28 Aug 2016


"You PC, bro?
We act like jealous children
When there's a tragedy
All those dead civilians
Don't even verge our agony
We destroy our own neighborhoods
When a thug gets shot by the police
He dindu nuffin he a good boy
Cop's just a racist piece of shit

We will shove our PC:ness
Down your throats

Why do the cops target us
When we are committing just
The same amount of crimes
Whites just get away with it more times

If you're white
If you're male
If you're straight
You had your time to rule
Now it's our time to be cruel

Come with me to the land of PC
We want to bring back segregation
And we want reparations
Might as well face it
Only whities can be racist
This is our paradigm
Don't acknowledge linear time

What do we want?
Dead cops!
When do we want 'em?

Your ancestors' oppression
Just transformed into mental slavery
We call our cause progression
Our existance takes bravery
We care about your feelings
Unless you're a cis white male
In that case better watch your sayings
We know what your jokes entail

We can read minds
Shame! Shame! Shame!

All these sexist animals
Just keep harassing me
With their ignorant mouthfuls
'Bout my useless degree

Don't wanna hear you mansplain
Trust me, we're not insane"

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