve the earth’s mass setting me adrift in a sea of tranquility.

25 May 2016

Drone For Obama - Anyone?

By Peter Koenig: Thousands of extra-judiciary drone killings, all personally approved by Peace Nobel Laureate, Obama, and all with casualties and so-called ‘collateral damage’, costs the affected, mostly poor communities, tens of thousands of lives and destroyed properties and public infrastructure valued at millions of dollars; an assurance to keep them poor and submissive. 
Do not such horrendous criminal acts by the self-declared western caliph Obama beg the question – who will eventually send a drone to neutralize the killer? – Or for that matter, anyone who dares following in the murderer’s footsteps, Democrat or Republican, two faces of the same coin?
It could be a pretty long chain, because none of the potential successors have a mind of their own. All of them are spineless miserable puppets, bought by the a globalized Anglo-Zionist led Corporate Empire. But no matter how long the chain of official governmental murderers, stopping them has to begin at some point. Lest, it becomes like everything else, normal daily business.
Imagine! – We are living in a world where open killings, open assassinations by an Über-Mensch, the proclaimed and admitted leader of the Exceptional Country, the self-proclaimed Master of the Universe, becomes the order of the day. And nobody blinks an eye.

How The World Ends Baiting Russia Is Not Good Policy

By Philip Giraldi: Last week I attended a foreign policy conference in Washington that featured a number of prominent academics and former government officials who have been highly critical of the way the Bush and Obama Administrations have interacted with the rest of the world. Professor John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago was on a panel and was asked what, in his opinion, has been the most notable foreign policy success and the most significant failure in the past twenty-five years. The success was hard to identify and there was some suggestion that it might be the balancing of relationships in strategically vital Northeast Asia, which “we have not yet screwed up.” If I had been on the panel I would have suggested the Iran nuclear agreement as a plus.
As for the leading foreign policy failure there was an easy answer, “Iraq” which was on everyone in the room’s lips, but Mearsheimer urged one not to be so hasty. In reality the Iraq disaster has killed hundreds of thousands, has cost trillions of dollars and has unleashed serious problems for the Mideast region in general while allowing the rise of ISIS, but in “realistic foreign policy terms” it has not been a catastrophic event for the United States, which had hardly been seriously injured by it apart from financially and in terms of reputation.

Will Russia Succumb To Washington’s Economic Attack?

By Paul Craig Roberts: Yesterday State Department deputy propaganda spokesperson Mark Toner reminded US companies that there are economic and reputational risks associated with doing business with Russia until Russia gives Crimea back to Washington’s puppet government in Kiev. http://sputniknews.com/politics/20160524/1040134996/russia-us-business-sanctions.html 
I see the matter differently from the US State Department.
The only risk American corporations face from doing business in Russia is from the US government. Washington will punish the US companies unless, of course, the companies are part of the corporate oligarchy which has been granted immunity to the sanctions.
The risk involved is to Russia. Here are some of the risks:
When a Russian company does business with an American one, the American firm obtains economic information about Russia which is given to the CIA.
When the Russian Central Bank sells Russian bonds, Wall Street, acting for the CIA, can purchase the bonds and then dump them at inopportune times to embarrass Russia by driving down their price. The price decline will then become propaganda that Russia is failing and its bonds are worthless.