21 Sep 2016

BBC Propaganda On Nottinghamshire Police Treating Misogyny As A Hate Crime

Via John, J4MB: This article by Jean Mackenzie of the BBC following The Victoria Derbyshire Show episode two days ago in which I appeared. A video on our YouTube channel is here (12:33). The 3:23 video clip link in Ms Mackenzie’s piece includes nothing of the discussion in which I took part, and the link to Ms Derbyshire’s programme is to the programme website, not to the episode in question.
In the course of the 36 hours since we published a link to the video, it’s received 1,000+ hits, 103 comments supportive of our position (none critical of it), 91 upvotes and 7 downvotes. The BBC article doesn’t mention my appearance on the programme, while quoting the two female guests at length. The sort of feminist-inspired anti-male censorship we’ve long come to expect from the BBC, then.
In the run-up to the 2015 general election the BBC filmed me along with some other J4MB supporters campaigning outside the grounds of Nottingham University. An aggressive young man hurled some very heavily soiled cat litter over the windscreen and bonnet of our vehicle, a matter which much amused Tyger Drew Honey, the presenter of the programme. To the BBC, anti-male sexism is generally a laughing matter.
The programme was broadcast on BBC3 in November of the same year, a little of the programme including the cat litter incident is here (video, 5:17).


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