24 Aug 2016

At The Sufferance Of Men + Praise for Cheeky Bastard & Tom Sequitur - None For Howard Dare

Cheeky Bastard: What is disturbing is the complacency and the complacency of men to degenerate into victims even in your own demise.
People will talk about it, make fun about it and some even creep out as watching a dark web horror flick. It is so scary that people are prepared to sit and watch the stupidity of others and make fun of it as if it is doing no damage to our society, a way of life, the future of our children and the speed in which things can so drastically change of the worst.

Men seem to no longer understand that they are the exemplars that people look to for the example on how to behave, who to love, who to hate, who to fight and who to protect. Just as women have the power of sexuality, men have the power of example and respect. As there are many women who sit in positions of power there is very few that commands or earns a man’s respect. This is why if there is to be any future for our society men must lead again. Not dominate, not command respect they haven’t earned, not with cruelty or viciousness but by the virtue that is unspoken that people can here even when it is not spoken.

Men have allowed the existence of matriarch’s that I’ve had for command on 156 occasions and only one did not reside over the destruction of the culture and she was democratically elected. All of them started a war lead their communities into starvation and desolation to destruction. We must stop the denial of our nature. One doesn’t decide who is the best to lead their chosen bloody deeds and nobility.

If you wish to know more about this seek out John B. Calhoun utopian experiment and if you don’t see the parallels and be completely terrified at the result there is no hopefully you.


Praise for Cheeky Bastard & Tom Sequitur - None for Howard Dare

Cheeky Bastard: At The Sufferance of Men

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